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This is very incomplete list. There's alot more PS4 exclusives that are not on this list. #9
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Star Ocean 5
Gran Tourismo Sport
Uncharted 4
FF7 Remake
and so many more..... #32
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How is Star Wars season pass robbery?? Battlefield and Call of Duty both had $50 season passes 1st. What i find strange is how no one had a problem when they did it. This is not the 1st $50 season pass. #2.1
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@ Loktai - The PS3 launched with 2 units 20gb HDD $499 and 60gb $599. I still have my original 60gb and my receipt. #1.1.8
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It's not the sequel, this is part 4. Valkyria Chronicles was PS3, Valkyria Chronicles 2 was PSP, Valkyria Chronicles 3 was PSP and this is part 4 PS4. And they're remastering Valkyria Chronicles for PS4. #1.1.9
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Angry Joe calls himself a journalist huh? and can't do basic research. Star Wars season pass tells you in basic English what you get (next 4 expansion packs 2 weeks early access). Fallout 4 season pass tell you what you get also. No one is hiding anything. And what's even more funny is that IT'S OPTIONAL. You don't have to get it if you don't want it. #53
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Yeah, i got Extreme no full Boost yet but the 1st game was just as good!! #2
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Sony was 1st with Final Fanatsy 11 cross play with PS2/Ps3/PC Xbox 360 did get it after 3 years. This was done wayyyy before Shadowrun. Also all Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Orochi Warriors, Toukiden and so so many more are cross play with PS3/PS4/Vita. Warthunder Crossplay with PS4/PC/Mac. #1.1.20
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Not true Final Fantasy 14 (PS3/PS4/PC/MAC) and Final Fantasy 11 (PS2/PS3/PC/MAC/Xbox360) didn't have these problems it's lazy devs. These are 2 of many games that get same updates same day for all platforms. #2.1.1
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X Men!!!! #7
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Have people forgotten 1 thing? You can keep your old consoles, so who the hell cares about backward compatibility. I own a PS4 and my original 60gb PS3 is next to it. Sony with PS+ has given me too many games 6 each month 2 PS3/PS4/PS Vita, there'a no reason in hell to get rid of my PS3. Thanks to PS+ i have a full backlog of great games for when i get bored. #4
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The biggest laptop HDD is 2tb atm. #15
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LMAO PC only!!!! Xbone will get 7%!!!!! LMAO #39
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Persona 5, Y's 5, Star Ocean 5, Dragon Quest Heroes these are what i'm waiting for. But I'm having fun with Persona 4, Toukiden, Sword Art Online and Damascus Gear. My Vita is far from dead. #7
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Hmmmm the PS2 version of Battlefront had space battles on some maps, so they just don't want to do it. The other company that did Battlefront 1-2 tried to do new things EA playing it safe.... #12
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How about they offer a package deal for both then maybe but for now i'll only get it on PS4. #1
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This all makes no sense ppl complaining for what?? The length of it??? No replay value?? Then why do ppl buy movies? i guess they watch it once then that's it? No they watch thier favorite movies lots of time because they enjoy it same with these games. I'm 39 and i remember playing Streets of Rage 2 over 1000 times and yes it took 1hr to beat it but it was a fun game that i loved. The Order is a good game ppl should try it and not let some stupid reviewers tell them what to buy. I li... #21
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What i find funny is people complaining about DLC for this game, have anyone looked at the DLC??? NO, all the DLC is SKINS!!!!! no gear no weapons, nothing but SKINS!!!! and people complaingin about SKINS!!!??? People need to read before folling the bandwagon about DLC. #9
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Wow what's funny is that all these games are multi plats, PC don't have any exclusives to put on the list?? LOL Master race yeah, i bet if this was PS4 list it would have at least 5 exclusives on it. #12
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Yeah the game will be the same as the PC version which is 1000 players per server. #2.2.2
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