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Monopoly means you have no other choice. The company with a monopoly can set whatever price they want and be as crappy a company as they want in the scenario of a monopoly because they don't have to worry about competition.

There were several consoles available from different companies other than Sony at the time of the PS2. They had no choice but to compete against the likes of Nintendo, Sega and Microsoft. #4.1.1
I had the rubber problem but it was under warranty and Sony fixed it for me.

Currently I have a problem with both of my controllers which is that I get occasional, but very severe input lag. It's got to be something with the system itself and not the controllers. I'm going to try resetting my controllers but I have doubts that this will fix it. Controllers are always line of sight to PS4 and only a few feet away so that's not the problem.. also worked fine for... #15
I think they're being sneaky with the wording there. I have an XP510, which is essentially the last gen version of the Elite 800X. Yes it doesn't work wirelessly with PS3/PS4 nor XB1, however I have just been using the 'mobile device' cable that came with it to connect from the controller to the headset. I have the game audio come through via optical and voice only on the controller and it works fine. I see no reason why this wouldn't work the same, you just lose out o... #1
All it means is they intend on having more expansions in the future but it does not guarantee 'comet' or any other rumored expansion.

In other words, nothing to see here as it's obvious they will be coming out with more expansions. The article is click bait based on a single screenshot. #2
I really want to play this game but I got burned with BF4 so I'm going to wait for a while before buying this one. #10
'Bloodborne is easier than the previous games'

What previous games, this is a new IP is it not? And if you're speaking in generalities, there were many games in the 80s that were much harder than almost anything put out today (ninja gaiden for example).

The snippet of this article ensures that I won't click. #15
It looks like a white person with a suntan had the suntan removed. #2.1.1
I bought a Wii U for their exclusives - mainly Mario, Zelda etc. Unfortunately these titles have been few and far between.

I have an XB1 and a PS4 that I use instead. Mostly the PS4. #2.2
I'm relieved too #3
the amount of people on this site that are only able to see things in black/white, red vs blue is staggering. #30
funniest part about Titanfall 2 coming to PS4 is all the whiners that said Titanfall sucks because it was XB1 only now think Titanfall is amazing. #5
Yes, it's called TOP GEAR lol #8
Maybe I should start complaining that tomb raider doesn't let me play as a man. #8
Yeah this article is just a rehash of the last official bungie update with no new information. #4
One thing people are forgetting also is on the PS4 it is harder to make a game into VR. On PC you have a lot of leeway because of the extra horsepower, so you can take a game that's not VR and use it as such if you have enough horsepower, or you have to completely rebuild it for VR which is what you have to do on PS4 as well. So I doubt we'll ever see dying light on Morpheus unless they release a special version just for it. #1.2.6
Yes all that time I spent practicing killing Crota and Atheon were really training exercises for the revolution.

Get real lol #11
it's not leading anything.. the latest iteration of Oculus Rift already has a higher resolution screen and infra red tracking is much more reliable than visible spectrum light. The only thing that might be better is how the headset sits on your head instead of your face. Additionally, I've read devs saying that Morpheus is much harder to develop for than Oculus. The PS4 hardware is a limiting factor for what you can do, and previously made games will not be able to support Morpheus... #9
Xbox has nothing to do with it. They dropped the ball on this game and accusing someone of being a troll just because they're not interested in the game anymore is silly.

I was interested in Driveclub before PS4's launch. Couldn't wait to play it. Then it was delayed a year. It has had many problems and most people gave up on it at that point. The way they've handled the PS+ edition makes me not care any more. I will have a pile of other games by the tim... #1.3.3
what happens when a man shoots his mouth off on the internet? Have you seen 'her' posts lately? She's practically begging the trolls for harassment and she wonders why.

I think she knows exactly what she's doing. Needs that fat patreon victimhood money to keep rolling in. #8.1.2
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She's not even a woman. 'She's' a he. #1.1.3
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