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I do the same (usually a £5 difference). What is £5 really to me? Not much. I would rather pay the full price. I actually don't buy used games unless I can't find a new copy (usually with old games). #3.3
Yer they maybe talking about rumour more than revealing something. The question mark is the most telling part of that #3.1
Shouldn't there be an if (or better yet a might) instead of the will in the title. The developer doesn't even sound sure. He said "If the API improves, and developer’s accessibility towards graphic pipeline increases, more technical features can be applied. After all, it will add more richness to the screen.”. It sounds like he hasn't even seen anything of it yet and doesn't know the true benefits of used DirectX 12 #1
It is a nicely designed website but yes I agree. It needs to have a reivew not just a score #1.1

It is important for someone like Microsoft (bringing the focus back to the article). You average small company probably doesn't care unless their turning in a health profit. Big companies require to have big shares because they are not looking to make small profits (that isn't how they got and stay big).

The example you gave about apple and android isn't strictly applicable to this situation since the profit margins here are relatively small... #1.1.3
Not really a surprise. Like it will not be a surprise when the games will suffer from a lack of optimisation. It is all well and good having a system the beats the consoles but the games that come to console are heavily optimised. If your going to get a steam box I would get one a bit more powerful. Or better yet get a more PC #12
This is what I don't get and I am down right pissed off with the response. Do they think I am an idiot. I remember the first blog post. It was the same speal as the conference. They could have explained themselves but they didn't. We talk about how this is just business but a big part of business is pandering to your fan base. This is the same middle finger they gave us last time. Crystal Dynamics clearly doesn't care and it is going to bite them in the arse in the future
... #9.2
They could have clarified in their own tumblr post (remember this isn't their first post on the matter). They have not answered that question correctly. It really shows that they do not care about their own fans. #5.1
The worst part of this faq is this part

"We certainly didn’t intend to cause any confusion with the announcement. The Microsoft Gamescom stage was a great place to make the initial announcement, but not necessarily to go into details."

No but their original tumblr blog post was. Screw you Crystal Dynamics. You had an opportunity to explain things but you didn't take it #1.1.5
Two step verification or registered/recognised devices is a better and more secure way than a password. Just using passwords is a bit archaic #1.1
I am not sure how a two step verification would work for a consoles. I mean you can only register/log into a certain amount of devices with one account before you have to deactivate them (I had this issue when my PS3 broke and I had to ring up Sony). That right there is an added level of security. Though Sony does need it for its store log in through the Web browser (but then is that going to really matter. The content can only be played on the devices). #2
That is what I see. Nintendo prides itself on having a high attach rate with its own software. They could loose a bit per unit but make it back with more people buying their software. Though there is a risk of a price cut not being enough or it isn't big enough to make a notice difference. Once the move is made it is hard to increase the price (like with any price cut). But I feel this risk is unlikely to happen #4.1
Well dynasty warriors sells best in Japan and even (as of late) it doesn't sell well there either. I believe that is the reason for the Zelda crossover type thing. They are trying to put more life into the series and Nintendo need something Zelda related while they do the full Zelda game. Sounds like it didn't work

Ijust see that as unlikely. The strongest market for the Wii U is Japan, the strongest market for dynasty warriors is Japan. Signs point to... #1.1
I don't think this is the best device for you. It doesn't play PS3 games (unless through Now which at the moment has horrible pricing model) #6.1
Yer I am solely getting this just to put this device in another room. £85 isn't that bad. I like to put things on in the background when I mark so I am looking for a media box anyway. I might as well spend a bit more for one that can stream my games from my PS4 #1.2.1
Basically if Microsoft doesn't get a majority in the US they will never catch up. You can see that in the last generation figures. The US and UK had such a big share in favour of the 360 that Sony's only way of catching up was to dominate in Europe and Japan (both together since they still got a big, though not dominating, share in Europe). Due to the big share adverts focused only on them and the PS3 was relegated except for the last year or two (UK citizen here). It created a bubble... #1.1.1
Why do people feel the need to compare EA Access with Now. EA Access is playstation plus but just for EA stuff. Now is more it's own thing and should be compared to Onlive. EA access is limited to one (possibly PCs in the future) platform. Now is (as Sony said when they announced it) coming to a lot of devices because of how it works #2
They could probably make more if they did. It is a risk but going for a lower price point makes what ever they are releasing more attractive. #1.1
In my opinion the game was just outdone by TLOU for my game of the year. It is a well crafted and brilliant game that tried story telling in an unusal way. It is definitely not a stupid game #7.4
It barely sold it self let a lone a system. I loved Tearaway and it was my second favorite game of that year but calling it a system seller is a bit much #1.3.1
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