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I'm going to be buying the X1X (and a 4k tv w/HDR soonish) but I will be running the X1X through a splitter so I can feed the video to my 1080p projector AND my 4k tv in the adjacent room. Soooo I appreciated improved 1080p visuals.

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Soooooooooo... into the ground?

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11 years for me!

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This got me so hyped. I honestly can't say I was excited before (nor have I been excited with game releases as of late) but this gave me that tingly feeling inside... maybe it was the nostalgia, but damn this thing brought up some emotion. Now i'm pumped.

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DO WANT P$4!!!

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no iz working :(

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I just beat the main story for JC2 yesterday... only 25% completion hahahaha.

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... ultra portable home console? plug it into any tv and you are good to go.

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pretty sure the superhero thing is making fun of the real world super hero trend...

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So just wanna say that the whole free trade is based on the idea of comparative advantage. When both countries produce in their areas of specialty and trade the excess production, both gain. The problem lies in Americas inability to train a its labour and allocate its resoruces in the proper areas. America simply cant compete in basic manufacturing, nor should it. Educate the human capital and have them work in high tech industries and develop them while you can.

In the end ...

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So pumped for this game!

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Don't they? I thought it could switch back to the original one at any point...

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@metsb... hahaha I feel the same way.

But I agree with the author...this intro was better in every way then some of the entire movies.

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Sorrrrrrrrrry Ky-rrrrrrre

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Because the Cole train is my secret lover.

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Funny coming from someone who's profile picture is from a movie that I would argue is one of the worst influences for girls out there... you know teaching a girl that its ok to take abuse from a guy because its his way of showing him he really loves her.

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disagree. I'm going to buy this no matter what the score is. I want my damn fighter jets.

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ok I agree with you about 60$ a game being too much (artificially high... lower price would yield exponentially more sales as shown by steam holiday sales)

but your analogy to avatar is flawed. Avatar is a movie, so there are three main chanels of consumption the movie theater ( + IMAX) , DVD and Bluray. The user base of DVD is huge, Bluray is still more than # of xbox 360+ps3s out there, and anyone has access to the theaters. So simply put, the average cost/customer on a blo...

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My favorite thing about kinect is how it allows people who have limited gaming ability ( i.e. my family) to participate in my hobby.

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