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I can see why "fight on the ground then hop into an X Wing, fight against TIE Fighters then land inside a Star Destroyer to try and blow it up" wouldn't work (and not be included unless you have a massive player count and specific objectives to certain users) but to not put in space battles to start with is idiotic. I wouldn't mind if they separated the ground and space battles (little bit of ground with the infiltrating of the ships). At least it is there #4.1.1
The more I read about this game the less appealing it is. It just seems like a massive step backwards from a game that released 10 years ago. #4
I think it makes perfect sense. It is around the same time as the film (a month of hype building pre launch of the film) and November is a usual time for games to releases. Rarely do games release so close to Christmas (as the 18th) especially big games #3
I think this is more of a question of how people treat others on the web. I don't think the image of females, in gaming, are helped by the use of "show girls" at events nor helped by "scantily clad females" on Twitch but the underlying problem is how people use the web. It doesn't really matter what sex you are, where you come from, what your beliefs are if there is something to exploit (with people seeing this as okay). i.e. it is a wider internet issue that doesn... #2
I am in the same boat as you. We have seen nothing to get excited about and it is far too easy to battlefieldify Battlefront (the games are not wholly different). I loved Battlefront but Battlefront 3 needs to be a Battlefront game. The only way they can convince me it is Battlefront is by showing gameplay (non of this CGI rubbish which I have never understood when advertising games) #3.1
I don't think they really will have choice in that matter. We don't really know how EA got publishing rights. I can only assume it has something to do with the film's release. It is the same situation with Battlefield 4 except EA were the ones setting the deadline. If Battlefront is not finished I expect it to release anyway (especially since that is the trend now) #1.1.1
Well, in the UK, Nigel Farage and his party is doing exactly that. He is bringing personality to politics. I don't agree with his rhetoric as I feel he is manipulating voters but to say he isn't influential would be a lie. Same applies here. Thanks to her, feminism in gaming is being talked about. Now I do not agree with what she is saying but she is influential is some degree. Like I said I think she isn't helping feminism and, to explain further, I think she is damaging feminism... #3.1.1
I need to see more. I am slightly concerned about this game. We haven't seen a lot but I feel it is far too easy to Battlefieldify Battlefront. #5
You may not like her or agree with her (especially her methods) but she did get people talking (even in the standard media). I don't think she has done wonders to feminism or even helped it for that matter but she is there making a noise which people have noticed #3
"On another point, I'm curious to see if the average gaming age will just keep rising as us born in the late 70's and 80's keep getting older. One can assume we all grew up with mainstream gaming and now have the income to spend money on our hobby......I'm hoping I am still playing games when I am retired!"

Actually I suspect the vast majority of people, as the get older, move away from gaming. There is just more important stuff to be done. Not to sa... #2.1
See my drunk game is Fifa.

I don't know who this is really for. It missed the Godzilla film hype train #1.1
But this is like the Netflix rating system. It tends to ignore films you rate highly when you have not watched it. Netflix knows people want to seem well read and so they rate critically acclaimed films highly despite not seeing it.

Same rule applies here. People think graphics do not matter but when something looks good the consumer takes note. The other stuff is the cherry on the cake to keep the hype. (In a way it is same with dating, you notice someone you find attractiv... #3
Funnily enough I think VR needs to embrace motion controls. VR is all about immersion and so is motion controls. #2.1.1
This is a lot of the problems I had with the campaign. It doesn't make sense and suffers from lack of depth, poor pacing and decent characters which are hidden by a thin disguise of apparent satiricalness (which is does not have).

I think Rockstar needs to find out what GTA is. It tries to do all this serious, social commentary, soap style of story but fails to deliver as it also tries to also do the crazy wacky side of things. Saint Row is not a perfect game but at least... #3
Maybe? Though logging in an out is no different that what mobiles offer (in some ways mobiles only offer one log in). The comment comes across a bit ignorant. #2.1.1
It is a very good idea though keeping up with where the 7 other players are is going to be hard. Definitely keep an eye on to this #1.1.1
What he is saying though is people will either play mobile games and/or shift to PCs not just everyone playing mobile. I think it is true more people than ever will get a PC and the mobile gaming has expanded exponentially but console still have their place. Children and the more casual crowd play mobile games but they also get excited by new consoles (evident by the popularity of the PS4 and even though the One isn't selling any where near that level it is still selling at solid rate). P... #1.1
"My kids have no problem playing their PC or mobile games but if I am out of town they have trouble getting on to the console systems. That is a BIG issue."

I am confused by what he is talking about. These are fairly plug in and play system. You plug it in and turn it on. They have not changed since the last generation #2
I am a the same. I am good in social situations and can keep a group of people, I don't know, entertained but I am not a performer. I don't feel comfortable streaming because it is like you are on stage with very little instant feedback. You are talking to people but they don't say anything back (write it back). You have to have a knack for it. I would rather,and often do, watch people stream than do it myself. #1.1
You can already stream games to a tablet/phone via remote play. It isn't on a PC but still #2.1.1
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