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Probably a bit of an understatement. Also I disagree with the placeholder idea. Nintendo fully expected for the Wii U to be the next big thing. It took cues from the tablet industry which was booming at the time #20
"Except this time the NX isn't replacing Wii U. It coexisting with Wii U and 3DS as a bridge between Nintendo dedicated gaming system and PC, Tablets and Smartphones"

That is misleading as that isn't what Iwata said the Nintendo NX would be. He said

"As proof that Nintendo maintains strong enthusiasm for the dedicated game system business, let me confirm that Nintendo is currently developing a dedicated game platform with a brand-new co... #2.4
Is 5 years for the Wii U considered long (it was the standard length for a cycle). Is it long enough anymore especially since games take a longer time to come up (look at Zelda, that has been talked about since day one) #7
I can't see a reason why they announced so little so soon. They basically said their new console is coming but wait until 2016 before they talk about it. This news is only going to hurt the Wii U further even if the new console some how runs along side the Wii U as an extra option (since we know absolutely nothing about it bar its project name and it being a next generation console).

I get it they want to seem proactive to the home console space (especially after the mo... #1.1
You give a valid reason, within the article, about why this article shouldn't exist (the EA access thing). This is an atrocious article. #62
Oh they are going to make a killing. It's something I and many others have said Nintendo needs to do. It depends how they will do it though. If it is just really old games or like the sonic dash games then the impact on 3DS/home console sales will be minute #2.1
Okay but they have killed it. Meer mentioning a new console is coming isn't going to help them sell the Wii U. What consumer is going to buy a Wii U when they know Nintendo are now talking about the next. We all know they are developing a new system but that is a far cry from Nintendo talking about it #6
Non of what you have written is supported by evidence. The PS4 and One are selling well. One of them is selling remarkably well. Clearly people still buy consoles for third parties and they most likely will always as the appeal of consoles is the simple box that plays everything. Nintendo is in the biggest trouble in the home console space. Clearly their exclusives don't keep people loyal to the platform as every consoles has sold far less than its predecessor (baring th... #1.1.2
There is very little they can do. The other consoles are the go to for third party games which are among the highest selling games on any platform. Even if they got third party support they are not won't be able to sway public opinion (which is something Microsoft are slightly struggling with since Sony seems to be selling units fast despite Sony's own big content getting mixed reviews)

Essentially it is too late turn turn things around by generating healthy unit num... #1.1
Not most at all but a large chunk of sales happen in the holiday period. You also forget that Sony's isn't just being sold by there own software. You don't get to just over 20 million units on some semi good (few standout) big games. It is fairly ignorant to say Microsoft will take 2015 just because of their fall line up. The sales difference between the two continues to widen despite a poorer reception of Sony's games. Clearly their line, at the moment in time, doesn't ac... #2.1.1
They don't. I don't think you understand what VideoGamerUK is. They went through a change over a year ago to instead put out more comically, far less serious video content which differentiate themselves from other sites. Their podcast shows a more honest side these videos are just a bit of fun (let's not be totally serious all the time) #2.1
Your comment is as stupid as his. It's easy to sell/push a product when it main competitors haven't even put theirs on the market yet #2.2.1
Not when Valve is trying to Andriodify a market solely with expensive products. It works with phones since you can pay monthly and some are dirt cheap #14
Unlikely. We haven't seen anything of Uncharted since that live gameplay a while back. It just might not be ready. If it was because of the Order we wouldn't see it being pushed back to Spring. #13

You might want to think about the practical side of wearing a headset all day. For the business side employees are going to hate it. Wearing a big visor not only looks ridiculous but also far less comfortable that sitting in front of a far cheaper monitor. Employers are not going to waste the money on something that a monitor can do. Employees won't want to wear something all day. This is a problem that effect the consumer side of things. People don't want to... #4.1.3
If you think Microsoft should not bother with VR because of it being niche then I can't image how you think a focus on hololens is a better route. AR is far more niche than VR. If they are going to do one or the other VR is a better route #4.1
For a company like Microsoft, making their own is the only logical way forward. Partnership with Oculus would never happen since it would require Microsoft to leave the VR capabilities up to someone else. Microsoft is too big to do that #1.1
They probably did try. EA clearly were not that confident in Titanfall so wanted money to offset that risk (something Microsoft were willing to supply). They also didn't think the PS4 would do that well. Things are different now. EA knows you can't make a mega franchise of a console 9 or 10 million behind its competitor. Money could offset any risks with Titanfall 2 but you would be dooming the series if you release it for a possible 11 million console users especially when there is a... #12
I feel exactly the same way and for this I fell Sony should change tactic on when they release their first party. The temptation would put them in the holiday season but it doesn't do the PS4 and favours since third party games are selling the system (we all know the biggest third party games release in the fall). For the time being Sony need to release their exclusives at other times of the year #3.3
It started with some multiplatform games proforming better on a device with a lower price point. That is what sealed the deal and what is really continuing to push the PS4. Some may worry about the PS4s fall line up but, like with the 360 last generation, the big multiplatform games are there to sell the PS4 not as much for its competitors. If Sony was smart, for the time being (as there will be a point where it won't work as much), let the third parties have fall and they should release... #19
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