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They can't from a ddos attack. Also the author is now making stuff up. #4.1
Would be difficult to achieve that with a ddos attack. It isn't how they work. Just them blowing hot air. Move on #51.1
They are not hacking. Merely crashing servers. Making attention to themselves is the most idiotic move to make. It shows a level of amiterish that will get them caught. #1.5.1
What is sad is with increased notoriety means the likelyhood of being arrested/fined/criminal record increases. Just by looking at how they act on the twitter page it is safe to assume they/him/her is young. I do wonder if these "hackers" later on in life feel a bit embarrassed by something so petty #1.2
Because Fez has big/long term market value /s. It is an indie game that can be easily replicated and overshadow by another game. Like an STD this this guy will be back. By the way I don't condone the hack. #3
I feel Value are just trying to reinvent the wheel just for the sake of standing out from the crowd. An all in one controller will turn out like all "all in one" devices. Jack of all trades master of none. Though the master of attracts doesn't even have a d-pad #2
I feel the retailer will be the last person to know about this. Why would they be told. It isn't like it was coming out next week and they needed to prepare. Gamefly is probably doing what we are all thinking and that is it is never coming out (especially for the PS3) #3

My bad ignore my comment. Totally miss read it. You are correct. They are not showing it http://www.warpzoned.com/20... #1.2.2
Well they are doing pre tgs conference so one can assume they have something to show. They have to really to try and revitalise the PS4 sales there. #3.2
What happened to the aggressive moves they said they were going to make (for example the stuff said here http://uk.ign.com/articles/... ). No TGS keynote? Surely they have to do something? I don't blame them as Japan has never been an Xbox friendly market but this does seem like a misstep (to not do TGS conference) as the console is launching a few weeks before (... #1
Or it is because both Black Ops 2 and Ghost sold so bad that it probably didn't cover the cost of the port

I know it is VGChartz but that is a low number and I don't blame Activision for moving it awa... #5.1
I don't personally think it will ever get to that point (as the rate of hardware evolution, and in a way video game evolution, is far more frequent than upgrading the internet which is slow and costly) but it always good for them to prepare for that day. It isn't like they will totally abandon consoles in the next couple of years #1.1.2

That was because it was easier to develop for. Developers struggled with the PS3 hence why Sony, this time around, asked them what do they want. An easy to develop for machine was one of their main targets as they got screwed over for most of(not all) the last generation with only the first party having the ability/time to show off what the system can do #2.1.2
Unless Microtransaction are coming in (again, like you, I have no idea if they do already). Remember they are only trying to get people to buy the sequel so giving the away for free on an ecosystem that never got it might be a good strategic move (though I feel the idea of a sequel is mind boggling and I am sure the consumer is going to get really confused unless they make the shop bought stuff cross compatible) #1.1.2
"The company obviously doesn’t want to admit the Xbox One is less powerful than the PS4. But it is, and Microsoft should really just let it go. The Xbox 360 was far less powerful than the PS3, but that didn’t stop Microsoft from getting a head start on Sony thanks to a lower price and plenty of great games to play"

That would be a disastrous move. I can see why they are doing it. The want to take the multiplatform sales away from the PS4 and so by doing that they ar... #1
I do the same (usually a £5 difference). What is £5 really to me? Not much. I would rather pay the full price. I actually don't buy used games unless I can't find a new copy (usually with old games). #3.3
Yer they maybe talking about rumour more than revealing something. The question mark is the most telling part of that #3.1
Shouldn't there be an if (or better yet a might) instead of the will in the title. The developer doesn't even sound sure. He said "If the API improves, and developer’s accessibility towards graphic pipeline increases, more technical features can be applied. After all, it will add more richness to the screen.”. It sounds like he hasn't even seen anything of it yet and doesn't know the true benefits of used DirectX 12 #1
It is a nicely designed website but yes I agree. It needs to have a reivew not just a score #1.1

It is important for someone like Microsoft (bringing the focus back to the article). You average small company probably doesn't care unless their turning in a health profit. Big companies require to have big shares because they are not looking to make small profits (that isn't how they got and stay big).

The example you gave about apple and android isn't strictly applicable to this situation since the profit margins here are relatively small... #1.1.3
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