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Cod runs at 60fps so titanfall running 30fps is kinda disappointing.

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Not to be an a**hole but the face on your avatar is funny..

Edit: I changed it from "i'm not being an a**hole but your face is funny.. " to that to be less a**hole so yw :D

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Pfft Superman will never get nerfed, sad but true. You just gotta learn how to play against him. I can pretty much take on any superman with my wonder woman (unless its me vs chrisG or something LOL)

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I'm thankful for the awesome games I've played this year and also for N4G! Thanks for always keeping me updated with gaming news. :)

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Wow, the comments on that article are just horrible... o.e

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@Zydake & despair Thanks bros. I always wanted to know where Slade from Teen Titans came from.

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Is Deathstroke slade or something? Idk, he reminds me of slade..

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It's not about the humor, I just didn't find this video funny. I mean it's 2013, you can't find these type of fanboys nowhere.

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Oh yeah? Well I don't want to know you either!

Far Cry 3's sex scene.. was.. omg no.

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Meh, I stopped watching TLOU gameplay videos a long time ago and you people should too. It'll be a way better gaming experience that way.

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Lmaaaoooo @ Riderz... Yo dawg I heard you like subscriptions! So we put a subscription on your subscriptions so you can subscribe while you subscribe!

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I agree. And why does everyone want a FF7 remake? Why can't it be FF8? I enjoyed FF8 as much, if not more than FF7.

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Until Dawn if I'm not mistaken. Youtube it.

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I just hope this dude doesn't get a change of heart and ends up in God of War Ascension's multiplayer. If he does, we're screwed.

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Hitman 2 is an amazing game. I loved it back then.

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Exactly. I was one of the people that said God of War with Multiplayer? Come on, really?- Level 19 on a single day of the beta.. It's that good. Now the real disappointment is in Dead Space 3.. I swear I'll never forget EA if they ruin my favorite horror franchise just to add a f*cking co-op.

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Ninja Theory is lower than Sony Santa Monica?

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I wish but that won't happen bro.

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I feel you bro.. That GTA III Box Art brings back so many memories...

"Error Reading Grand Theft Auto 3 DVD"

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Isn't that a Drive OST? Goddamn, that movie has some amazing soundtracks. Amazing actors too.. *Cought*Bryan Cranston(Walter White)*Cought*

Anyways, out of all the GTA's, Vice City has the best songs. I remember I use to drive cars just to listen to the awesome songs on the game.

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