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Well it will be publisher driven. It was fairly obvious by the announced games how the service will run. Mass effect 1, Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2..... very old games. The remasters that do very well are collections or fairly recentish games that bridge the gap between old and new systems (for example remember this game you bought two years ago well here it is but prettier). There is room for both and there will be since remasters sell and make a ton of money

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PS Now isn't for backward compatibility. Sony has expressed this quite often. PS Now is to push gaming without the need for a console. It is the Netflix style model. It is to entice the consumer who doesn't really want to spend £300+ on a system to just play games. It is for consumers to drop in and out when ever they feel like it. It is the evolution of consumer gaming. BC doesn't have the same appeal since a further £300+ in advance is needed for it to work. BC is for...

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If they are I hope it isn't focused on Franklin as he was the worse out of the three if not a poorly thought out character in general. To be honest if they are going to do story dlc they should do something similar to TBGT. That was by far the best storyline that has come out of the modern GTAs. I would like to see new characters

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I personally do not like this trend. E3 is becoming that event where logos/CGI trailers are just thrown up for the sake of filling time. I would prefer everyone to show when they are ready. Look at The Division. It was a long time ago when that was first shown. My interest has gone

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No but they need to present/reveal games on a big stage. They get the most coverage. If they don't the VR stuff will not get the same coverage.

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That isn't the point nor the angle for this type of service. The point is too sell this service as an alternative to buying a console (buy a month when ever you want/when something worth playing comes along or rent a game every so often)

The big challenge is how they will sell it. Bundling controllers with future TV sets will work but they also need to make a big TV advert push. Sell it as a console alternative but the entry price is the controller not a fully fledged sys...

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I really doubt it. To be honest, the way I see them re announcing this game isn't on a big stage like they did last time. I can see it being done through their blog in a slower part of the year. Where they can put up dev diaries and what not to convince others it is actually coming.

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It might have something to do with the fact it hardly sold on consoles. It is fairly enough. Might make the game better anyway being focused on a platform

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Why? The fact they can be easily upgraded means less is more useful and more powerful for them. AS long as Microsoft don't offer crazy storage options Sony should not really bother. For them it is a waste of money for not much gain (similarly for Microsoft who offer external hard drive support)

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I would go as far and say appropriate "games" are, sort of, already in the classroom. Granted, being a primary school teacher, my scope is limited to what I know but games are in most, if not all, lessons.

The problem schools have is justifying spending money on something that can be done far better and more useful in a practical sense. I use more appropriate games in my lessons to support learning a topic. But these video games never, and should never, take centre...

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If Sony is adamant about making another The Last of Us, I would rather they have separate self contained stories with each instalment.

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VR will not get the casual on board. They are more likely going to get on board with things like PS Now. Something that doesn't require extra hardware; can be cancelled at any time; and, hopefully, will be fairly inexpensive in the short run.

It is those type of things that will get the "casual consumer" not some exciting bit of hardware.

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I don't think they will either. With how they are positioning Now/content streaming in general on mobile devices I just don't see them having another go with this type of devices. Everything they are doing is pointing away from this

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Those games cost a great deal of time and money and for what? Lets be honest. Vita software sales are and have never been great.

"It could have so many games not possible on 3ds"

Which is actually the main issue why this thing flopped. It is too expensive with a lot of risk to make those games.

We talk about mobile gaming taking over this side of the business but that is only part of the problem. Increasing costs of development is t...

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It is a good move. Sony should have killed it years ago. With how people access mobile games, streaming big games moving to phones and streaming content to practically anything an expensive dedicated hardware makes no sense for consumers nor developers. I loved games like Gravity Rush and LBP Vita (latter being the best LBP to date) but as a product I can't see the appeal of it. I played the indie games from time to time but most of these games are going cross buy because the PS4 has done...

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Of course. The forza brand is a yearly franchise

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Not to sound unfair but tough as that is the risk with Kickstarter. It isn't some contractual agreement. It is an investment on an idea. Investing in, of things, a racing sim for a console that struggles to sell any content outside of the Nintendo branded stuff, let alone itself, is risky as hell. People need to be less cavalier with their money.

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To be frank a Vita price cut is unlikely to change its situation. Their best bet is to get as much profit as possible from the few sales they already get. They could possibly cut the memory card price to get current users to buy more of them (personally I feel that is the best for the Vita situation) but I don't think a drastic price cut is going to be best for Sony

Edit: The only Vita "price cut" I can see happening is it being included into a PS4 bundle

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In the same way the DS line was never officially announced as a successor to the Gameboy line as it was seen as a "third pillar" for Nintendo. Same goes for this new system. Essentially it will be a new console (either home/handheld/both) but it will take over one if not both current Nintendo product lines

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Their hopes for a new console at E3 might be a little optimistic since Nintendo said they will talk about the NX in 2016

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