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You'd think, but that would be asking too much of the executives to care about the consumer wants. Instead they come out and say their games are still too hard. I don't get it, if the executives, even governments would LISTEN to the people they may actual get a little further than nickel and dimeing everyone. #3.1
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I think they already did patch it the other day. I had a 1.75gb patch. #1.1.1
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Why are all the weapon models, etc the same from UTIII? Hopefully they are just place holders. I understand the same weapons but at least revamp the looks! #5
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Man i cannot wait for this game, favorite franchise! Hope we get to see some footage of it soon and the beta comes smoothly. #10
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PS4 already dropping in price? Wow, seems pretty early if you ask me. Either way though they need games! Both consoles need games! All the games except for a few are this generation versions where I and most people have already played. I will be purchasing one as soon as some more exclusives or new games come out. #1.8
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I'd think though that AMD would still be profitable, and that Microsoft and Sony would eat that cost at the beginning of the generation. #2.1.1
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You'd think they would be pretty profitable with having hardware in all 3 consoles as well as the PC crowd too. #2
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What game is in the picture? #2
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I play on PC since launch and haven't seen any hacking yet either. I know its there and it happens though. #1.1.2
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Just reboot and make Diablo II with upgraded graphics and ill be happy. Literally just do that. #3
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Aliens: Isolation looks not just scary but freaking terrifying! I may not be able to make it through that game. Which is a good thing IMO haha. #4
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Looks interesting, kind of has a mix of Alien thrown into it. This will be on my radar now. #1
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Get off the hate band wagon already and actually play the game. Its been fixed for a while now. #3.3
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I believe League did it right when it came to free to play games. They didnt hold back on gameplay and made all payables stuff cosmetic. You can earn the champions at a reasonable rate by just playing too. I dont feel obligated to pay to have fun with it, and that makes me want to pay for skins even more because i enjoy the game. #2
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I really wish it was more like MMVI and MMVII where it is open world and not grid movement based. Still looks amazing though and want to give a shot. #1.1
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Ironic, screaming for 2nd assault already but yet people complain about DLC being out too soon from release date. The will release it eventually but we just got China Rising... #1.8
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I miss bosses of the past, i always looked forward to getting to the boss match. Now not as many games have that. #2
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As cool as it would be if it would stay but then it could ruin the fun a little. I enjoy shooting and blowing stuff up so what happens when i already did that to everything in the game. I think it should stay for awhile then eventually go back to normal so you can make new things happen. #2.3
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I agree no excuse but its fixed now. Get over the fact that its still broken when its not but dont let EA get away with it either. Speak with your wallets and not buy the next iteration unless its full and good to go. Read reviews and wait a month instead of pre-ordering. Not saying that you did though. #2.1.2
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I really hope this game does well. I probably won't play because i admit id be scared shitless haha. But heres to hoping its as scary and as good as it looks. #1
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