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too bad it has to have the retarded ball on the end #2
also viva pinata was big for a long time and even had its own cartoon. #11.3
no company in the world could afford to patch games indefinitely. Even Microsoft eventually stops supporting old versions of Windows. #8
can we stop calling it next gen now? it's current gen. #34
@christocolus pick up who, turn 10? They are already owned by MS.

EDIT: Wikipedia says:

Turn 10 Studios is an American video game developer located in Redmond, Washington. It was established in 2001 by Microsoft Studios to develop the Forza Motorsport series for the Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. #1.1.4
Lots of writers have problems writing for the opposite sex. #4.2
The guy sounds like he has limited vision of what this can become. How about I'm watching a movie on my VR headset. I turn my head, and my friend from across the world is sitting in a seat next to me in a virtual theater. I can see all of his facial reactions to the movie and we can talk to each other about the movie without bothering anyone. #4
The problem Nintendo currently has is very few IPs on the Wii U, and very few games from 3rd parties also on Wii U.

The problem is with Nintendo and the Wii U. They do have a lot of IPs on various other systems past and present, but NOT the Wii U.

I own all of the consoles and this statement is not biased in any way. The system is a year older than the other systems and the newer ones are catching up and surpassing Nintendo very quickly.

In... #4.2
how about both for 15 million? #1.2.2
exclusivity deals suck for everyone regardless of who is doing them. #11.2
no I don't. But we're talking about the masses here. Most people would rather everything be on one device. Like I said, I OWN a Vita, so I don't know why you are taking pot shots at me. #4.2.1
I'm so over this game. They took too long. I am not buying any DLC for it. It's bad enough I paid full price at launch for it. #5
I have a Vita myself, but I think they're probably ending it. In North America, iOS and Android are the kings of mobile. #4
If you played the 3rd one you got to see some of Cole's backstory and it made him a more well rounded character. They did a very good job at showing how basically everything he had and was, was taken from him on Emergence Day. #5.4
can't stop the train baby! #10
well, as long as it doesn't increase the price of the product to something that nobody will want to pay. #2.1
that's not what he's saying at all and you know it. #8.3.1
Yoshida is making a big mistake here. There are a LOT of people that love video games, but do not have the time to learn about all of the smaller games that are out nor do they even have the time to play them.

I've been through this situation before. I'd love to play all sorts of games but sometimes life gets in the way and so you go with what you know will give you your video game fix without having to work too hard, so you buy the top games that you know you will... #87
to call an entire group of people gay because they like Mario is pretty pathetic if you ask me. #2.3
They are going up against Google, Amazon, etc. Sony is not going to win against Android. #8.1
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