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DVD9 doesnt have the space there4 dev need to compress info

all these add-ons like WiFi - wireless controller etc etc

and now HD space cap...$50 for XBL...RROD...no great games....

man just buy a ps3..problem solved

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hi every1..

now that i have ur attention...PLS! give me some bubbles :) thank you

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THE SHOW...the show is stunning and i think has set the bar for 2K sports to start producing some good results

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is it just me or was the music just perfect for that trailer - i hope they bring that type of high beat music to the game.

2nd of all - i see alot of ppl saying that the game wont look like the trailer..hmmm...remember KZ2 CGI trailer?? do u remember the ALPHA in-game footage of KZ2...some area looked better then the CGI. i expect this game to come very close and in some areas exceed this trailer.

ppl need to remember that the PS3 hasnt been full tap in what its...

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the PS3 with a higher price tag + lack of games at the start sold just as much as the 360 and the 360 had no competition..

now the PS3 is price good and has the best looking games out there...what do u think is gonna happen with a fan base of 120+ million ppl?

1st the xbots said "wait beyond blah blah" after HS/warhawk/R&C/drakes/COD4 have come out - they are all silent...now they are stating 360 has sold more lol yes ppl this is what xbots are sayi...

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xbox1 fan base 14million
ps2 fan base 120million+

360 sold roughly 13.5mil + have nothing special for 2008
PS3 sold 5.5mil with high price + has the greatest games out now + 2008 line-up is simply crazy that no console will even touch sony in 2008 and lets not 4get HOME.

alot of PS2 owners have yet purchased a PS3 due to price+games however the last couple of months PS3 has the best games out now + the price is good enough for most families and ppl....

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are u blind and dumb???

when a dev uses a % on how much power can be pushed - they are stating that with time they >>KNOW<<< they can do much more and its their rough estimate on how much more then can get out of the system...soif they are saying 30% that should be telling u that theres alot more that can be done with the PS3 hardware..

that was the are u dumb part - now to the are u blind part.

crysis is a monster of a game and to r...

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based on that video - u cant see how sharpe the graphics are.

big deal - u shoot a tree it falls..u dont think other games have done that b4? heck even in drakes during the jeep chase u can shot and knock trees down.

how ppl look at this crappy quality video and say its a crysis or KZ2 killer makes me laugh.

what we know = that weve all seen in HD quality is that KZ2 and crysis have destructable enviroments...

the question is - how m...

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u hit 51GB - 1 GB more then the standard blu-ray disc...clap clap clap oh whats this...how people tend to 4get about CES 2007 where TDK a supporter for blu-ray disc had on display a 200GB blu-ray disc


nice try HD DVD camp - but maybe next...actually ya ur done lol

PS3 = war was over b4 it started -

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now in honest truth...you say the 360 has all these amazing games..

please list them because from what i see 360 has nothing

gears was the best game and pushed the sales of the 360. that was about it.

dont give me crap like halo 2.5 or forza - because those titles are a joke.

PS3 has the best titles out now + on top of that...the best looking titles - drakes/R&C/HS with UT3 & haze coming within the weeks

ps3 al...

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ppl dont really care about the PS2 backwards compatibility...99% chance they have a PS2

2nd theres no games for PS3? are u mental - HS/R&C/Drakes/warhawk/lair /motorstorm/RFOM/COD4 << all these games own! and lets not compare this list xbox 360 first year list lol because that would be compare a porchse to a saturn..

PS3 isnt recovering from nothing...ppl tend to 4get where the 360 was and what it had

no competition <<<< and t...

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power of green - dumbest comment on N4g "360 will be the new PS2 by the time PS3 gets close to the mass market range. " that was just retarded lol - you honestly think..all these ppl that have a PS2 which continues to sell amazing are gonna switch to 360? LOL! why would they do that? for halo 2.5 hahahaha as u can see halo 3 didnt push hardware sales at all...because every1 that loves halo already had the system.

you xbots never want to compare xbox360 first year with...

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servers for PS3 games...LAG free..32x32 players...HOME coming..and its FREE

hmmmm did this guy know this b4 he made his stupid comment on sony's online service..

what a tard bot

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can some make thumbnails of the themes - its kinda retarded to blindly just download everything

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Gen16Snes - 2008? where do u see me talking about 2008? just more proof that xbots are stupid. and another mindless Sony zombie????

lets see

blu-ray = next format for movies + games = space = blu-ray can handle it
PS3 - doesnt break down - go ask MS how much they are in the hole due to them pushing out a broken console lol
PS3 has AAA games that run at 720p or higher - yes i know u bots will avoid this one but its true - compare 360 1st year titles ...

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Double-Edged - and mart

best line-up ever?? 360 is in its 2nd year and thats what they have to show for it hahahahahahaha thats BRUTAL!

Halo3 - biggest flop in the world - AAA i think not.
Forza2 - AAA+ lol do u even have this game?? jags EVERYWHERE!
PGR4 - *sigh*
Bioschock - i personally dont like this game..but its the best one on the 360
OrangeBox - PS3 has it as well

and for mass effect lol what a joke of a game - t...

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thats all i gotta say...i had high hopes but multiplayer just blows...way 2 easy for some1 to just stand in a spot and kill u...

this doesnt even compare to warhawk in multiplayer...

im enjoying the single player...and the graphics are mint...

i watched black hawkdown on bluray of course and then got this 1 hr later and it really pumps u up...

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they look the same...who gives a rats a$$ that the PS3 version has more drops or whatever..they are pretty much the same...both look mint.

for those xbots that are saying " i thought the PS3 was soo much more powerful etc etc" ahhhhhhh yaaaa it is lol the xbox360 has been out a whole year and dev says its easy for them to develope games on the 360 and yet the PS3 less then a year out and so much harder to dev for and already matching the 360 graphically...u would exp...

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that was amazing

for people that dont want 2 watch it - it really doesnt ruin anything - shows some gameplay and plot of what the story is about - so i would recommend u watch as it wont take away from the purchase

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did u stick you maxi pad to high up ur cunt and hit that peanut of a brain of urs? lol

xbox sold 14million in its cycle then end by MS which just took all ur money and pretty much forced u botz 2 buy the 360.

keep on dreaming - 360 isnt at 14million sold - its more like 11.5 < in 2 years - and if ur comparing that 360 has beat the xbox1 in sales lol then thats pretty sad because everything beat the xbox1 in sales..it was trash just like the 360


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