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It will/should have a better preformance since the developers can concentrate on that specific hardware and optimise the game for it (so let's no kid ourself about that). Depends on the developers really but that is usually the rule.

But switching a long and established series is sad. This is usually what happens to franchises that are dying #1.3.1
Aren't worth it? I have never said that. Anyone who said that is an idiot. Then again I doubt any has actually said that #2.2.3
To be honest the only necessary feature is the folder management. The rest would be good soon but that games bar is getting crowded and it is only going to get worse by the end of the year #3.1
It's isn't really better for gaming but better for One owners. They should get a better preforming game out of it. This is still not necessarily good for gamers or gaming in general (since it is an old franchise going, timed, exclusive to a less popular console) #2
Is still think Sony should take it one step further and put remote play on phones. The Vita is and sadly will always be an unpopular device. Like what you said I see people saying the fix is easier and Sony needs to just show it support. In the real world this just will not happen. Look at Tearaway sales. It sold a lot less than half a million units (I have seen some low figures). Look at the borderlands bundle. It sold units but I would say the numbers were healthy or showing long term prosp... #1.1.1
"Somehow selling 10 million consoles over 9 months means nothing if they have to wait a few months to get a Tomb Raider game"

Isn't that part of the problem though. It has had a highly successful launch (one of the most successful launches in recent memory) and SE has turned their back on it. This isn't the major annoyance people have been vocing (that was more the treatment of the announcement than anything else) but the move does not make sense (especially... #6.1

Because story design is important for a game and how it takes precedent in the game is important. I use to get stick for putting the story criticism in the gameplay section of my user reviews here but those two things come hand in hand. GTA sort of falls into this category but some games are developed gameplay first then story afterwards (of course the story suffers). This isn't a good way of doing things especially considering the series (since going 3D has wa... #1.1.2
If Microsoft aren't careful the short term deals will bite them in the arse later on in a cycle. From no garentee the franchises will stay with the Xbox brand to having to use existing franchises in more annual ways could end up more going to other consoles.

This is the perfect time for Microsoft to experiment with games and see what sticks (the beginning of a new cycle). They seem to be in panic mode buying up exclusive third party rights to give a boost in sales. But th... #5.1
"It's not the studios that is the problem...it's that gamers don't like the games that the first party are making..."

But that is a studio problem for not making compelling software. I don't know where you got the idea that Microsoft software hasn't sold but if true that is a development problem not a gamer issue.

I think the issue is (which is something you do sort of mention) is why is Microsoft in short third party investments... #1.2.1
The coverage wasn't exactly positive though. No one was mentioning how good the game looked nor did they mention anything good about it

The reaction was of confusion (due to what Microsoft said at their conference) and pure anger for a response that didn't answer anything and was fairly insulting to those who made the reboot a success.

Tomb Raider stole the light for all the wrong reasons. The entire situation back fired spectacularly. The old saying... #2.4
I have it on the Vita and I don't think it is. I actually encourage it. Hardly anyone bought the darn game the first time around and people really need to experience this game. It is phenomenal.

No point having an great exclusive go to waste. It barely sold half a million on the vita (I have seen 14k making the rounds) #5.4
I was pleasantly surprised by QB. I will wait till it comes out to see about getting it or not but so far I think it is going to be a good game #2.5.1
We are going to have to wait till next year really. The problem is the launched titles sold well (for obviously being launch titles) so we will have to wait till titles start faltering and more DLC is released (plus sequels to new ips will push the originals to these services). #1.1
I look at GTA V as if it is a soap opera (especially Trevor and Micheal relationship) while The Last of Us is a hbo/highly regarded BBC drama/mini series. Each to their own but the gulf of quality is clear

The DLC was really good for IV. The ballad for gay Tony was GTA through and through and it was the better GTA story arc. I think they can improve GTA V's story with DLC but they need to really look at what they did with the bogt and look what other development teams h... #1.3.1
Why? Look at the Assassin's creed series. The first was pretty bad but AC2 was a lot better and AC:B was, in my opinion was even better. They only need to take the opinion on board and improve

With that said, this article is a joke. 15 pages? Come on. You could easily put 2 or 3 a page. Make it less click heavy #1.1
This has to be a joke. Kinect Sports Rivals bombed and for a good reason. The general design of the game didnt work. #2.2
Cough Cough

OT: interesting to see but it could be quite difficult (being what superman can do) #2
I never enjoyed SA because of its rug elements. Requiring to eat and exercise was a stupid idea. Though the gang warfare and big map were enjoyable to play in #17.3
Grrrr auto correct

*filled #1.1
There are so many major flaws in GTA that made me question should it even be nominated for game of the year, let alone being argued that it is better than The Last of Us.

The story is fairly awful nor does it really make any sense. Take that (what I would call true) ending for example. It came out of nowhere excuse there was no build up to it. The rest of the story was fled with forgettable characters with Franklin being the most pointless and aimless character in the game.... #1
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