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It will probably release around the same time as Windows 10 so possibly the summer #1.2
When battlefield launched is was broken. I waited until last week to pick it up and it still not a 100% fixed with the glaring problem being textures take too long to load (so when you redeploy it looks like an old PS1 game). They also ignored the single player bugs (which is also so idiotic and hard to follow it is one of the worst shooter campaigns have ever played).

Also, like COD, the entire unlock system is anti productive. You progress by unlocking weapons that end up... #1.1.1
Also why would the release date go in the top left hand corner. Weird play to put it #1.1.1
I can understand why people may think this (since it happened last time) but we will see #5
Their home consoles havn't dominated since the SNES era. Each of their home consoles has sold far less than the previous one despite the market growing rapidly (the Wii is the only exception but the rest sell far less than the one even dating back to the NES/SNES). Their handheld had an immensely rocky start (the price was cut by a third within months of being on the market) and despite holding a near monopoly are forecasting to fall far short of the DS numbers (this could follow the same... #3.2
And Nintendo needs to desperately change that. Their audience isn't shifting units. Each cycle of their home console, baring the Wii which is clearly an anomaly, has sold far less than its predecessor (which is made worse by the fact the games industry has boomed). That needs to change #2.5.1
I would argue that didn't help the Wii U and that was more powerful than the PS3/360. It sold quickly for 3 months then sales dropped dramatically. Power isn't going to bring people across. The support will #2.3.1
It sounds like you have run out of space. Same happens to me. Honestly we need more space #2.1
Although I agree Nintendo need to do all of those things, it still doesn't fix their biggest problem which is the third party support. They can do all of these things and sell more consoles than the Wii U has but they will never be in the big leagues without the big league games. Those games are the yearly franchise releases by third party publishers. They might as well not bother with all the other fixes if they do not get that right. That is what the vast majority of people buy consoles... #2.2.1
Which is why I think Nintendo need to get their finger out of their arses and do it themselves. I remember Ubisoft said is was around a million to port a game to the Wii U (which isn't a lot in the grand schemes of things) but third parties are unlikely to want to do that if the return isn't high (it takes valuable time away from more profitable ventures). Having a similar architecture will help but people are not buying Nintendo console for third party games. That is the hurdle they... #2.1.1
Being different isn't always the way forward is a lesson hopefully they will learn.

However, the main issue from their past, which has always stunted the growth (which apart from the Wii hasn't been there) of their home consoles, is third party support. Nintendo themselves have created a vicious cycle when it comes to third party games. Third parties games don't sell well, so third parties developers spend very little time and money on a port (if that sometimes it... #2

How the hell is Now worse. I am struggling to see the logic. Now is purely old generation games. Games that are only found on used shelves or if you are lucky new in a shop. It is removing the need for a console for those consumers who would rather dabble in games (as it is going to appear on practically anything). Now is cashing in on ease and giving consumers another avenue to access old games. It may not be great value (which is what your logic seems to be ba... #11.2.2
Thomas was Alone was by far one of the best story driven game ever created. Through a brilliantly written script and only, all be it a fantastic, narrator Mike Bithell gave personality and meaning/purpose to shapes. Most game struggle to even get one human character right let alone an inanimate object.

It is short and simple in places but indies are not all about creating 15 hour games. They aim to excel in areas and take risks that big games tend not to.

To... #2.1
I don't want it for the precedent it sets. Once the current biggest player on the market opens up to allowing a service like this it means other publishers follows suit. What next Ubisoft, Activision, 2K.... That is a lot on top of what we already pay for a console. It is coming to the point where to get the most out of a console an extra £100 a year is need (this is even before the price of games.

This pushes indies out since big games become part of your subscripti... #11.2
There is no huge advantage. 5 days early isn't going to persuade people to pick up Ones/buy it there. Hardline proved that and battlefield has a fierce following. A free demo will help sell it though #1.2.7
People are hissing fitting on both sides. Firstly it is five days. That is it. It is the same with all EA Access games. It happened with Hardline. Some people hear are acting as if it is the second comming of Jesus. On the flip side people are blaming Microsoft for dumped the cash (which they didn't). I honestly think Sony did the right thing by declining this service (if Sony got on board EA wouldn't be the only ones; the fact they didn't have stalled a trend). Also let's no... #1.5.2
Isn't this the same as Hardline? Isn't this part of the EA Access deal? You get to play games first. Like by a week #15
This is Gamestop trying to shift units. Not Sony. Microsoft are the ones who lowered the price in their special deal with retailers. I this case, Gamestop are obviously trying to move one bundle that isn't selling (otherwise this sale would be more widespread than the LBP bundle)

This should not be that hard to understand #2.3
Key difference. One is a retailer (being competitive and shifting unsold stock. I assume the LBP bundle isn't that popular) one is a manufacturer doing a deal with the retailer #1.2
Retailers do not cut prices to keep up the momentum. If there is good momentum prices stay the same unless retailers are trying to be competitive. Retailers mainly drop the price to shift stock that isn't moving.

Now companies (who make the product) drop prices to increase demand. With consoles this happens when sales slow down dramatically (also revisions help a tremendous amount as well). The fact this has happened to the One so early in its life means sales are no wher... #1.3.1
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