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I agree that this isn't a big deal and actually kind of cool and realistic for the game. I also agree that SOME strippers, er excuse me, dancers, are able to stay on top of it and turn the situation to their advantage.

But lets not pretend that strip clubs are a bastion of female empowerment and feminism. I don't know how truthful you are being about your experience with strippers but my experience with them is far different. Some strip clubs levy heavy fines for sma...

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Right, because every teenage kid in America doesn't already know where to find disgusting hardcore porn on the internet.

Kids these days have seen "two girls one cup" by the age of twelve, I highly doubt some polygon tits are going to scar them for life.

What is with some people's fear of nudity? Apparently going on mass murder sprees is fine, but let someone walk into a strip club in that same game and suddenly its "Oh no! Think of the...

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Looks like a great game.

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Can't argue with the list, but how about an honorable mention for Great Big War Game?

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Yeah, the article talks about that.

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I don't know what is taking Hasboro so long to port RISK. They are going to lose out like they did with scrabble/words with friends once someone beats them to the punch by making an acceptable digital version under a different name (Conquer with friends?)

It seems like the PERFECT table top game for mobile platforms.

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