It's not an island.


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With writing like that, how could I NOT click! /s

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That's a really interesting idea for the future of VR. I'm going to go research that now. Thanks for giving me a new internet rabbit hole to explore.

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You all are suuuuuuuper defensive about this apparently.

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No one is considering mastering in 8K. It's beyond unnecessary. And considering the average distance people sit from their screens, so is 4K. HDR and WCG though are game changers. But they don't actually require 4K. TV manufacturers are just using it to push 4K.

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"Hard to tell a difference between 4k and 1440p"

I hear this a lot, whether it's comparing 4k to 1440 or to 1080, but this misses the point and benefit of 4k which is HDR and WCG. Traditional SDR (standard dynamic range) displays can show 6 stops of brightness. HDR displays can show up to 14 stops of brightness. And because of the added dynamic range, color saturation is deeper, more true to life and expansive.

Once you see HDR content on a...

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When have you ever known a corporation to eat a cost instead of passing it onto the consumer?

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I love the idea of Cinematic Mode, but from what I've read, the resolution isn't there for me yet - though that applies to VR in general. I'll be waiting for some higher resolution hardware before I pull the trigger.

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I think it depends on the game. I have a Vive and play for hours, but the other day I started Adrift and within five minutes I was feeling queesy.

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Username seems to fit, because you don't have to sit 3' away to see the benefits of the wider color gamut and HDR that 4k displays have. There's more advantages than just pixels.

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Nice. I just reached my first Atlas Interface. And in the lead up found a couple of upgrade stations. Now I'm hunting for a new ship - but not sure the best way to do that. I've heard you can find wrecks on planets and repair them but so far, no dice for me.

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My biggest complaint so far is the way inventory works, especially at the beginning. Maybe I'm too early in or maybe I just suck at it, but I feel like my inventory is always full and I don't know what to drop, so I'm constantly racing back to a space station to sell stuff to make room.

I wish they'd go with a Far Cry Primal style inventory system where you have an allotment for each item. Zero inventory management. I just want to be able to focus on explori...

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@sampson - you do know this is coming out for PC, right?

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The comment on that article...what an entitled brat.

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I'm curious how games will be released. Will there be Scorpio versions and One versions? Or will there be one version that optimizes for whatever console you're on?

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I'd prefer they focus on frame rates rather than resolution. Hardly any one owns a 4K screen yet but we can all benefit from higher fps.

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yeah, because skies don't matter for westerns, what with their romanticized frontier, wide open west, and manifest destiny and all.

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I bet LostDjinn is a lot of fun at parties.

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Don't worry about Morgan. He just needs to have the last word. Especially when he's wrong.

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The trailer looked fantastic. This is the icing on the cake. Sounds like a wonderful way to spice up the sometimes-monotony of the racing campaign. Forza 6 is going to rule.

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It would be so epic to see a studio like RAD with their focus on cinematic atmosphere, team up with a studio like Telltale Games, who focus on story, writing, immersion, and choice. Imagine a TT game that looked and moved like The Order.

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