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I am going to say I least in another two years. VR is very difficult to sell. I do not think it would do that much releasing this early in the PS4 life cycle. Honestly they need to get it on PC first before the PS4. I see the PC crowd lapping this up more than the console crowd. The PC users need to sell the product to the console gamers and by making it cross platform compatible it would mean a great value for money #1.1
I think they need to focus on getting more Japanese gamers to buy a PS4 and I don't think the VR headset will do that. I guess they could have a small showing (it won't be on stage since it is impossible to portray that to the masses) but there focus should be pushing the PS4 #2
This is really down to the developers more than Microsoft. They clearly havn't finished it yet. Though Microsoft shouldn't have done the window dressing as it is coming to PC as well #3
Titanfall is but it also came out at a better time. I think the fact it was a new untested ip was the real reason

I would agree with you about tomb Raider except Microsoft does have story driven games comming (quantum break) and that is really what Uncharted is about. Uncharted built its fandom through a light hearted story driven game similar to a film which grew over time in popularity (nate and sully became an unlikely buddy cop type of pairing).
... #1.1.2
Is it though?
Tomb Raider was always going to come to the One anyway they have just paid to keep it off over platforms (money that could have easily gone elsewhere).

The we need to talk about the launch window. Jeez it is going to suffer. It is not only up against Uncharted but third party games like AC, COD, Battlefield? and others. I don't think it could stand up to that (the game push 6 million units in march which isn't usually the most contested of months... #4.1

Again that depends if it is exclusive for a meet two months. It could easily be longer (though Microsoft being coy about it isn't helping)

I still think, exclusive or not, that launch window is a terrible idea. They are not going to be able to distinguish itself from the multiplatform games let alone Microsoft's heavy weight exclusive Halo (it has to release then as it is Microsoft's biggest game) #2.3.2

Again your saying hope. The developer said they were in contact with Nintendo as they approached them but made no pledge for it. It is Kickstarter where there is no garentee of even a final product. What were Wii U users doing if there was no guarantee. I would be pissed if it wasn't coming to PC like they originally said. I am not defending anything. Merely pointing out that Wii U funders have no ground to stand on. They only talked about a possible con... #1.1.3
It is. Tearaway sold a terrible amount of units. Surely both Media Molecule and Sony are not happy. This is a move to sell more units. Honestly I love Tearaway and I feel everyone should try it. #4
It is a shame since I feel Valve have become to complacent with steam. There is a lot about steam that is good but also a lot that is bad and in recent years the bad is growing. I don't see Uplands or Origin changing that (especially with who runs origin) but PC gamers are getting the short end of the stick because of it. #2
Well the Kickstarter was about making the game for linix/mac/PC so if Wii U gamers paid money for the campaign then that was stupid. The said they would look into a port to consoles and asked for Dev kits but clearly nothing came of it. But irrelevant there was no guarantee it was ever going to make it onto consoles #1.1
It does now because it is timed. However they could still stand to loose money it just depends on the deal. To be honest I feel the deal is like Titanfall's deal where Microsoft advertise the game for them (that was one of the reasons SE lost so much money on the last game). The issue with that is once the Xbox One version has released who is really going to by the game if it is 6 months later (again that depends it could easily be Jan 1st)? By then all hype has died. I also think they ha... #2.3
Though it does ruin it's possible application of making your downloads more portable without having to re download them. I don't see why it can't be indefinite if a password/login is used and it runs off the home PS4. I hope it improves over time #1.1.3
That would be even more reckless than this move. I know the PS4 isn't so hot their right now but to back a brand that has never sold well in Japan/that market (what TGS is for) would be stupid. They could end up loosing a high amount of money (remember the PS4 isn't the only console there, the Wii U is doing quite well over there) #3.2
Am I right in thinking they own rare's ips? Why not make a new studio bringing specific talent to remake those ips. I think rare is not the same rare anymore. They have been developing kinect games for years now. I know Microsoft has kind have given up on the kinect but that still could be valuable in selling the kinect as a peripheral (Microsoft has to do it eventually). They are basically rebuilding rare anyway (since the last sports game tanked and it will need to be rebuilt anyway sin... #3
I honestly look at discussions like this and wonder what is the point. There are games coming out for the Vita (quite a lot of games) but why should Sony focus on it at these big events. The user base is being supported but Sony has resided in the fact the Vita is not a popular device. It just makes more sense for Sony to capitalise on the PS4's popularity and hope they sell more Vita's by proxy. Does it really make sense for Sony to focus big events like this on a struggling platform... #4
I disliked Fez. It had this interesting concept I wanted to love but when I played it I felt lost (going in a direction with no idea on how to get back or really where I was), I didn't know why I was going that way (which led me to get a bit bored) and I found the puzzle intelligent but way to overly complicated to be called good game design. I liken it to academic writing. There is an interesting point to be read but it is covered with flowery language to give it more self worth than it... #1.1
Does he really need to say that. I really dislike this guy. He comes across a bit self absorbed. If he wants to get very verified on Twitter he might want to think about becoming more grown up and less offensive on Twitter #3
There are multiple issues to the situation as it unfolded

1. No one was being clear. It was all sly ways telling us things that never give us an answer. Phil Spencer should not have needed to clarify the deal. It should have been done there and then at the conference

2. The move is odd. Sure Microsoft supplied money which could have made the risk less or square Enix but one can only hope it was enough to really be worth it. At the time it was announced square... #3
And here is you sharing my best chat up line. Damn you cgoodno #2.1.1
Well ladies I am here to save the day #2
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