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I disagree and I am a person who isn't really into multiplayer. Multiplayer has been a godsend for the single player genre as it had to step up its game to entice consumers over. Storytelling has gotten more important and the quality from some developers has shot up since multilayer went big on consoles. You go back to some of those old games that had no multiplayer and you look at those campaigns. They are longer but they follow a similar formula COD and other FPS still follow today. It... #2
No because it is still an awful game. An awful game can be made worse by charging for it. Price isn't the top priority which means an awful game is amazing because it is free. Price is about value for money and should be apart of a score (look at Ground Zeros and that extortionate price tag). Pricing off a product is apart of the quality and value for money you get from the product #1.3.1
Oh but it should. At the end of the day value for money I vital in products. Look at Ground Zeros. It may be a solid game but how can you say it had value for money with its short length and high price tag. That is a perfect example of why price is important when reviewing a product. It has to justify the price. #1.2.1

There is a huge problem with that idea. It would create a website that is heavily bias to one side with no hope of returning to any form of balance. It would be very incestrial that would not allow a conflicting opinion to migrate here. We see the problem already with the Lame report function. People report lame when they disagree. Imagine the ramifications of allowing sheer votes to decide which websites are banned. Positive articles about the less popular device... #1.2.3
Though directly funding a game and the reporting on it brings a credibility issue (even if they make it clear that they have funded the game). It is important to just avoid that situation all together. I get it they may be big fans but at the end of the day their job depends on their continued credibility. Openness is a must but avoiding a situation in the first place should take priority. #2.1.1
This is something they should have done from the beginning. I can't believe it takes the backlash of the community to make them see this. It is like amature hour. Even as reporters you must keep impartial. Any evidence of conflicts of interest should never happen in the first place (i.e. you, as writers, should never put yourself in positions where this could be raise). You shouldn't be supporting patreons or kickstarters if it is your job to report on such things.

Yo... #2
This is more like it #1
Except from the sounds of it they have a little issue. Apparently (according to various previous) the tools are quite limiting. There is logic to this as Nintendo don't want people making better levels than those in other 2D or any mario games. But they need to increase the tools and what they can do to make this successful. LBP3 on one platform, project spark on another. Both promoting high levels of customisation. If Nintendo want to be serious (and it could be a good cash cow) they nee... #3.1.1
Maybe a big fat X on the box that lights up or some other more noticeable lights? #1.1.4
It is a perfect acquisition by Amazon. Linking product to what people are streaming is a good way to promote business. They could even expand beyond gaming with twitch. I know, primarily it is a streaming platform but it is a video service of sorts. #3
Microsoft, Crystal Dynamics nor Square Enix actually lied about what was going on. They were all being deceitful by twisting words around without giving a clear and proper explanation.

Though I agree with the reasoning. Despite all of them being deceitful on the matter one out of the three has stood out the most (for the wrong reasons) and that is Crystal Dynamics. As the article depicts they have yet to give a clear and honest answer about the whole thing (essentially insult... #1.1
Just saying it is working on my end (UK). So isolated?

Edit: Or maybe not. Store works but War Thunder doesn't #1
But what you describe is a story. The getting from A to B was merely a plot device and a setting. What you have said makes no sense. The story is the whole package. The relationship between the two main characters and how they interact in that harsh world.

Take A Thousand Splendid Suns. The story isn't just about women in Afghanistan (that is a context). It is much more than that which is why it is a good story #4.1.1

But they do not have Pokemon. That is a major crux of the issue. Sony will always struggle to be that total dominating force on handhelds because they don't have Pokemon. Pokemon will sell handhelds. There best bet is to give those people a reason not to buy a handheld in the first place and try to erode the market further. Remote play and PS Now could be that reason (of they sort the pricing out on the later). I mean I think a Sony executive would be more p... #3.1.2
Not going to happen. They will just put remote play on their current, popular smartphones. There other playstation focus will be PS Now. A playstation phone has been done before and it flopped. #1.5

Oh god Movember. That month when everyone either looks like an old detective/army officer or a pedophile (depending on if they can grow a mustache or not). That is another cause that has gone into obscurity because the reason has been overtaken by people just doing it. #5.2.2
I think this is open to interpretation

"Dad was such a drag. Every day he'd eat the same kind of food, dress the same, sit in front of the same kind of games... Yeah, he was just that kind of guy. But then one day, he goes and kills us all! He couldn't even be original about the way he did it. I'm not complaining... I was dying of boredom anyway, But guess what? I will be coming back, and I'm bringing my new toys with me."

It could m... #2
Of course not because that isn't the focus at all. It is all about doing what is popular and showing your friends "I can do it too". This annoys me. Same thing happened with make up free selfies. I am sure a large amount of people didn't even know why they were doing it #6.2
I agree and what is worse no one is these video are really explaining why they are doing it. I am not sure they know much outside of the social challenge and doing something that is popular. I really don't get it. Rise money for it is good but at least acknowledge the cause in a meaningful way. #5.2
You no what is bad is 4chan has done the right thing and the supports of The One We Shall Not Name/the big sites haven't. 4chan lives and breaths on trolling or doing dark stuff. But they are doing the right thing here. Those supporters and other sites should be ashamed they are being outclassed by 4chan #1.1.1
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