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Exactly. The high Metacritic score is encouraging but no way would I feel the same way. I just do not get the appeal of these type of games. Hence why I am not getting it #3.4
From the sounds of it his feelings are not alone. From the sounds and look of it Visceral were making a police game but high level meddling took over and the Battlefield franchise was mashed into it. Without the battlefield element I feel this game could have gone in an interesting direction #3
@MrDead and Immorals

Just be careful with Virgin. It is always a good idea to take a reading over several key points of the day over a error of a week to see if you are getting that much. I remember I was paying for one of the higher bands but it never went over the mid tier stuff. Obvious I change packages #3.1.4
It will not come out this year. If it were Sony would have done a song and dance about it last E3. They could show something this year but it won't be out till after the next E3 (like everything revealed at E3, we have to go through at least another E3 before it is out) #4.2
Take this with a grain of salt (even though they have never lied before) but on several Videogamer UK podcasts (if you like normal, down to earth, people talking about video games it is worth a listen) they rang Ubisoft up [possibly] about Beyond Good and Evil 2 and apparently even Ubisoft didn't acknowledge it being in development nor its existent (it is strange since they showed a teaser). I think it doesn't exist (considering the last we heard of it was in 2011 and apparently they... #1.1
"Seamless Transitioning From Space to Planet"

I have not experienced this mod (so I may be talking out my arse) but my worry is the focus of the match. Having a separate space and planet means there is a focus to what needs to be done. I would rather have a 64 player space battle then a 64 planet battle (online as this is where I feel this game will rise or fall with online than offline) than having random preferences (some battles mainly happening in space as the p... #2
I know it is nothing. I just feel supporting the game when I feel that the game should be F2P (it is built on that model) so that it can evolve and improve as a service is a bit contradicting (I wrote this a while ago http://n4g.com/user/blogpos... ). It is the only reason I will not buy it. Eventually it coming to Plus has little to do with it. I would say I am a die hard fan of the series but it needs to evol... #3.1.1
LBP 3 is the only one in the series I never bought. I still think this game and franchise should have been F2P and it is the only way it can evolve

Wolfenstein surprised me. It felt like an old PS2 game. But that is okay. Sometime it is okay to go back to an older style of playing. But I paid just less than £20 and that felt like a good price. I would have paid a maximum of £30 #3
Exactly. If it is a sonic dash type of game the effort will be short lived and not enough (too be honest that will be the sinking ship scenario). If they are using the mobile space as an alternative for their handheld games then it is showing a shift in focus but a positive step if they release them under a unified system/branding that works with their home consoles in a meaningful way. They must explore the latter #2.1
"They are going to kill whatever momentum the WiiU has recently got with the announcement of this and it probably won't even turn out to be a WiiU successor"

Which is why I am confused by the announcement so early. It isn't going to revealed until next year. That is an entire year of any potential the Wii U had of getting sales under its belt. We don't even know what it is. Bizzare. Sony and Microsoft did the right thing. They announced and released the... #3.1
The fact that the third party isn't there isn't because of the power issue. It is because they do not sell well which really isn't helped by a low install base size. Honestly, if Nintendo were thinking they would have released a slightly beefed up console that can connect to any phone/tablet (something that has happened with Sony's remote play) then spend a ton of money supporting ports. They needed to have spent this entire generation bringing third party games over. Slightly... #3.2
"If Nintendo were to include some sort of Steam Greenlight-esque service, it could turn Nintendo’s digital store into something of much higher quality than it is now."

Firstly, Steam Greenlight is a mess. Also Nintendo emulating it won't help their digital store issues since you still need developers wanting to develop for it. The reason why a lot of indies start with PC (and why Steam Greenlight is still popular amongst indie developers) is the colossal user ba... #1
It is really up to consumers. Like AR before it, it is nice to play the odd small AR game to start with but people just are not that interested in any fully capacity (especially when it involves buying a peripheral to do it). The problem AR has with gaming is against real life it looks weird and much more unnatural (something VR or gaming in general doesn't have to deal with).

HoloLens isn't going to change squat in gaming and it really will not matter what developers... #1.1
They might. It will not mean Madden leaving Microsoft platforms as this would be EA essentially giving this title a chance (something EA will not want to do). EA could threaten to give exclusive dealings to Sony (in all titles not just Madden) but we will see how EA responds which will be interesting (I think a quick response will be Madden on PC) #1.1
For A NES/SNES game? Hell Pokemon runs great on my tablet. Some games suit touch controls/work quite well. We are talking about a very simplistic input here #1.1.1
I don't know. I spent a long time on Game Dev Story. You know there are some interesting and good games on mobile. Try rebuild or Zombies, Run (later is for those who want motivation to go running) #2.1
Burnout 3: Takedown #3
I get it but still they should have done 1 and 2 as well. Granted I found 3 the best in the series since I played it out of order 3 then 1 and 2 (collection) and 1 and 2 felt dated. But Just doing 3 is an odd choice #8
You know, like everyone else, squat about the NX so lets not pretend or even entertain the idea

Also advertisement isn't the Wii U's problem. The problem lies deaper in Nintendo's attitude to home console (evident by how much of a user base they loose from one generation to the next) #1.2
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