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Same, lack of credibility, for some of those who give 10s for odd reasons. It happens with every big exclusive (either 10s or 0s). I have no idea why metacritic hasn't thought about trying to sort it out. Their user review section is a complete mess #1.1
I agree. Getting into 4K is cool but something I won't do in the near future. Like SteamPowered said, What other 4k media is out there right now? I doubt we will see it in the next 5 years anyway (due to cost and restrictions on current technology) #1.1.4
Sony doesn't have one since they kind of haven't built one/their reasoning is different. The marketing force behind Titanfall has been immense. Since its unveiling Microsoft and EA have been driving this game home which the media has amplified. Sony has taken a vastly different approach with its PR.

PR is the key thing here. I hear Titanfall is a good game but would it have been as popular without the PR? I doubt it or it would have been a slow burner. Titanfall news/... #3
This was similar to what happened last generation. Multiplatform games were being advertised for the 360. The reason? It was because it had the biggest market share in certain regions (us and uk) . This time around Sony has that which is why it is happening to the PS4 #4.1
or it is like any game. Sucker Punch isn't just going to sit on their asses just because the game has gone gold. There is always more to do (polishing) #2.2
There were glitches though that didn't get fixed in the PS2 days. I don't mind day one patches. It is those games that release with bugs (with no patch) and still being "fixed" months later that piss me off (those games that clearly have not had any quality testing). #1.1.2
"Microsoft has tried a lot of different things and they all failed. So no i don't see xbox beating PS4 in japan."

Especially since the Xbox One is even less tailored to the Japanese market. It is clearly built with the Western market in mind #2.1
Extremely important. I would go as far and say this will be their most important game this year. This isn't me saying Microsoft won't have anything better (they will). What I am saying is the amount Microsoft have spent (time and money) pushing this game means it needs to be successful with shifting Xbox One's otherwise it would be seen as a failure by Microsoft.

edit: just a side note but "If the first installment proves to be a massive hit, Microsoft would... #1
The lay offs at SSM are not a big deal (since they are still hiring). Clearly Sony cancelled a game (for whatever reason. Ips get cancelled quite a lot). Those people would have been specialised for that genre. If they are not making that game/genre of game anymore why have them around? It is sad for them but the gamble didn't work.

Tretton and Amy are more interesting and I would like to know why they left. Army's departure does seem suspicious but Tretton's coul... #2.5
There is a big article about it on the front page (2hs 580 degrees http://n4g.com/news/1468850... ). This is just good old larry and phil commenting on it (i.e. not really the story so why should this get approved quickly?) #5.1
Crazy competitions this month #58
I do to but the people who talk about brand devaluation don't understand that devaluation would be down to poor marketing. If they just release the games under Nintendo then it would have a small impact on sales and brand recognition. Nintendo needs to sell this stuff under a store (like Nintendo classics) or through a distribution name/service (like Nintendo classics) to highlight these are not going to be new games but old "classics".

I do disagree with price... #1.1.1
I wouldn't say they have had one slip up (on the home console side). The 64, Gamecube and now the Wii U have sold relatively poorly (with the latter struggling to keep its own against no next gen competition. That is one big screw up). In the modern gaming world it seems the Wii was the one system they actually did quite well with. Being profitable is one thing but being relevant is another matter entirely (they have had, except for the Wii, an extremely small market share which has becom... #4.2
Does the VC have any real value since it is just part of the store? Surely releasing a virtual console (though I wouldn't call it that as I would call is Nintendo classics to highlight the store's focus) on other devices would increase its value (since most of the VC is made up of pre 64 titles). They are nice extras to buy but it never becomes an important service for potential Nintendo hardware buyer.

If I was Nintendo I would keep the 64 games to the Wii U/Wii....(... #2.1
We are not talking about Mario 64 here. But an old classic Mario game (like Super Mario Bros) is easy to port over. Just pick up an emulator plus game and see for yourself. Hey I am enjoying Pokemon blue on my tablet at the moment (I would have paid 69p for it too). But A new Mario? definitely not (that would be reckless on multiple levels). #1
Admit what though? I am confused. What I am getting from this is that Nintendo changed its old ways by embracing something new through technology (from cards to video games) and so Japan needs to do that too (which in tern could still protect their identity which is what Nintendo did with embracing a new angle which saved their old angle).

edit: Here is the quote as you didn't read it
"For instance, there’s a certain company named Nintendo. They used to make... #1.2
If it is anything like us and they get student loans I am not surprised. Student life is great. Get loan. Have money which you blow quickly. Then eat incredibly poorly and cheaply for 3 years. Drink cheapest alcohol you can find then splash on the non essentials as soon as the new loan comes through. #4
I think you have misunderstood the situation. EA thought the One (well before it was officially revealed) would sell better. Sony had no hope. Microsoft only had to show up with cash and that ruled out the PS4. EA have gone on record and said the One was going to obliterate the PS4. As far as EA was concerned if Microsoft offered money they win the best deal. Regardless of what Sony did #1.1.5
Pretty simple. Most games tend not to move after a few months on the market. So Zavvi is playing it smart and throwing them in because they aren't going sell loads of them in large numbers. They instantly become a better deal than Amazon.... and their not exactly loosing out (by getting rid of stock that won't real move in significant ways) #1.1.1
Because that is two free games for an insanely good price on a new system. Its ridiculous and amazing at the same time #2.1.1
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