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In the world where products are driving by marketing I would agree with Eonjay and say none. The 360 was an established brand of which Microsoft unviled a successor in the right way (focusing on the system as a whole rather than what happened with the Wii U which, at its first reveal felt like an accessory rather than a new system) #3.2
"A 3rd party developer that only make exclusives for one console are pretty stupid. They fail to realise that only benefits the console maker, not them."

Depends on the financial stability of the developer. A big thing right now is to fund smaller games (usually indies) and that gives them a bit of security (which is vital for a model that has exploded in popularity). Being a non exclusive third party is ideal but for the smaller developers this isn't feasible (... #5.1
Although it is entirely possible. GTA online hasn't had the same sticking power as Rockstar predicted due to a poor launch, some technical issues and some major mode still missing. Also Rockstar has done this before with Vice City (which was really a reskin of GTA 3)

But "Return to Vice City" pretty much ruins this rumour. That isn't a typical title Rockstar would go for. #1
This video is fairly poor (since most know what it is). The video for the Walkman and the Apple II is quite interesting to watch #1.1
It doesn't work like that. The price also includes possible demand. For products that don't fly off the shelves the prices have to be higher because less are sold so Microsoft needs to take a bigger cut per unit sale (it is why products that sell small amounts but come with a high price tag are seen as profitable).

Though it was rumoured that the Kinect did cost as much as the One to get to the final product. It is still unsure if this was just PR talk or fact; if it... #6.1
I don't think people would have complained about that. Probably confused because it would contradict "you are the controller" PR basis for the Kinect. Everything was built on that logic. #2.1
I think it is perfectly acceptable to re-release games that came out in 2013. We were at the end of a generation and so re-releasing them on the new generation systems makes perfect sense. It is also not a new occurrence.

I think it is too soon to start re-releasing 2012 or younger games (even as a collection). They need to be much older #2
"Dense Content"

I hope not. My biggest gripe with open world games is the world being filled with guff for no reason except making the game feel longer. I don't mind the odd side mission (if it has its own story to it; nothing worse that random quests with no real purpose) but collectables, hidden items, feathers, "I bet you can't collect these in this time" and all that rubbish needs to go. Open world games have become this sort of dumping ground... #3
That won't sell Wii Us. It is the similar situation to why Vitas didn't sell with cross buy on the PS3 and PS4. There are a lot of 3DS's out there (for less than £100) that would play this possible title. The consumer is just going to go for that one. You have to bear in mind the difference between the titles would be minimal since it needs to be developed with the 3DS in mind. Developing two completely different games runs into the issue of what Minecraft is experiencing on... #2.1.1
If done right, it would kill any future handheld prospects Nintendo might have. There are other games that sell the 3DS but I think those games would be a harder sell if Pokemon (a superior version as well) is on their console and not their handheld. I believe this is the reason why Nintendo haven't made such a move yet. #2

NDP says it sold around 300,000 in the US in its first month. I don't think it topped 1.5 million in its total sales (not impressive figures nor was it seen as a success). The first game sold about double that. #3.1.2

Does that really matter or relatable to the context above. In the context above it is all about how much hardware was sold. If you want that level of detail just look at software sales which both have done appalling. Kinect had a brief spell of fortune at the beginning of the cycle but that soon died. Similar thing happened to Sony. Sports Champions sold around 3.5 million. The sequel didn't exactly sell (that is really the data developers care about) #1.1.2
"Kinect And PlayStation Camera Integration"

No no no no no no no no and no. Scanning your face in didn't work that well last time. Sure the camera has improved but so has the visual fidelity/detailed character models. Is it really going to work that well when character models are more detailed?.

Also voice commands for "flash and clear..... were a gimmick back in the Socom days. It isn't that useful and something that has to be done via... #3
I don't think Nintendo needs to invest money in buying more studios. They should invest that money in paying big third party games to appear on their system (They can have exclusive deals but they need them to appear first). One of the biggest issues Nintendo has and will ever face is lack of support by third parties. Now this could be done to power differences or they don't sell well on Nintendo systems but Nintendo needs to sort it out. #3.1
"This is more of a preference than a necessity. Although we would love to see game cartridges come back, we also know that disks are cheaper to produce. Nowadays you can easily store massive amounts of data on a Flash drive. Nintendo could incorporate something similar to a DS/3DS cart, but slightly bigger. Think of a 3.5” Floppy Disk and you can kind of imagine what I’m envisioning"

You are mad. That is the worst idea I have ever heard. Nintendo needs to go the ot... #1
It isn't as black and white as that especially with the hypocrisy with media outlets for the exact issue you raised with Super Mario Galaxy 2 (They would mark games down for that exact reason but not others)

Personally, I think (now this is a sweeping statement) both reviewed much higher scores than they should be (in GTA's case apart from 3 I struggle to find reason to warrant such a high score) #2
I don't foresee mass adoption of VR and AR in this generation. Maybe next but I see the VR craze sticking on the PC side before migrating over (partly due to expense). #2.2
"MS CAN make the exact same claim about taking a loss on most titles, that is not a Sony exclusive idea or concept. It's an industry wide reality."

It isn't an industry wide practice. Far from it. Things that don't make money are discarded and never seen from again. What Sony claims to do goes against the norm and logic.

Microsoft could make that claim but that claim would be hardier to justify in light of how the 360 life played out. Ov... #3.1
And Microsoft didn't at their press conference? A lot of what Microsoft showed (especially the live demos and non CGI trailers) were third party. Sony is in the position Microsoft was last generation. Where the majority of third party sales will come to their system instead of their competitor. That is why Sony is making a big deal about it. Granted I believe both showed too little in terms of exclusives but I wasn't expecting it either since most of the games are 2015 and beyond #1.1.1
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We are barely 9 months in (where Sony has released one major franchise and one less but still fairly big major franchises which seemed to get more love). Also Sony is in a position where they don't need to rush out their first party games. These last couple of months have kind of gone their way.

Lets, also, not forget the wasteland that is 2014. Both Sony and its nearest competitor Microsoft have fairly limited 2014 fall exclusives. 2015 is the year of the games (somethin... #2
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