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It's not made the anyone from Diablo series in fact it borrows heavily from Diablo. The guy that made Diablo made Marvel Heroes online not this. It doesn't look bad but yeah it's a Diablo clone.

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Just upgraded to Sony 65 Z9D GREAT TV. Loving my PS4 Pro on it.

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The PS4 does not support any bluetooth mics at all.

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1080p 30 fps.

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High mode is 4K locked 30 fps, Lite mode enhanced 1080p supersampling unlocked 40-50 fps. SE said thay have patch coming to lock to 60 fps in Dec.

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Sony started cross platform play with Final Fantasy 11 which was out about 14 years ago. FF11 was started on PS2/PC, then MAC/PS3 and even X360 got it a few years later. All on the same servers. FF11 release in 2002 cross play was there from day 1.

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You mean Marvel Heroes Online? yes they should port that, but why make a game cost $80 that free. And all the characters are already there you just have to unlock who you want to play with.

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Cross play have been around from PS2 and PC with Final Fantasy 11 over 10 years ago.

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In Japan it is.

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Even if you read this is still a rumor here. It's not official yet.

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PS2/PS3/PC and MAC having been doing this since FF11 since 2002. Even Xbox 360 joined the party. Even Xbox 360 joined the party in 2006. SE have always said it was like pulling teeth to get Microsoft to do cross play. That's why FF14 is not on Xbone, Microsoft wanted their own servers and not share with PS3/PS4/PC and Mac.

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Nobody understands the move controllers are optional. The 2 biggest games atm for PSVR according to amazon preorders are GT Sport and Ace Combat 7 which both play with a controller. There are like 5 games that require camera and controller atm. Most all games announced use controller only.

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Shadow Run came out on PC and Xbox 360 in 2007 5 yrs after Final Fantasy 11, and failed miserably. Final Fantasy 11 servers are still running from 2002 til today. Ps4 has many cross play game now, Final Fantasy 14, Streetfighter V, War Thunder and many more.

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Final Fantasy 11 was cross play in 2002 for PS2,Pc,Mac,PS3 and lastly Xbox 360. All played on same servers together. Microsft didn't want this and talked with SE for long time. SE said cross play together or no have game. This is why Final Fantasy 14 is not on Xbone due to Microsoft not wanting cross play and wanting SE to making servers just for Xbone people. And again.... SE said cross play together or no have game. Same thing happened with Capcom and Streetfighter V.

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This is very incomplete list. There's alot more PS4 exclusives that are not on this list.

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Star Ocean 5
Gran Tourismo Sport
Uncharted 4
FF7 Remake
and so many more.....

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How is Star Wars season pass robbery?? Battlefield and Call of Duty both had $50 season passes 1st. What i find strange is how no one had a problem when they did it. This is not the 1st $50 season pass.

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@ Loktai - The PS3 launched with 2 units 20gb HDD $499 and 60gb $599. I still have my original 60gb and my receipt.

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It's not the sequel, this is part 4. Valkyria Chronicles was PS3, Valkyria Chronicles 2 was PSP, Valkyria Chronicles 3 was PSP and this is part 4 PS4. And they're remastering Valkyria Chronicles for PS4.

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Angry Joe calls himself a journalist huh? and can't do basic research. Star Wars season pass tells you in basic English what you get (next 4 expansion packs 2 weeks early access). Fallout 4 season pass tell you what you get also. No one is hiding anything. And what's even more funny is that IT'S OPTIONAL. You don't have to get it if you don't want it. ...

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