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Does this even work?? *Crosses fingers and prays to n4g Gods*

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Sony hands out consoles to handicap folks while
Microsoft makes fun of transsexuals...

The message is obvious here.

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I'm at college and left my PS3 at home. Vita gets all my attention and it's effin sweet. Almost got ninja gaiden sigma plus platinum!!

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So many good points.

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What part of that had bad grammar? "Learnt" is a word, in case you didn't know. This is why people should stop worshiping their computer's spell check, and instead start reading actual books.

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Ys games always had epic boss battles and music. CAN'T WAIT!

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This is why Japanese games will always be > than Western games.

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I love Sony to death, but c'mon. DLC??? Don't sheist your supporters when the competition is giving their own supporters 40+ characters without making them buy them as DLC.

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I'd hit that.

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Lol. As for F2P, PS3 has about three: Dust 514, DC Universe, and some MMORPG. These games are free as long as you have an internet connection, no subscription required.

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I'd rather spend my time playing online for free than to be looking in the right places for good money deals to play my games online. Just my opinion.

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"Five Things We Love About WWE '13" - Love is a strong word when talking about wrestling games.

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I hope the maps and gameplay are similar to Treyarchs usual style. They make them the most balanced and overall fun in my opinion.

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Get a PS3 ASAP! Whether it be now or later. You'll be doing yourself a HUGE favor.

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What's better Arkham Asylum or Arkham City? I've only played the former and loved it.

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Lack of game development skills.

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