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Twilight Princess was the best imo

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who the hell looks forward to Kinect games ?

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a perfect example of that would be the unreal engine and why most games that utilise the unreal engine tend to run better on the 360 with the exception of games like Mirrors Edge and Bioshock (after the patch)

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reminds me of this, the movie was fail but the scene was win!

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read the article and you'll soon go back to worrying.

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yeahhh ...um news is Kinda slow today

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oh please can it be in San Andreas, and can they refine allot of SA elements and build on top of that, instead of taking a step backwards with that overrated borefest GTA 4.

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wait doesn't LBP 2 release around that time ? 2 potentially AAA games in a month... wow

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Microsoft would rather spend their money on timed exclusivity and watered down pc ports, because they realised they can make just as much revenue on that, as they can on actual exclusives, quite sad really.
and people saying that microsoft will announce games later in 2011, guess what Sony and Nintendo can do the same thing, LBP was announced 5 months before its supposed release date.

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Resistance 3 looks better imo

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its funny because even after The 360S even after Halo Reach, even after Kinect you would expect the 360 to be destroying the ps3 now , like the fanboys predicted even after all that it hasn't amounted to shit,

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naah imo Reach is better, its because BO and MW2 are extremley noob friendly and thats not saying much because Halo is pretty casual in its own right.

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FF13 was pussified/ noobified to appeal to the dumbass fraghead shooter fanatic, Casual Of Duty whores of the west, or more specifically the United States and seeing as the 360 is the best selling console out of the ps3 in the USA it was noobified to appeal to the simple minded frag head 360 owners.

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Lol i completely forgot about Enslaved its hard to believe it came out this year, bit of a flop that game turned out to be.

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the iron sight on the StA52 was actually pretty awful its the main reason why 90% of the players online used the ISA rifle

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lol this is obviously a trolll article, everyone knows the PS3 nukes the 360 in exclusives next, even 360 owners know this hence why there aren't that many troll fairies on this article, they haven't botherd to look at it.

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"Next year will be tricky.

GT5 or Uncharted 3 :P"

your forgetting Killzone 3, The Last Guardian and have you seen the Gameplay trailer for Resistance 3 ? holy shit it looks better than Killzone 3 .

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"...Bigger set pieces and more explosive adventure, driven by Naughty Dog’s signature storytelling and cinematic presentation."

Bigger than Uncharted 2 ?

if so im not sure my mind can handle that much win.

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"..but if Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 3 are the vital instalments of the series, then Metal Gear Solid 4 stands alongside Sons of Liberty as a disappointment, a game that feels like it should have been a momentous step in the series but, in fact, turns out to be less than the sum of its parts."

I dont think this guy has played any MGS game, because he would know that MGS 4 is the most refined in the series, in fact reviews themselves even called it a leap ...

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My head...

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