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Completely disagree with him listing the Elite 4 and the final trainer in Pokemon. The fact of the matter if you played the game the elite 4 was a complete joke.

Seriously, who designed that game and thought it would be a good idea to have the final bosses use the same type of pokemon so that I can eliminate their entire team with one pokemon that was their weakness.

The only boss that was any sort of a problem would be the 5th trainer (your rival), but ev... #20
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Any SW games list that doesn't include Tie Fighter AND/OR X-Wing (more partial to Tie Fighter...because hell, Darth Vader was my wingman) is a complete and utter joke.

Either the writer is a kid or he has zero credibility...either way, not good enough. #29
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The other obvious advantage for PS3 over 360 as one's "Netflix Machine" (if your not gonna go for the cheaper Roku or AppleTV) is that it plays Blu-Ray. #4
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Yeah, COD WaW is perhaps the only game that I've plain given up on because it is absolutely ridiculous and just not fun on veteran.

-Can't take cover because there are grenades every 5 seconds (and yes, they never run out of grenade ammo somehow)
-you get shot in the head by people you can't even see yet, instant death
-the checkpoints are some of the worst checkpoints I can remember

God I hated that game. #7.1.1
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No way that is real. I'd bet money on it. First of all its clips from a bunch of different shows and commercials and that is not, how do you say it, "real voice over." #8
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I agree with this wholeheartedly.

I actually like Skyrim (I tried b/c of strong recommendation by my friend), but I couldn't get myself to play Oblivion and Fallout 3 after I tried them. And like you the reason for me is that the story is 2nd to the open world experience in Bethesda's games. It's nothing against the game, it is just a difference of what you prefer.

In Bethesda's games, they create a world and you get to do whatever you ple... #7.1
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You should read his review before you comment. He's basically just saying that its a console port to point out that the game's user interface (menu's and weapon/armor selection and what not) is clearly geared for console users (or more generally gamepad users).

On that point I agree with him. B/c its cumbersome using the keyboard and mouse for the inventory, spell selection, and leveling up. I mean its a minor thing, not even close to game breaking...just frust... #1.1
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I'm sick of this crap. Unless, during the play of the game, you commonly stop to stare at random parts of the environment it does not affect the gameplay.

It's just so stupid that people act like some random piece of the environment that really has no affect on the game such that you wouldn't notice it unless you stopped and stared at it or someone pointed it out to you, is such a big deal in some people's eyes. #43
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Razor Ramon/Scott Hall. My favorite wrastler of all time. I don't know why, but he was.

Survey Says...another one for the good guys #4
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I'm still ticked that Microsoft doesn't sell Gears for the PC anymore.

Its the only game I want on 360 (I loved the original the bit of the 2nd that I played on my brothers 360), but I sold my 360 after I didn't play anything on it for a year and a half. I would have kept it if they didn't require me to be a Xbox Live Gold Member to watch NetFlix.

I'm using my new PC for playing Microsoft exclusive games, but Gears is killing me by being... #7
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How does this list not have Valkria Chronicles 2 and Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together? 2 games with unlimited replayability and are just flat out awesome. #5
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God I hope this game is good, I've been waiting for a decent Aliens game for forever. #6
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Yep, it's just you. #3.1
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Huge fan of limited ammo in games. Makes things much more fun.

Does anyone remember how much more exciting the Resident Evil games (mainly 1 and 2) were when you only had limited ammo rather than everybody dropping ammo and giving you an unlimited supply. #7
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Pretty freaking good deal. Of course I already have all these games...crap.

Oh well. Still a steal for those who did the Alpha and plan on buying the game and don't have any of those games. #3
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Everyone, do yourself a favor and watch the Wild Arms opening cut scene. 2:15 of pure awesome. #19
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I would actually argue that the price drop shows that Nintendo was one step behind.

I mean Sony took a huge hit and lots of criticism for selling the ps3 for a high price and then everyone basically said they were backpedaling and doing damage control when they lowered the price to a reasonable amount.

But Nintendo does the same thing by dropping the price a large amount not even a year into the system's life and they are geniuses and a step ahead...I'... #22
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I agree with you 100%. But on the other hand, I think the problem is they DID look at Valkryia Chronicles, which everyone who played and reviewed it said was a GREAT game, and when they looked at it they saw that the sales just weren't there.

Look at sales figures, crappy FPS's that can't hold Valkryia Chronicles jock ratings and gameplay-wise, yields double to triple the sales of VC.

So what is a company supposed to do, after all they are in a b... #7.1.1
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I understand their reasoning, but I myself would argue that a well made X-Com tactical strategy game would be enough to make it a hot game and sell well.

Sure FPS is all the rage now, but if you make a game well enough and it's a well known brand, it will sell.

On another note, it's a shame though that more people don't try tactical strategy games, they are so much fun and require a thinking aspect that other genre's lack. #7
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Just FYI, X-Com is not an RTS... #6.1.1
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