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Same. Festival of blood was really good. I hope they do fetch's origins justice. The premise sounded dark and interesting. #1.2
Why don't they just go full out and make a pirate game. I know the AC brand sells but I hear the pirate stuff was good but the AC stuff wasn't (yet to play it, only recently newly started to catch up on some games I have missed). Ubisoft go and make a fun pirate simulator/general game. It isn't done and Ubisoft you tend to do risks from time to time #2
But Nintendo's philosophy isn't working. Currently, apart from the Wii, there has been a decline from system to system of Nintendo's core fanbase or any other consumer buying their systems. If (saying if because currently it is unknown) the Wii U sales around the same or less than the Gamecube it shows Nintendo is out of touch in the home console business. Coming up will cool ideas is only good when the market sees it that way. Ultimately "chasing down the dollar" might... #3.1.1
Your likely to see less total units pushed since mobile gaming has exploded amongst most younger and older gamers. Also the Wii sold to users who got a PS3 or 360 (the second console). So this would attribute to less total sales (adding all three together) since the consumer aren't seeing the Wii U as a second console or any other console but it is still early days for the One and PS4 (it would be a big disaster for Nintendo if the One and PS4 becomes that second console, they re cheaper... #2.1
It is a direct response to another article being submitted here (see truefan1's link). Both have equally poor titles #7.1
720p is high definition. High definition is what was above the norm (I. E. Standard defintition). Back in 2006 720p was still fairly new and 1080p television sets were extortionate. Also the idea of spending more money after 8 years isn't so ridiciculous. A PC built back then would need an upgrade by now unless you spent an obscene amount (a $600 PC would not be standing up to these new consoles) #2.1
If it launched in a dry spell (which this game did) then sure it will briefly sell. But this isn't a cause of celebration as there needs to be very specific circumstances (I. E. nothing launching anytime soon) and early in a console life (one of the big reasons people bought it, like myself,is because they don't have a huge amount to play on their new systems. If this launched a year or two later I doubt it would have done so well) #3
So you like to play games that look like arse. I am all for gameplay being important but it is nice to play a visual appealing game. It is all about the balance (especially when your paying $60) #1.1
Are you the author. Have you written an article purely based on a gameplay trailer and from what you haven't heard. Not exactly a solid foundation for an article. Anyway the response at E3 was generally positive (which was shocking since the previous showing wasn't so positive due to preformance issues) #1.1.3
What is wrong with linearity? Sometimes gameplay suits that style of game. Games don't need to be more open ended all the time. Sometimes it works against the game #5.4
Has it? We haven't seen much from the game. I think Sony handled this situation better than Ubisoft with Watch Dogs. They showed too much too early and people were then disappointed by the downgrade. Sony hasn't done that at all. Initially the press didn't like the stability issues of game (most vocally expressed by IGN). The press seemed to be really positive this time around.

This game isn't coming out till next year also the article doesn't link to any... #9
With a service like this (and the fact they are pushing PlayStation TV) you need to go big before going small. The big is the PS3 games. They need to convince the young families to buy into the service. They aren't going to do that with PS2 games (to them there isn't a huge difference between that and mobile games) #3.2
That does need improving. Also how the library is organised. At the moment the giant line is fine but it is unorganised and a bit messy (especially if you download more applicwtions/games).

The biggest annoyance has gladly been fixed. Who though it was a good idea to go to the log in screen everyone you turn on the controller (especially with the energy saver mode) #2.3.3
"A great example of this is PSnow pricing. There are actually an astou ding majority who will go to those articles suppkrt the pricing and bash anyone who thinks it is insane. (And it is)"

What. The general consensus is the prices are too high. All I see is people suggesting better (sometimes unrealistic) prices. You claim is utter baloney. The only thing people are saying is it is because of the publishers (which is true, they decided the prices) #2.12
Did everyone read the same article I just read. I don't think a single argument was made. That ending as well. Extremely random.

You make a point. Arrogance is fine as long as it doesn't effect their business strategy. It has happened to all the companies #1.10
I think they need to improve the on demand services before we can say that #5.1
I think the Vita name would kill it. Branding it as a playstation device is clever since that has a stronger presence than the Vita name. The TV part cements it isn't just a cheap gaming device

Also it isn't meant to compete with the One. Honestly the One isn't competing in that market anyway. It is to compete with Apple TV and those types of devices #2.2
Depends if they can solve the balancing issues. I hear it is quite bad at the moment #17.2
Forza one is a bit different. It didn't win a game of the year but it did win some game of the year awards related to driving games (best driving game....). #22.1
I would have the same reaction if Sony released GOTY editions for Killzone or INFAMOUS. The package deal is always a good idea but Microsoft need to think about renaming them (brand them in a different way) #28
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