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He might of but I am unsure Microsoft would have (now they basically control a functioning mobile manufacturing division for €5.4bn. Not bad hey). I think he thought he was going to get the CEO job after Ballmer by doing such a move. #2.1.1
I thought it was pretty common knowledge that Elop brought Nokia down on purpose because he was essentially still working for Microsoft. Microsoft need a platform to push its operating system. Elop brought the company down so much that they had to do a partnership with Microsoft. It was pure evil genius. Nokia's new android phone is to pave the way for people moving onto the lumia. He did a good job for Microsoft #2
Depends on the player really? I get bored of mulitplayer shooters so can't really play them for more than a week. Some gamers are completionist. So while your playing Titanfall those people would be hunting for all those collectables so that they 100% a game. Also inFamous tends to have two campaigns (which I hoped has returned)which you tend to play differently

Of course multiplayer has more replay value but you are doing the same thing over and over again just with diff... #1.2.3
Or correct the issues. Everyone else follows the rules. You should too. #4.1
But Utility Vehicle Simulator 2012 sounds like a winner /s #3.1

What? I think 12 million software for 5ish million units is amazing. So does what you say prove MousenJoypad right? He says Sony is struggling to shift software. Does what you say add anything to that? No

PS4(US)5.64 (Europe)5.16 (Japan)0.53 (Other)1.11 (Total)12.44
XOne (US)6.23 (Europe)2.55 (Japan)0.00 (Other)0.57 (Total)9.35
(sadly VG chartz is the only source for this) #4.1.2
The comparison to the 3DS is completely void for two reasons:

1. The 3DS got a huge price cut (around a third) putting it in-line with what people are now prepared to spend on handheld systems (both Sony and Nintendo misjudged the market by releasing systems at high prices)
2. The Vita never capitalised on the 3DS's problems because it never sorted out its own issues. Nintendo sorted themselves out before Sony sorted the Vita (which I think has yet to be sorted) s... #2
Whatever he did to get it there the game ended up becoming a hit. That is due to, what I feel people misunderstand about mobile games, its simplicity (which is not a bad thing). All mobile games that go viral are incredible simple but are addictive because there is that challenge/competitiveness there.

It would be interesting to know exactly why it was removed but at the end of the day something new will replace it which will be copied hundreds of times and killed #1.1

No. I am not really interested in Titanfall since I get bored of multiplayer shooters quite quickly. I buy the more story oriented games because that is what I like.

That aside I commented not out of "jealousy" but pointing out how unlikely Microsoft will pay for Titanfall. If Titanfall becomes as big as the hype suggests they simple could not justify the asking price that EA will ask. Titanfall 1 will never come to the PS4 (we know that).... #3.1.3
It isn't up to Microsoft really. It's EA. Also do you really think Microsoft are stupid enough to pay that much for it (talking a hell of a lot of money here with what return?). EA will be asking a lot since the install base of its competitor should be quite large by that point #3.1
I was with you for the first half but what are you talking about here

"but the recent figures have shown that Sony are now shifting less PS4's than Microsoft at the moment. Sony is also having major problems shifting the games on the platform. I just think that people don't have the cash to trade up to the new consoles, and that both were released in a tough financial market."

Sony is having problems meeting demand not being unable to shift... #4.1
"This is why early adoption doesn't always pay off"

It is true with anyone who buys things early. But on the flip side you don't expect a new system to drop so early. I was expecting between 1-3 years not 3 months (especially on a system that is meant to be around for 5-8 years). Saying that I don't seem like many people are pissed off by the move #3.1
We just do not know and we will probably never know. Most likely a lot (tens of millions has been talked about and it seems Microsoft has been the one doing the marketing push so add that onto the purchase price) but this is nothing compared to the size they will have to pay for exclusivity of Titanfall 2 (since EA predictions seems to have backfired). #2.1.1
"Considering they didn't specify what type of games it has to be"

That isn't how these "deals" work. There will be a list of acceptable game or it will have to equal 120. The 360 would also have be of a certain quality (no marks....) It is hard to see from the image. Game isn't making a deal here. It is getting those people into their stores (the ones who do not read the fine print) #8.1
It doesn't really mater for Microsoft (except they can't push more Ones) since they get profits from both game sales. But I don't think they had a choose. The spent a fortune (no denying that but we just don't know how much they spent) getting "exclusive" Titanfall (with PC). Having it just on the Xbox One would require even more money (since they would need to offset the potential loss EA would have if it just release on a new small install base system) #2
This deal is essentially trade in something worth £399 and get the TitanFall Xbox One bundle free #1.1
But people put the Kinect down because it is forced on people and in turn puts up the price of the One (nothing to do with the more positive fealing towards Sony than Microsoft). That is an issue as some people don't really see the kinect's added value if it is doing said stuff. The ones that do like it probably don't mind the extra cost and probably would have bought it as an extra (for doing those system functions as that is pretty much what the new Kinect does at the moment) <... #3.3.1
I disagree about the logging process. If I have the controller in my hand I will just press X. It would be great if you have tens/hundreds of accounts on the system but for four or five if you have the controller in your hand you might as well press x #3.2
I think that is a pretty fair assessment. However, I feel the test will show nothing since it is being done with the Titanfall bundle (which is the big game Microsoft have been talking about since May last year). If it does sell loads is that because of the price or the game? I think it is because they are looking at projected numbers for the UK and they are worried (it was a stronghold for them and the UK seem to be the only ones talking about this).

Having the majority mark... #1.1
It is nice having all that playroom stuff (as long as the content remains free) but I feel the camera is best served with unimportant features in games and not directly with games. For instance with split screen swapping over the screens if you move. Things like that which isn't so important or necessary but for those who get the camera it is a nice addition.

Let's be honest the camera is only really useful for (and built for) streams. I am okay with it only being us... #2
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