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It would be a big mistake if they allowed the partnership to jump ship. Sure more money could then be funded into the first party games/studios (because the deal would have cost a lot) but like it or not this deal did help Microsoft secure a huge market share in the US with the 360.

For us I guess we can all hope there is no partnership deal with anyone (since timed elusive content is just a pain) #3
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No as it uses they sold it as in game assets. It will look really good on PC but no where near that #14
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In the grand scheme of things these seem like bottom of the barrel reasons #3
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I am with you on the notion that the lack of a campaign is a non issue. BF2 had one but it wasn't extensive (though a similar system wouldn't hurt as it gave a good insight into the 501st).

The Space battle, for me, are a big deal. I seriously disagree with their logic. BF2 did it in a fairly bare bones way but it was fun. It was essentially a traditional domination/objective map except there was very little infantry combat and more dog fights in aircraft. All they ne... #3.1
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The entire reveal event has been a misfire. Not only did they fail to communicate their game (the confusion over maps being evident of that) but the entire game seems like the detail and style have taken centre stage instead of the features and gameplay. You know something is wrong where a 10 year old game gives you more options and a bigger scope than your soon to be released game. I don't need to see gameplay to tell me that. They gave me that knowledge with the list of things not appea... #3
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A gamebolt? article was posted here sometime last week about this (turns out it as another but similar) interview. I will say what I said in the comments in that article. It is all ifs and possibilities. He is theorising something he has yet to prove that it could realistically work. This is the same talk we have had since the announcement of the One (from Microsoft and other independent developers) yet nothing has come of it. #3.1
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"Apparently these vehicles are effectively on rails, and players simply man the weapons, most likely hinting towards a walker assault mode"

I hope not. I can see them being a type of levelution which would piss me off. They should be controllable #4
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"when it comes to games and actual gaming, Wii U is the best console out."

Is it though? I mean sure if you like what Nintendo has historically offered you will enjoy a Wii U but it still misses out on some of the largest and important games ever released. Objectively speaking, "when it comes to games and actual gaming" the Wii U isn't really a great console as you still need a PC, PS4 or One to play the vast majority of big and important games of this... #1.1.1
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I really do not rate IV. As an Assassin's Creed game it is fairly poor. The story went on some massive tangent which didn't really link the the grander story. I remember, towards the end, the massive tangent just randomly stopped (bare in mind that this tangent had gone on for most of the game) just so an ending could be made that fits in with the Assassin's Creed universe. It was bizarre.

Sailing was fun but like a lot of features in the Assassin's Creed gam... #1
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But it sold more console units. Remember these sale reports do not count bundle unit sales when it comes to game sales. There is no way, in the Destiny example, that the PS4 sold significantly more than the One purely down to chance (despite nothing really launching at that time). The Destiny release had something to do with it

This isn't mean discrediting the blog but merely suggesting why users may think the PR deal will do wonders for Sony #1.1.1
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I think the lack of a campaign is a minor issue compared to some of the other omissions. The developers talk about having a focus on detail "quality over quantity" but forego the details that made the previous game so iconic

I feel this is another case of style over function #1.1.1
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I think the idea comes from what Destiny did for the PS4. For Sony Destiny was a huge success as it sold a lot of PS4s compared to its competitor. It pushed the PS4 in a critical time

This is like what the 360 had in the last generation as big, blockbuster third party titles were a huge deal for the system. Having exclusive promotion rights made the deal even bigger. #1
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I can see why "fight on the ground then hop into an X Wing, fight against TIE Fighters then land inside a Star Destroyer to try and blow it up" wouldn't work (and not be included unless you have a massive player count and specific objectives to certain users) but to not put in space battles to start with is idiotic. I wouldn't mind if they separated the ground and space battles (little bit of ground with the infiltrating of the ships). At least it is there #4.1.1
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The more I read about this game the less appealing it is. It just seems like a massive step backwards from a game that released 10 years ago. #4
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I think it makes perfect sense. It is around the same time as the film (a month of hype building pre launch of the film) and November is a usual time for games to releases. Rarely do games release so close to Christmas (as the 18th) especially big games #3
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I think this is more of a question of how people treat others on the web. I don't think the image of females, in gaming, are helped by the use of "show girls" at events nor helped by "scantily clad females" on Twitch but the underlying problem is how people use the web. It doesn't really matter what sex you are, where you come from, what your beliefs are if there is something to exploit (with people seeing this as okay). i.e. it is a wider internet issue that doesn... #2
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I am in the same boat as you. We have seen nothing to get excited about and it is far too easy to battlefieldify Battlefront (the games are not wholly different). I loved Battlefront but Battlefront 3 needs to be a Battlefront game. The only way they can convince me it is Battlefront is by showing gameplay (non of this CGI rubbish which I have never understood when advertising games) #3.1
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I don't think they really will have choice in that matter. We don't really know how EA got publishing rights. I can only assume it has something to do with the film's release. It is the same situation with Battlefield 4 except EA were the ones setting the deadline. If Battlefront is not finished I expect it to release anyway (especially since that is the trend now) #1.1.1
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Well, in the UK, Nigel Farage and his party is doing exactly that. He is bringing personality to politics. I don't agree with his rhetoric as I feel he is manipulating voters but to say he isn't influential would be a lie. Same applies here. Thanks to her, feminism in gaming is being talked about. Now I do not agree with what she is saying but she is influential is some degree. Like I said I think she isn't helping feminism and, to explain further, I think she is damaging feminism... #3.1.1
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I need to see more. I am slightly concerned about this game. We haven't seen a lot but I feel it is far too easy to Battlefieldify Battlefront. #5
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