It's not an island.


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I'm curious how games will be released. Will there be Scorpio versions and One versions? Or will there be one version that optimizes for whatever console you're on?

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I'd prefer they focus on frame rates rather than resolution. Hardly any one owns a 4K screen yet but we can all benefit from higher fps.

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yeah, because skies don't matter for westerns, what with their romanticized frontier, wide open west, and manifest destiny and all.

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I bet LostDjinn is a lot of fun at parties.

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Don't worry about Morgan. He just needs to have the last word. Especially when he's wrong.

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The trailer looked fantastic. This is the icing on the cake. Sounds like a wonderful way to spice up the sometimes-monotony of the racing campaign. Forza 6 is going to rule.

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It would be so epic to see a studio like RAD with their focus on cinematic atmosphere, team up with a studio like Telltale Games, who focus on story, writing, immersion, and choice. Imagine a TT game that looked and moved like The Order.

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@ Cindy

I played it. Can confirm it was shit.

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Actually agree. Don't care about many of them or I already own them. There've been one or two from PSN that have paid off though. Discovering Outlast was a revelation.

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This is pretty cool news. It'll be exciting to see how this shakes out.

OT - I think Morganfell just set the record for most words wasted trying to have the last word in a meaningless internet comment thread.

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Game journalism gets a bad rap from clickbait articles like this one.

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I think you misunderstood everything in that sentence.

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Found a typo - fixed it for you.

"I'm glad Sony did not cater to their customers wishes."

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The govt doesn't typically scapegoat games. That's what Fox News does.

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When that day comes, we will call it utopia. Or Scandinavia. =)


I googled it if it makes you feel better. FEMINISM: the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

See that? It's right there in the definition. Equal. It's not about them being better or superior to men. They just want to be equal. Why are you so threatened by that?


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I guess you missed the part where even Colbert almost cracked into laughter at the notion of "game journalism."

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Instead of attacking me, I would appreciate it if you started attacking the trolls within GG that are doing an amazing job of discrediting it, many of whom are active in these comments.

I would love to get behind GG and the journalistic ethos it claims to preach. But right now the bad apples have the loudest voices.

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Feminism and "equalism" are the same thing. Feminism isn't about women being better than men. Just equal rights and representation of the sexes.

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Good lord. The mental gymnastics this author goes through to prove his point are staggering. I watched the interview and she handled herself well. And it seemed pretty clear that Colbert was on her side/showing GG in all it's sexist and misogynistic glory.

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Agree 100%. Gamergate was a chance for us to demand a real code of journalistic ethics, a credo from the community, but it was co-opted by sexists and misogynists, the age old cry of oppression from the white males club that feels threatened whenever a minority group speaks up and asks for a little inclusion. All these women want is for games to stop treating their gender as mere eye candy and sex pots. Watch how the little boys shriek when you suggest taking away their Barbies.

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