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Seems like EVERYTHING in this world can't be better than something else. Freaking come on you are holding back graphics because the fear of hurting someone elses feelings because its not fair? Grow up!

The whole world is going this mentality of Political Correctness, whens its one of the most wrong things.

In the efforts to become tolerant of everything we have become intolerant to everything. #1.1.5
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This is awesome! Can't wait for this. #4
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This is bad, and i hope its not nearly as bad as everyone thinking it is. I pray that everyones personal information is okay or will at least be fine in the end. I was able to log in and change my password. #20
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Its a great game, glad to see it getting some more attention. They frequently come out with free content updates. Would be awesome if they implemented crossplay like they do with Rocket League. Pick it up and have fun! #1.1
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Awesome game so far and very solid for an Alpha. Can't wait for the beta and the full game to get some more. #13
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They have come out and said that they didn't know what they did that made Bad Company 2 so magical which is why they haven't prusued a bad company 3 yet. Hopefully one of these days they will figure it out haha. #1.11
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Can wait to give it a shot here soon! #6
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I sure hope so, definitely need some more competition. #5.1.1
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I've got the XFX 7950 DD and man that thing has some problems. Had to RMA it already, but it is nice to have the lifetime warranty on the card. #4.1.1
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Alpha doesnt start till the following week after Thanksgiving so works out #1.1.1
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I'd have to agree, i think Skyrim looked better... #1.6
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Loved Dead Space 1. Reminds me of a spiritual successor of The Thing #5
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Right. How much is it to ask for a decent FPS Aliens shootem up game with coop set in same amazing atmosphere environments. It would sell like hotcakes! #1.1
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Wait, Destiny has a complete story in it? #3
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Most people don't hate Destiny the game itself, but more of the business practices associated with the game. For instance, chopping the game up into smaller pieces to sell as DLC, and not enough content. The gameplay mechanics are great but unfortunately they dont have the content to back it up once you've done all the raids once. It very much a cash grab game where you have to buy expansions to have a full game. #5.1
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Glad we get an opportunity to play the game beforehand. The more information i hear about this game the more I'm worried about it. Just found out that there won't be a server browser for the game and only skill based matchmaking. So much for being able to play on the same server as my tactical clan. #15
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Looks awesome, still love the vibe of the original but i will be definitely giving this remake a shot #19
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I'll be honest i think the original looks better. The quality of the textures is great, but i still like the vibe and atmosphere that the original gives off. If it was combined together than man it would be so sweet. Still awesome that they are remaking the game. #29
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Thats interesting, i figured it would be a greater gain on the consoles since the hardware is set in stone for consoles. PCs there are tons of different hardware combinations so i'd imagine the gains would be from very little to a lot. Then again im not a software/hardware engineer haha #1.6
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Thought it already debuted at the AMD showing at E3. Either version i was hoping they would show more gameplay footage :(. They didn't show that much in my opinion but it was nice to see something! #2
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