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I seriously need to get this game. No idea why I havent yet #73

You also have forgotten Crytek UK's most recent activity. These are the guys who made Haze and Crysis 3.

Like when people quote Rare as being an amazing studio (because of what it has made in the past) you have to look at their most recent games to see how good they are. The last Timesplitters' game was around 9 going on 10 years ago. Recently Crytek UK have shown a poor track record with making great games. You are only as good as what you... #1.1.6
How? It isn't that popular (hence the downfall) nor is it useful for Sony (They tend not to use it).

If Crytek is going down they will go down and be chopped up like what happened to THQ. No company is going to buy another with alledged financial difficulties. Not only would these need to be payed off but putting a company within the first party organisation would cost (since you have to pay for heads who aren't needed or pay for the layoffs). All these companies wan... #1.1.1
AC 3's use of history is fairly debatable. AC 3 probably had less historical accuracy than previous AC games (which weren't great either. So I don't see how it was meaningful #2
Not really. Nintendo is talking about the fear of such devices and Nintendo putting phone capabilities in its handheld (even though they don't remotely hint at it) won't stop the hand me down smartphone problem #1.1
Thanks. One thing that I believe may make me a little bit bias is that I have played the previous game so a lot of that initial wow factor with the bullet cam is lost. Also I found it to be a better game. If you ever get the chance try Sniper Elite V2. It has glaring issues that shouldn't be there but it was fun to play (I found it more fun than this one) #1.1
Unlikely. They will introduce a slim when sales start to loose pace and when they can make it cheaper than the current PS4. It will have nothing to do with the PS4 #32
There isn't much they could do. Emulating a 360 and PS3 requires a huge amount of power. This is especially true for emulating the PS3 which is on a completely different architecture.

The development cost of a good enough emulator would be huge. Look at the PS3. It had to have a PS2 inside the PS3 to keep costs down and that push the system into the ridiculous expense category (of which Sony acknowledged by removing the PS2 component in future versions). #1.2.4
It is pokemon really that has secured Nintendo's position in the handheld market. Also, like you said, handheld sell much better to a younger crowd (and I think I read somewhere a more female crowd but that was a while ago and so may not be as true anymore).

I think people do underestimate the impact mobile gaming has had on the handheld market. The 3DS is not going to sell similar figures to the DS and if we go back to when both these systems launched, they both struggl... #1.6.1
One thing that is going to hold Ultra HD back is TV not jumping onto it as streaming that content would be difficult. The consoles are never going to be able to do this Ultra definition anyway but that isn't going to matter if Ultra HD TV sets stay at the high price. They are going to stay at the high price for a lot longer if TV doesn't jump onto the bandwagon. 1080p is cheap and enough to watch TV so the majority of consumer just won't jump across (which then means the manufactu... #3
It could actually mean a bigger adoptions since the price will be more manageable. You could rent for an entire generation (or when the console becomes cheap enough) at even though you could spend a lot more on it you wouldn't feel it as much since a bit goes out every time. It is a good idea

I hope this is the first step to finance driven schemes with consoles. I want a system like we have with phones. You pay a monthly contract. I know some places do it but it still isn... #4.1
Not only is that perfect conditions and the sever was right next to the PC (probably even wired to it) but the demo was dubious with with what they were comparing it too. I find it hard to believe that PC (of which was quite powerful) could not support that demo without frame rate drops (at one point the camera pans away on the server demo to do something completely different).

But the main point is, there is a vast difference with something working in ideal conditions and wo... #1.4.1
It just wasn't the product to push a more expensive console. It just didn't have that heavy weight punch. Why? Who knows but a new ip mixed with multiplayer only and sharing similarities with current and established FPS franchises could be valid reasons (along with appearing/being pushed on an expensive system that suffered early PR damage) #5
I am not sure what Microsoft Japan's end goal is here. This notion was laughed off in the west (was ridiculed) and yet they are trying a similar strategy with a society or a market that is stereotypically more tech savvy and less likely to be convinced by (what I see as) western PR tactics (the last time Microsoft Japan talked about the cloud the general reaction from Japanese consumers wasn't exactly positive; it was more ridiculed) #3
I was young, naive and I just wanted to get online quickly. So my name sucks. It isn't even offensive or anything. Just plain and boring with no relation to my name or any other username I use online. #1.2.1
I think it needs to be around £10. It is expensive to deter people from doing it all the time (huge pain in the arse for Sony) but it isn't that expensive that people just don't bother #1.1.2
I don't think it will be. I think people will still be put of getting it since it doesn't do much apart from gaming. If Sony can somehow make remote play work on their own (needs to be their own) mobile and tablet products I can see those product shooting up in popularity because they have that everyday functionality as well.

They have kind of laid the groundwork with remote play working for all games and that you can connect a DS3 to a Sony device (mobile and tablet)... #5.1
It could be down to the Playstation TV launching soon. The Playstation TV is basically a vita but in a different shell. They are extremely similar. Sony may be struggling to keep up with the low demand of the Vita because they are focusing (or shifting their focus) on making the Vita form more profitable via Playstation TV (i.e. they are making more and more of these instead of Vitas because they believe that is where the demand is as the Vita, like you said, doesn't have a huge amount of... #1.1.1
The other queried it while this got a response (sort of like a story within a story). If the other article doesn't update then this should be fine #2.1
On the topic of voice commands you don't really need the Kinect for that side of things. Voice commands is purely software based. A decent mic is needed to give a clear recording but everything is just software. Microsoft just needs to make this happen (but I doubt they will since they need to push the kinect somehow).

I know it is far too late to do this but Microsoft's best bet for voice commands and skype functionality is to just release (or bundle) a cheaper webc... #6.1
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