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Isn't this the same as Hardline? Isn't this part of the EA Access deal? You get to play games first. Like by a week

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This is Gamestop trying to shift units. Not Sony. Microsoft are the ones who lowered the price in their special deal with retailers. I this case, Gamestop are obviously trying to move one bundle that isn't selling (otherwise this sale would be more widespread than the LBP bundle)

This should not be that hard to understand

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Key difference. One is a retailer (being competitive and shifting unsold stock. I assume the LBP bundle isn't that popular) one is a manufacturer doing a deal with the retailer

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Retailers do not cut prices to keep up the momentum. If there is good momentum prices stay the same unless retailers are trying to be competitive. Retailers mainly drop the price to shift stock that isn't moving.

Now companies (who make the product) drop prices to increase demand. With consoles this happens when sales slow down dramatically (also revisions help a tremendous amount as well). The fact this has happened to the One so early in its life means sales are no wher...

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If Microsoft acts too quickly trust with developers and the consumers would be lost. Games take way too long to develop for Microsoft to shorten the life span by so much. Consumers will not be happy that a closed platforms life is so short. They would be foolish to try it which is why they will not doit

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I hate this talk about upgrading components over a period of a consoles life because it is just not going to happen. People buy consoles due to their ease. They know X game will play with Y box without worrying about performance. People don't want Geoff is talking about.

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I am a classroom teacher in a school that prides itself on giving half the cohort an ipad and Hololens will never make its way into my school. Headsets will never make it into schools. It is an unnecessary expense

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Like how Kinect, voice commands, the other AR headsets, 3D have not revolutionised squat (even outside of gaming) the same will be said for hololens. I remmeber seeing similar articles being said about the kinect and how schools, businesses....... will use it but it never happened. The reasons is because it was a complex, device heavy solutions to things that didn't need "solving". For Hololens there are adequate ways of doing AR that use current, easily available devices (phon...

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All these are valid points but the real crux of the steam conservation issue is they are trying to adroidify a market with only high end priced machines with little give. The reason why it worked with the mobile market is because consumers could afford high end devices with fairly cost manageable contracts. The steam machines will be another blip like the Oyua was.

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Selling digital games is a lovely idea but ultimately not entirely feasible (especially if you sell it back). Why would Sony or Microsoft buy back a game they have an infinite supply of. They could sell it at a discounted price but the product is still new and really that is just a normal sale. I guess a market place could be established but this would be antiproductive for sony and Microsoft on their closed platform.

It is always the pitfalls of going digital but I have stop...

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The issue with AR (and will always hold AR back) is the requirement to wear a headset. Google went in the right direction with trying to go for a minimalistic style. Microsoft have gone the other way. AR is pure science fiction fantasy. It is cool tech but no one really wants to wear a headset to see an augmented view of the world. AR is better sold through smart phones where you don't need to carry/wear a big headset. When you want to use AR features you wip out your phone (a lot of that...

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And AR is? AR is a hardier sell than VR. He maybe right about VR (it depends on developers /publishers taking a risk with history showing they tend not to) but AR just isn't a product people want. Google Glass proved that (which is why I am not sure how they could build on hololens)

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Nah. Story wise it was a lot weaker. At one point Drake had to point out how convenient it was he appeared in the right place (after the boat level). That is poor storytelling. It did have some amazing set pieces but too much emphasises was put on this. U2 had a perfect balance

One thing I would say is the underlying theme of U3 was interesting g. It is just a shame they didn't feed that well into the rest of the plot

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But it is a job now. It is a form of income. I love teaching (which is why I became a teacher) but I need to get paid. Let's play is like a preformance where their entertainment/editing skills bring in viewers. It isn't just playing games. It is entertainment for people like you and me and those who put in the time end up being a lot better than those quickly put together in their spare time

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Plenty of YouTubers have come out against these policies. Pewdiepie publicly said Nintendo has gone to the bottom of his list and Jim sterling did a whole video about it. Others show their lack of support by not having Nintendo games for let's plays. This is not a popular policy amongst the biggest YouTubers out there and I don't know how you can't see that

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I think they should however looking how Valve has handle steam Greenwich they need to do some actual quality control. It looks like they will for the films but that could easily change. This type of thing will need strict quality control.

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These services become less optional when more and more companies jump on board. These services can't stay the way they are right now as they need to be competitive. It's 60 per year for one, if another one comes out that is 120. With more companies getting on board less people are going to be able to afford more services which will just lead to more being put behind a pay wall (to appear competitive and drive users to their service over other services). Locking off content behind a pa...

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God no. We will end up with multiple subscriptions which will just end up taking away content from something we already have to subscribe to.

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He was trying it out. This generation he is branching out and he acknowledged the problems other people have had with Nintendo (hence why he tried things out with let's plays first as they require less editing and planning than reviews)


I can't believe you are defending Nintendo on this. It is an archaic form of practice that shows how far behind Nintendo is with the rest of the world. While other companies are pay...

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Actually it will be the opposite. More companies will pay for let's plays and other content using it as marketing tool. The Nintendo policy is backward. It goes against what companies (even outside the games industry) have been doing for some time now. User driven content is big and advertisement is increasingly becoming more "hidden" (sponsered posts...). You can be restrictive and monetise that. Like other forms of adverts companies pay for it and get coverage as the return. I...

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