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You sound like a massive luddite. #1.7.1
why can't you say female protagonist instead of 'woman protagonist'. It makes no sense. You wouldn't say 'man protagonist' because it's bad grammar. Sounds to me like you're trying to placate a certain minority group of SJW #61
women are actually the majority by population statistics in north america so I do not understand the point you think you're trying to make. #22.1
guys RTFA

EA stepped in and revealed that “This petition is based on inaccurate information. EA is not working with Anita Sarkeesian on development of Mirror’s Edge“. #25
She only says that because that's probably when she will be retiring. #29
he's not selling icebreaker, he's selling the upgrade for it, so if you don't have it already you cannot get it. #4
or 343 or evolution studios #1.1.1
I don't know if it's the angle or what but it looks like hell in the picture. #3
Yeah I never understood the fascination with clear cases on these kinds of things. I remember we had some stuff that had clear cases on them but they just made the product look cheap. I'm into electronics (even have my own soldering station etc) and to me part of having a nice piece of gear is having a nice case to cover it because electronics are ugly as hell. You don't learn much just by being able to see the circuit board. It just makes it look cheap and unfinished. #8.2
the problem is that there are two weekly things that everyone does every week, the weekly strike and the nightfall. They give special rewards and use a predetermined strike mission which stays the same for the week.

Users that don't buy the DLC cannot do the weekly/nightfall at all because Bungie chose the DLC strike as the strike to do this on.

The end game of Destiny is basically to do the weekly/nightfall and raid. So if you do not buy the DLC you ca... #6.1
They actually did partner with Sony though, so they are full of it.

http://goo.gl/rJkHkX #11
They can't try to sell you PSNow if they do that, so they won't. #2.2
death threats are bad, but?

there is no 'but'. There is no acceptable reason for it. #2.1.3
the thing is, that PS4 uses that GDDR5 memory which is not cheap. XB1 uses DDR3 which is cheap. as time goes on, DDR3 becomes cheaper faster than GDDR5 does. So it only stands to reason that at some point, Sony will not be able to match on price any more. Their only chance will be bundles which are a great deal but if we are concerned with the overall purchase price, PS4 will be more expensive.

In Canada, PS4 with one or two games is 449, XB1 with two games is 399 and som... #11
this will probably get integrated into project spark #3
I would love another Dragon's Dogma. My girlfriend who does not like most games really took to that one. It would be nice for another one to come out so that she has something to play. #11.1
I'm going to be pissed off if it never comes to the west. One of the reasons I bought my PS4 was for that game. #10.1.1
I'm not defending either MCC or Unity, but Driveclub was already delayed one full year specifically to fix these kinds of issues. I'd say Driveclub is a much bigger screw up than the others, which are also bad screw ups. #22.1
came here only for this comment #4.1
You could at least use proper English in your title. #6
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