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His most recent stint, I believe, is voicing deadpool in Marvel Heroes. He's still around! #1.1
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It's a slider, not page by page. Nothing extra needs to load. And by posting this list, thanks to it, we lost traffic that we could have used for a very small blog. Please think about that next time. #1.1
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The reason it was filmed like that is because those were the conditions set by Victor to film it. If I filmed it as you said it would have been flagged on youtube by Sony and had to be taken down. That's actually true for a lot of game companies and filming off screen footage. There usually has to be someone playing the game so we film "the experience". It's especially true for Nintendo.

Believe me, I would have loved to do it your way ;) #8.2
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Love it! Who doesn't get happy when this song is heard. Seriously.

That said here's the singalong Capcom had when they unveiled it too ;)

http://www.youtube.com/watc... #1.1
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Where did you understand it was a Megan panel? It was a capcom panel entitled "world of capcom" #1.1
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Yup! It's supposedly titled Redguard. But bethesda hasn't said anything on it so far so nothing is confirmed. But they do own the tradmark for that name. It's also rumored to be pirate based. I don't know what all this pirate stuff is lately lol. #3.1
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Except we didn't "come up" with it as you say. We only reported on it and was found on Reddit. ;) #12.1
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Very nice! I actually have it on steam but have yet to even touch it. All my time with the game has been on the PS3. You make it sound so much more exciting #1.1
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Retailers do that all the time, it's not the official price obviously lol. It's just a placeholder ;) #2.1
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Fair, I can see that. It most certainly won't be able to keep up graphically, that's a given.

But the definition of the word generation, "the average span of time between the birth of parents and that of their offspring" says differently. It specifically deals with timeframes and not fanboy wishes of better graphics.

I agree that the Wii U is and will be graphically inferior when the other consoles come about, but fact remains it is defined... #7.1.1
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"Sony has drawn first blood in the next chapter of the console war."

Really? Pretty sure Nintendo was first... #7
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lol! that's another way to look at it #1.1
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Well of course! lol it was meant as a palate cleanser because of all the PS4 coverage going on. ;) #1.1
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Well out of 130 comments so far you're the only one complaining about this. But for me that's enough. I'll make sure to make these kinds of things clearer in the future, no harm done.

It certainly wasn't my intention to mislead, even though a very small percentage might have misunderstood it.

No need to be grumpy or rude :D

I'm also not understanding you. I say in the article that it's a mobile ad. Then you turn aroun... #24.2
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If you read the article it says "mobile ad". People know what mobile ads look like. ;)

Not only that the original tweet is also there which gives links to the originals. #24.1
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It was a blast! #1.1
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Totally agree, it's an incredible game to play with as many as you can! #1.1
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