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"It's not an island."


The more I see these comparisons, the less I feel the need to buy the remaster. #2.2
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My menu music is different. Interesting... #2.11
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I think you guys are confusing "not seeing" with "not caring." The differences are there, but they are not staggering. If they are indeed staggering to you, I would argue you've forgotten how good the PS3 can look. #1.8.3
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Clearly you don't know the difference between night and day. #1.7.3
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FACT: TLOU is the greatest game ever made. Period.

FACT: The PS4 is the greatest system ever made.

FACT: TLOU remastered on PS4 is going to be the greatest thing to happen to gaming since games happened.

FACT: The difference in these gifs is obvious and anyone who can't see it is a stupid buttface with cooties.

FACT: Purple is the best color in the entire world.

FACT: Asians are hotter than blondes.
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Why would you link an article without even reading it? If you had, you'd know it actually disputes your claim that 1995 VR is the same as today's VR.

And then you say 3D is dead? Have you noticed how many 3D movies are in theaters RIGHT NOW, let alone how many are released yearly and how many 3D blurays can be found on the shelves of Target or Best Buy?

I honestly don't understand you. #1.1.11
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Seriously? You just copy and paste these comments all over n4g don't you. I feel sad for you, too busy counting pixels and qualifying otherwise good games to actually have fun being a gamer.

Most people here get it. You never will. #1.1.13
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I've got a 55" screen. Ryse might not be 1080p, but it still looks beautiful in a way that I don't care about it's resolution. As long as the games are fun, who gives a shit? This is the lamest controversy in the history of gaming. #1.5.8
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I don't understand this. Is he glitching his way through? Shouldn't that take some of the coolness away from the time? #7
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With games like Outlast, it's clear how far behind RE is when it comes to survival horror. They invented the genre, but somewhere around RE3-4 they turned to action rather than horror. I'd love to see RE return to its roots, but I don't see that happening.

They should just start from scratch - remake/alternate timeline or something. #8
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Um...Forza 5 is pretty wildly documented as being 1080/60. #2.3.1
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These complaints always make me smile, because it's clear the complainer has never actually played the game. If they had, they wouldn't care about any of this because it's so damn fun and feels so damn good to drive. FM5 is simply the best sim racer available on any system. #2.1.3
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What a puff piece. I'm intrigued by the game, but we need to stop giving pretty games a free pass just because they're pretty. Many of these points boil down to "We haven't seen anything innovative yet, but the devs have said there will be innovation, so yay!" #3
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I love my LG 55" LM7600. The game mode has a minimal 32ms lag, the passive 3d is great for movies, and the 240hz wonderfully handles 24hz blurays.

IMO this list is lame. #1.1.8
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Also, the author's claim that devs have only 2 years before current resolutions start to feel like "standard def" is just plain stupid. #1.4.2
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What I find frustrating is that when I switch between special weapons - going from sniper to shotgun, for example - I lose all my special ammo. Does this happen to anyone else? #9.1
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I might get flamed for this, but maybe Destiny is just revealing that Dinklage isn't actually that good of an actor - or voice actor at least. If you just listen to his lines in GOT, they all kind of sound the same - whether he's supposed to be happy, sad, angry, whatever. #1.1.7
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Don't own a PC so it'll have to be PS4 for me. Looks great! The npc's shown so far don't exactly wow me, but the environments, motion tracker, lighting, and - most importantly - alien look fantastic. Can't wait! #1.2
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Who won E3? Gamers did. #1.34
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The button prompts were all for PC. Why do people think it's XBO exclusive? #1.1.2
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