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"Yeah thats exactly what we want."

yes it is, and get a life there is a whole world out there other than games kid.

p.s excellent job hackers keep up the good work :)

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"Sony hackers plotting attack on PSN"

good luck guys may you succeed in getting rid of sony.

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"More Hacks Soon"

excellent news the faster their gone the better as they are ruining the gaming industry.

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"The Dumbest Name Ever"

my thoughts exactly.

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no gaming has been dead.

"since NGP's features dominate the 3DS"

lol yeah just like the psp dominated the ds, and next time you post at least pretend to know something about what you say.

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"NGP Specs Dowgraded"

lol just like the psp.

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"Sony is working on PlayStation 4"

lol 10 years my ass they know the system is dead last place and will stay there until ngp gives them some company.

"Uncharted 4
-Killzone 4
-God of War 4
-Resistance 4
-Gran Turismo 6"

sequels....exciting....zzzzzz z

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lol this crap isn't even worth $15

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"Sony Press Event To Span 5 Hours"


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How do you win e3 and who cares that actually has a life?

"Of course, no ones going to win E3. It's an exhibition...not a competition."

thank you am glad there is one sensible person here.

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"Is Microsoft Really to Blame for Ruining Them?"

yes yes they are.

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zzzzzzzzzz.....whoa fell asleep for a sec. Wake me when some interesting news comes up.

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That's cause it's not worth it, and who would waste their time doing when there are no real games.

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"I think by the time the next DS is out tech will be at a point where it will be able to have PSP like graphics with higher res touch screens and even an accelerometer like in the iPhone."

lol psps graphics? you know they are crap slightly updated ps1 visuals right?

how about adding something that they other companies failed to add to the other handheld' real games.

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so what do u losers constantly do this for?

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here is a simple solution stop making crap games nobody wants to play a resident evil shooter then want a real resident evil game.

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no it was boring then and is boring now.

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obviously like a console can do anything, and nobody cares about a noname game like killzone ps2 proved that.

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Then i guess Ratchet and clank is for toddlers.

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