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But it's not Microsoft saying any of these things. #5.1
It always bothered me also that Phil Fish had to go and Anglify his name. No self respecting French Canadian would ever do that. Phil Fish is not his given name and with French names you do not translate them.

I don't have much respect for him to begin with just from that. Seems like he's ashamed of his French Canadian heritage and cashed it in for a more marketable name. #3.1.4
since SJW like to redefine words, I wonder which definition of harassment the FBI will go by. #8
Yeah but I believe the difference here is they aren't even allowed to advertise that the game is coming to XB1. I'm pretty sure Sony was allowed to advertise COD. #5.1
@lavalamp I'm sure they ran this through their entire department of lawyers before doing it.. #3.1.2
The only way they can truly crack down on this is to force everyone to use their real names on the Internet. I really hope it doesn't go that route or the Internet will be ruined. #13
some of it was proven to be done by herself #5.3.1
I am sick of assholes like Anita trying to tell me that the things I enjoy are wrong and that I am somehow a bad person. She sounds like next generation PMRC and she makes me want to puke. #12.1
in games, men are regarded as canon fodder, of no value at all. What do you have to say to that? #9.1
I really think it's a nice experiment to try and get more females into gaming but at the same time, the whole reason why trying to get women into STEM fields doesn't work is because they simply aren't interested. You can't force someone to be interested. I'm pretty sure that if a woman really wants to be in the gaming industry, she already is. There's nothing stopping them, and the ones that are out there are just as good as any male.

I know several... #6.2
All this SJW bullshit has driven them all crazy. Even Sessler - who is too dumb to realize the whole reason he was harassed out of his job was because he was going full on retarded SJW with his God of War review.

Now he's doing the same thing by throwing in with this lot.

They need to live in the real world instead of this pretend fantasy world where women have it so bad and men live like kings and do and say whatever they want. I bet Sessler's wife... #4.1
as a side note, looks like her boss quit twitter too LOL #12.2
I was all for giving the guy a chance after the last time but now he's just getting ridiculous and repeating past bad behaviour. he needs to hire a PR person and piss off. #3.3
Phil Fish is an insufferable asshat that needs to retire and go bag groceries at his local convenience store where nobody will ever hear from him again. #6
cool story bro #1.1
Agreed. Why isn't everyone having a seizure because it's not running on official hardware? MS was just freaked out on over that a few days ago on this site lol..

Personally doesn't bother me at all that either one of them are using a PC for things that aren't even released yet, but people should at least be consistent. If they're going to bash MS for using PCs they should do the same to Sony instead of saying how great it is. #6.1
The nerve of people trying to tell artists what they should do. How would you feel if you poured your life into creating something and then some jackass comes along and says make it this way because I say so.

I think betty boop and tinkerbell should be men then, how about that? Just as idiotic.

I find it laughable that so called feminists that don't want to be controlled want to control others. #14
I don't think he wants to make a Fez 2. #9.3
They might see it as Tomb Raider vs Uncharted and that being only on Xbox is not as much of a loss as you might think. #11.1
I bet if Sony did it you'd be swinging from the rafters in ecstasy. #1.4.1
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