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Cough Cough

OT: interesting to see but it could be quite difficult (being what superman can do) #2
I never enjoyed SA because of its rug elements. Requiring to eat and exercise was a stupid idea. Though the gang warfare and big map were enjoyable to play in #17.3
Grrrr auto correct

*filled #1.1
There are so many major flaws in GTA that made me question should it even be nominated for game of the year, let alone being argued that it is better than The Last of Us.

The story is fairly awful nor does it really make any sense. Take that (what I would call true) ending for example. It came out of nowhere excuse there was no build up to it. The rest of the story was fled with forgettable characters with Franklin being the most pointless and aimless character in the game.... #1
Not really. I felt incredibly disappointed with GTA V. Generally the game felt like what GTA 4 should have been all be it much pretty than it could be. But that was a long time ago. The story was soap opera style drivel and the word void of any life or meaningful things to do (falling into the open world trope trap). It's online component got dull and repetitive after a while

I feel Rockstar needs to step its game up #16
It depends on two things

1. How much a company is willing to spend
2. the market share /platform totals

1 wains further into a life cycle of a console as platform totals (2) tend to increase beyond the point of reasonable money being spent. But 2 will judge the exclusivity. We only have to look at the PS2 era to see what happens when one console takes control and the other two never really make big gains. In that case We will get exclusive (timed or n... #1.2
While I would agree with you and it will sell on Xbox but the PS4 is in the same position the 360 was in the last generation (especially those regions in that era for the UK and USA). Destiny is going to sell more PS4 units that most of the exclusives it has this year. Destiny is popular and the PS4 version is popular also. That is why Sony is banking on it #5.1
They said they were going to sort the PS4 our first then do the PC (personally I think it needs to be the other way round). Like they are doing with PS Now which is comming to mobiles and Tvs but later #1.1.1
I think that is a bit unrealistic. It has just passed 10 just under a year. Your talking double in he the time. June/July/August is more reasonable #9.1.1
Well it isn't going to sell double the amount of units in half the time. That is too much to ask of for any of the consoles #8.2
Granted the last of us would have helped that but that is insanely impressive #1.1.3
"Yoshida-san mentioned that he personally thinks Microsoft wants exclusive content for its own community, and while he understand that it might be good from a business point of view, from a gamer’s point of view it’s better to have the content on as many platforms as possible, and people want to be able to play with their friends."

Good. I think everyone is glad to see this but if you go back on this it might bite you in the arse #5
Dam you Murray but it was bound to happen anyway #1
The one great game did earn him serious cash. There isn't many single developers (outside mobile device) who have done that. Granted this seems a bit too random which comes of a bit....... (well you know) #4.2
I hope so. It just needs a sensible subscription model (this is even more important considering who the service will eventually be for) #2
I think this

" For example, if all you want to play is the next Call of Duty or FIFA game, then the Wii U is probably not the console for you. OK so obviously I know there are a lot more than just Call of Duty and FIFA not coming to the Wii U, a lot of games that I would love to play too, but the Wii U offers different games that are unique"

really highlights the relevance of the console as a mass market device (though I thought COD was comming). Ou... #6
I am not surprised if only twelve are working on the game but it sounds like porting has gotten easier this generation so it could happen soon after launch #1.1.1
East USA, Canada, China, UK (I know the latter has very localised development studios). I don't know. I don't think we need another big one. They have these small ones that pop up from time to time. They will do #2
I think it is more of the fear that it would more than the fact that is would alienate people. I obviously do not care who or what the protagonist is but I would like to see more progressive steps #1.1
I think it is down to how it is implemented. If it is just an option then fine but if it's to get something a bit more exclusive I have a problem. #7.1
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