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Most likely a redesign. The Xbox One's price has been cut by quite a lot over the last two years (more so at peak times). I wonder how far Microsoft will go without making the console cheaper to manufacturer. In the long term a cheaper consoles that can go down in price further without impacting massively on profits is the better way to go than just cutting the price #2
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"Xbox needs to make a move like this badly, the majority of their studios are either in the UK or the US. Diversity in their studio lineup is needed and could bring them a wider audience abroad where they are badly losing the console market to Sony. Phil Spencer the new head of Xbox has been very adamant on having more first party studios so this is a possibility"

Hiring Kojima isn't exactly the first solution that comes to mind. Considering the guy could easily... #2
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They probably should have delayed it. They are not alone on this but the fix it later approach is getting ridiculous (I am looking at you DICE) #11
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Though I haven't tried it but I hear Bluestacks is a good work around (plenty other apps that do a similar thing). #14.1
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Not much really. It is just a bit more but rarely (unless buying old games/accessories) is the price sub 20.

I would say prime has saved my bacon on numerous occasions. Last minute buys have become much more frequent #2
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It isn't a word.

You missed off a few letters to make this "word" so that a phrase can be made

It still doesn't make sense #10.1.2
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This is so bad that this isn't even a stretch. Firstly you haven't used all the letters (sort of a necessity for anagrams) and secondly Jocha isn't even phonetically similar. #10
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I am with you on this. It wasn't supported last time and the new COD doesn't even support last generation system (of which got supported in the last installment). #1.1.2
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The feature has definitely made sure these systems feel more future proof but it is no game changer. #13
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They look cheap and nasty #13
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It is alright but no way should anyone pay full price for the New Order. It is very old school and does feel dated in its design. It reminded me of an old PS2 game.

It is a good second tier title (which is strange to see since they have died out in favour of cheaper indie titles) but they asked for way to much at launch #2.1.2
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It is interesting about the cut and really highlight how lazy Valve have become. It is the same with their Steam machines. The are going to try and make money of a product someone else makes. With this they are basically trying to make DLC a big thing on PCs. Instead of creating their own compelling content they are just going to put independent products there were free behind a pay wall.

I really don't see the good in a service like this. Sure modders will get paid but... #3
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Gabe (and Valve) have the gift of the gab. I don't see how this will benefit modding in the future. Paywalls have done nothing but stunt growth and limit creativity. #2.2
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I think the point is though it was free and now it isn't. Donate pages have been around way before this and it isn't like the modders are getting 100% of the money (since it is distriputed) through the scheme (even more so when Mods of Mods are monitised). To me it seems it is monetising something that never really needed it in the first place. Modding fostered without it. I doubt paying for Mods is going to help foster talent (probably do the opposite) #2.2
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This won't end well. It is nice to support modders but including money into modding will ruin the entire experience. There will be less modders as reputation will be needed (you are not going to throw down money on a new modder over someone who has consistently delievered) to succeed. Also adding money means it is open to exploitation (other valve services have proven that point) #5
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Probably but now they have made more work for themselves as they need to convince people that this isn't a Star Wars skin of Battlefield 4. First impressions are important. #2.1.1
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I still do not know why they didn't show gameplay. I mean they showed it to the press (in a closed door affair) why not just show off that to the masses. If they are really confident in this product and how it will not play like Battlefield, they need to show it. Something is clearly showable since they have shown it to people.

Apart from the words (which seem far to defensive for a reveal) DICE haven't shown they are confident in their product. One way to silence cri... #2
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I feel it is more of an amalgamation of an idea. Treyarch couldn't exactly just release AW 2. They needed their own angle that isn't a complete departure from COD AW. Human augmentation is a good alternative. Now one could argue the theme has been stolen (moral issue of human augmentation and the eventual ethic issues with it) but what else can you do. Human augmentation would automatically bring up these questions anyway.

Edit: One thing I can say is Eidos Montré... #5
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The idea of focusing on ground combat is the insane part for this Star Wars game. Star Wars has a rich vehicle history and it seems DICE have limited that down to just the tie fighter and the X wing (bombers have to be "called in" and the ATAT is on rails). The way Battlefront 2 did space combat was to emulate the ground war but just in a vehicle only focus. It worked well. They only needed to expand on this idea.

The way to make -Foxtrot idea work is to set object... #2.1.1
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See I disagree. Let's take the Battlefront example, that isn't how the game is going to look or play like. It is far to fluid and natural. It isn't telling us anything about the final product. It is a PR move that is part of an outdated practice. Gone are the times were magazines pushed this type of content as a way of building hype. Before launch gameplay would have to be shown as it is easy to get that information now. The pre rendered/cgi/in game assets trailer is an outdated... #1.1
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