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This was how I was feeling. After E3, not so much.

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It has never been advertised as "for gamers". It is advertised as having very good games, which it does.

I'm not some Apple fanboy. I use an HTC and my PC was built by me. I am most definitely a high end user and hardcore gamer, both console and PC. So too are BNBGAMING. Clearly if a bunch of guys love games so much they want to write about them, then they are passionate. I might even say more passionate than most of these people that are slamming them. THEY ca...

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I love it when the vocal minority think they're right because they're vocal. The more devices that have games, the more awesome indie developers get a chance to cut their teeth on low budget mobile releases, which leads to better games on Steam/XBLA/PSN etc.

If sony released a new handheld with a faster processor, better graphics and a better screen, we'd love it. Oh.. they did. And we do... So Apple do the same, and it's "But it's ONLY faster and cl...

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