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What are you talking about. Steam doesn't stream games. I am replying to a comment about a user not wanting physical consoles to go not physical media. Physical console won't go as nothing is capable of replacing it and especially quick enough. Internet is upgrading (very slowly) but look at hardware upgrades. We are already talking about 4K videos and such and the hardware is there for that. But the internet isn't. No where near that (especially not... #1.1.2
Like I said in my reply on the first comment it will never become totally that way. That will always be an option (PS Now is positioning themselves that way which could possibly mean Sony moves away from handhelds and does this instead) but hardware is advancing at a faster rate (and will always will advance at a faster rate) than countries can lay capable cables (it is vastly expensive and isn't a major priority)

Edit: @below Streaming movies is completely different to s... #3.1
Well that isn't the plan at all

"I certainly don’t want to, and wouldn’t, use the term PlayStation 5. But as a significant component of our means to get PlayStation experiences into the hands of as many people as possible, absolutely. Potentially"

This is what they are doing now. Releasing hardware but also using PS Now as a way to touch other consumers who don't want to spend money on expensive hardware (really the only way to do that is to... #2.1
It won't happen. The problem is tech seems to be advancing much more quickly than countries can improve their infrastructure. It is just too costly to lay down cables to keep up with current hardware. #1.1
More is needed than that. Putting that stuff in is easy and leaves the door open just in case it does catch on (much hardier when the ground work isn't there). They still need to think about development incentives/support #7.3
This is where Sony's one could do wonders. If they can get it working on PCs it negates the need to get an Oculus. Though I think they need to advertise it as a PC device first and the console side secondary #6.1
I think they should focus on getting it to work with PC owners. There is a market there (evident by the support Oculus Rift has gotten). They are the ones that are most likely to buy into this and get developers who are more likely going to get support from the community.

VR tech could be this "mind blowing tech" if implemented right (like people have being saying you can't just port a game to VR). Ignoring it could cost more just playing catch up #1.1.1
Even though I feel Ubisoft isn't in the right moral standing to make that call but they (or whoever tweeted it) is right. The DLC is just Nintendo getting paid to advertise Mercedes Benz. Is that really okay? Does a Mercedes Benz car really suit a Mario Kart game?

The fact the author thinks this DLC is meant for novelty and meant to amuse players is worrying. It is a marketing ploy. #1
It is no white one but that is a good price. Amazon being aggressive. To be honest I don't get the appeal of the white console. It looks tacky (like most white electronic products) #1

Though if Game is selling the bundle for less wouldn't more people buy it from there. For Game reducing the price makes sense #1.1.2
That is the biggest issue. I wouldn't expect to see this for new titles but even for old titles the game really needs to be either a long story or multiplayer focused to really be worth it (at the point you might as well do what Killzone Shadow Fall did with multiplayer weekends).

I guess it could have been used to get more people onto Gold (try a GWG game) but there is the issue you mentioned of people completing the game in 24 hours #1.1
To be honest what needs to happen is Microsoft and Sony allowing retailers to sell Call of Duty..... codes and not just the retail boxes. I don't think retailers are fully ready for it but it would be a logical step towards digital distribution #1
It is a good game. It has its issues but overall the game is solid. I would avoid reading reviews about this game. I have no idea what copy they got but Polygon and Destructoid gave very low scores which was nothing like the game I played. #1.1
Did you even read the links you just posted. The first one has by Eric Joe right there in the description. Also I don't know how long months are for you but the first one is 224 days ago. The fourth and seventh link got through by mistake (as in I forgot and no one noticed)

All the submitter needs to do is fix the report (like he should) and then it will be approved. Exactly the same way I have done for some of the links I have submitted over the years. I swear by peopl... #3.1.3
Don't get your panties in a twist, that has been a rule for quite some time. At of article get that report #3.1.1
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I feel that is a realistic goal. #3
Just to note that 463 items is all the items made since LittleBigPlanet launched (since all items are backwards compatible). There is a new costume pack already announced (Thomas was Alone pack) for LBP3 but I assume there is a lot more in the works.

I am still going to buy into the series (big fan) but like you pointed out I feel less and less people will keep buying in if the keep charging $60. #1.1.1
To be fair I am not surprised. Here in the UK arcade machines are not really seen except for places like Hollywood bowl where this type of machine fits in nicely #4
Dead Rising 3 did not do so well. It is the worst selling in the series (and that is comparing just the 360 sales to just the One sales). It failed to do what Capcom needed it to do which was to recharge the series by getting recognition. Titanfall sales are unknown (literally no-one has said anything except for the 24 hours figure). Ryse didn't sell great either (acknowledge by Crytek themselves). It is hard to say "timed exclusives have been beneficial for each publisher" with... #2.1.1
Sure if a studio is managed poorly. I think Naughty Dog has shown they are a consistent studio over the years. It isn't like they haven't had anyone new or leave since 1989 #4.1.1
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