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Not to sound unfair but tough as that is the risk with Kickstarter. It isn't some contractual agreement. It is an investment on an idea. Investing in, of things, a racing sim for a console that struggles to sell any content outside of the Nintendo branded stuff, let alone itself, is risky as hell. People need to be less cavalier with their money. #1.1
To be frank a Vita price cut is unlikely to change its situation. Their best bet is to get as much profit as possible from the few sales they already get. They could possibly cut the memory card price to get current users to buy more of them (personally I feel that is the best for the Vita situation) but I don't think a drastic price cut is going to be best for Sony

Edit: The only Vita "price cut" I can see happening is it being included into a PS4 bundle #1.1
In the same way the DS line was never officially announced as a successor to the Gameboy line as it was seen as a "third pillar" for Nintendo. Same goes for this new system. Essentially it will be a new console (either home/handheld/both) but it will take over one if not both current Nintendo product lines #1.1.1
Their hopes for a new console at E3 might be a little optimistic since Nintendo said they will talk about the NX in 2016 #1
Far Cry 2 was pretty bad when you think about it. Weapons rusted way to quickly which made shooting not fun, the malaria mechanic was just a pain and, again, made the game not fun, is was glitchy as hell (I had to uninstall a patch to glitch through a door to complete the game as it wouldn't let me in the room to get the next mission), the campaign wasn't that good (though this hasn't really improved in many games).

It did a lot of good (the fire mechanic was amaz... #11
Like others, that had a similar goal, before it. This is going to flop. #18
To be honest I can see Sony introducing different skus before a price drop. It still sells very well. I can see them putting in a larger hard drive and then drop that price later #9
You know what it is okay to borrow elements from other games if it makes their game better. Complaining about a rope launcher being similar to the one seen in Arkham City or the swappable characters being seen in other games before isn't really an issue at all. These types of things are a positive thing to see as it shows Ubisoft are trying to expand and improve on the series. That is as long as it works

This doesn't mean I am excited for the next AC. I am not excited... #2
I doubt it is because they will sell it as DLC. I just don't see it. The thing they will sell as DLC is more worlds (i.e. maps).

The reasons why there is no space battles is because they are creating their battlefront game exactly the same way they have created battlefield in the past. They creating what they know (which I think has something to do with getting it out quickly). The excuse they give is a load of rubbish since they have created games, in the past, where th... #1.1
Well we will see it as soon as next year. They have already said more details will be shown in 2016

edit @below: But it will matter because we will know what Nintendo thinks the future is. #5.1
Well the settings try to be historical accurate. Ubisoft pride themselves on it. Not many would notice these minor inconsistencies but the logo inaccuracy seems a bit lazy. It is almost a 100 years out #5.1
I think the features are less about Ubisoft wanting to replace AC with Watch Dogs and more to do with how Ubisoft makes games. They have taken the production line model. Far Cry 4 and The Crew took the "Tower climbing" gameplay feature. They see a feature that works and try to put it in as many games as possible.

I do think Ubisoft wanted Watch Dogs to be the next AC as it is a matter of time until the user base really tires from AC. Though I feel the reaction to Wa... #2
I still wouldn't say it "runs fine". It is fairly bug free but it still has frame rate issues #6.3.2
Lets hope they learn from the first game. It has issues but it also had a lot of promise #1
Oh gawd yes. Even though it is a Nintendo exclusive (which usual do all right compared to other software on the Wii U), it is a shooter that is aiming for the more family crowd depsite being priced at a relatively high price and with very little mass coverage. It is coming out this month #2
Well for Oculus to compete it needs to have:

¤Similar or better specs

¤Same or cheaper price tag

¤Be on more devices than just PCs

It needs to have all of that. Even though I feel VR will take off more with the PC crowd than the console crowd; it still needs to be cross platform it give the perception of great value. Being limited to one platform doesn't give that perception #4
Most likely a redesign. The Xbox One's price has been cut by quite a lot over the last two years (more so at peak times). I wonder how far Microsoft will go without making the console cheaper to manufacturer. In the long term a cheaper consoles that can go down in price further without impacting massively on profits is the better way to go than just cutting the price #2
"Xbox needs to make a move like this badly, the majority of their studios are either in the UK or the US. Diversity in their studio lineup is needed and could bring them a wider audience abroad where they are badly losing the console market to Sony. Phil Spencer the new head of Xbox has been very adamant on having more first party studios so this is a possibility"

Hiring Kojima isn't exactly the first solution that comes to mind. Considering the guy could easily... #2
They probably should have delayed it. They are not alone on this but the fix it later approach is getting ridiculous (I am looking at you DICE) #11
Though I haven't tried it but I hear Bluestacks is a good work around (plenty other apps that do a similar thing). #14.1
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