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Dragons teeth... . Naval strike .... China rising are all good maps.. second assault if you like BF3 maps....and not seen much of end game, last map pack yet.....basically they are all good though.....I enjoyed them all.... :-) #4.1.7
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I have both too on PS4....infamous SS does look a lot better, and watch dogs isn't as nice graphically as i imagined it would be....it isnt much better than gta5 on ps3 (had both gta5 and watch dogs on tonight to compare). Battlefield 4 (single and multiplayer) looks better than watch dogs to me, both PS4 versions. Not saying it looks bad as it doesn't. Just not as good as thought it would be.
Can't say much about watch dogs story wise yet as only bought it around 6 hours... #7.1
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I don't get all the complaining.....a lot of full price games can be completed in around 2 hours if rushing through them.....and if you take time and play everything the game offers it can last 5 to 6 hours or more....this could end up the same. #10
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I think blops 1 and 2 single player is a better story than ghosts......blops 1 multiplayer is good but blops 2 is the worst IMO....ghost has got a good multiplayer, having a better time playing and the best stats of any other COD multiplayer.
The maps arent too big for me....i rarely am in a game that goes to time limit, even on TDM....and the dying quick is normal for COD, its blops 2 that had crap hit detection and the need to reload after every couple of kills. #2.3
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Had a PS3 since around Aug 07 and got over 130 blu-ray games plus more downloaded. Loved last gen myself. I can see why some think it was the worst gen for consoles though, with the dlc and other crap. #8.1
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Can't believe how everyones praising blops2....big lol...It had terrible camera angles, worst hit detection of all CODS and full ammo clip to kill 2 people then reload...stupid kill streaks like swarm and hunter killer....maps were real poor, all 3 routes from one side to other...snipers with real stupid quickscope and op remmington shotgun.
Single player was ok, but multi real poor, worst ever.
WAW was best followed by MW and BLOPS1....IMO ghosts is quite good online, wel... #22
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Yeah i got code to download ghosts for ps4 for £10 with ps3 disc...... #10.1
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I have around 130 blu ray ps3 games on disc and maybe completed 30 or so......lol....just keep buying games that interest me but never finish as start another. At least i got plenty to play and complete if bored. #3
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IMO they should stick to what they're good at, and thats racing games,( Burnout Paradise is one of the best openworld racing games of this gen ). Leave Black etc to the developers who make those type of games. #13
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The games coming out soon are looking so realistic. Can't wait till PS4 releases... #105
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I got Hitman and Far cry 3 both new for half price at GAME just before christmas so playing those. Also got MoH DLC so playing that online also. #4
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I just got hitman for £19.99 from GAME today. They have it on offer half price.......Looked in a second hand store and it was £35.00.
I wasn't going to buy hitman today but at £19.99 I thought why not. #2
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Change the name MOH to COD and it would be getting 9's and 10's. #4
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you can bet the new cod will get 9's and 10's even though it will have the same short single player and very same multiplayer.
If this game was called COD:MOH it would get great reviews....... #8
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I have noticed nowadays most people have no patience. Things have to be done like yesterday.
People like this really irritate me.
As the saying goes, " best things come to those who wait ". #3.4
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Cheers for reply. :-)
Forgot about the gun missing bug. It has happened to me also. Not as much as the others but still too much.
The sound bugs do need fixing as sound plays a big part, especially when using headphones. #8.2
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Does it cut out on respawn with you, as thats when it happens to me. On PS3. It does happen a lot, nearly every game. #8.1
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I know a little off topic but are Bad Company 1 servers still working and if so does anyone still play it online?
I tried about a week ago to get a game but couldn't find a game. This is on PS3. #6.1.2
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I have had sound going off problems a lot, seems to happen when respawning. And I can't remember how many times multiplayer has froze and I've had to re-boot, as its been too many.
I have played around 150 hours and use PS3. #1.1.4
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The original Deus Ex is my favourite game ever. #1.4
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