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Actually I think it is because people would not have be happy to pay for it and Microsoft released that after the lukewarm reception it got at E3. It wasn't hated nor was it loved. It was overshadowed by other announcments. The free to play announcment has nothing to do with DX12 and more to do with getting the game out there because the press won't help (something I strongly believe should have happened to LittleBigPlannet) #11.1
Exactly. It still has to make money somewhere. You don't know until it is released to see how they are going to approach it. It will be crap if they front load it with the monetary aspect but also it won't work if they don't push it hard enough. It will be interesting to see if they can get that balance. #1.2
Nope and honestly I hope not. Sony is clearly changing focus and I don't think a dedicated handheld is in line with what they are try to do. It seems they are more interested in getting more portable devices playing playstation content than just one close portable system. Unless they can be a serious contender for Nintendo what is the point of releasing a product in a crowded shrinking market. #25
The size of it shows good design. Everything fits in the small angled box #9
"The Last of Us was an unfinished game meant to draw players in for money."

May I ask how?

edit: "Other Naughty Dog games where created for the love of the player while the opened ended The Last of Us refused closure for players to string them along to another release."

Did the main theme of the game go right over your head? I didn't think it was that complicated #3
Erm pulling advertisement isn't a new concept. It's the entertainment industry. If a website says your product is crap are you going to pay for advertisement on their website? No it isn't going to help it sell. That is a waste of money. Where the bias could come in is where the publications put pressure on reviewers because of dodgy relationships between publications and publishers which has only happened publicly once and I doubt it will ever happen again

Edit:@b... #13.1
The controversy was already there before his comment. Sure he should not contemplate not giving out review copies (except for those sites who went sub 4: I mean really it isn't broken and that is a poor and unjust score) but why should they buy advertisement when websites are saying it's below average. It's like hey buy this even when we say it is crap. Doesn't work in there favour. Though this is just a man upset who clearly doesn't understand you don't say these thin... #8
Hard to say since it is difficult to know how much they are spending to push it nor how much they are willing to give up to make it sell (for example is it worth it). If they could give it away from free (or a token price) but up the price of Live and make the money back that way (also via games) could help. But again, for them is it worth it and it could be next to impossible to implement. #1.2
For Microsoft. Locking off content and competition. A reason why consoles are successful is because it is a closed system. A PC/console hybrid brings issues with trying to be a PC. Either Microsoft looses control over allowing users to use third party services like steam and third party produced games (no fee going to Microsoft) or being compared to a PC unfavourably by being close to a PC but heavily restricted (Steam machines have this issue but for other, arguably lesser, reasons).
... #2.1
See I disagree because if the story ambles along for 15 hours but then starts to do something meaningful in the last 5 hours I would be bored before I even got there. Outside of unlocking new abilities I have got to have a reason to keep going. It should be as long as the story needs it to be. #1.2

Well with these announcements we hear about it is coming soon (usually some pretty CGI, rarely in game footage, that tells you nothing) then we hear nothing for months if not nearly a year (see Tomb Raider, Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, Phantom Dust, Uncharted 4, Rainbow 6: Siege, The Order 1886 the list goes on). They then reshow them later and build up the hype from there (which could be months). I would rather they show, build the hype, the release all within a year... #6.1.4
I see your point but there are plenty of games out there that do this and more. Do you want another one to add the the pile. The Order 1886 has never been sold as that type of game. It sounds like The Order 1886 just isn't your type of game. Lets not try to make it sequel into something it wasn't to start with #1.1.1
I will be championing the need to make the thing episodic. For a cinematic game it make far more sense to release smaller portions over a short period of time. It will encourage good pacing since each segment will need to mean something and it is easier to sell a grander story since you keep dropping clues here and there but the audience will not expect that story arc to be resolved until a later season.

I generally like the approach they did with The Order 1886. The gameplay... #2
"MS has a habit of revealing games close their actual release dates. "

What are you talking about. They follow the same rule of thumb as everyone else. Show stuff off that won't be out until at least the next E3 has occurred maybe even longer.

edit: I wish what you said was true but it really isn't. It was the one thing that pissed me off about E3 last year

edit@ below so What about Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5, Quantum Break,... #6.1
I enjoy it too but I found the special weapons annoying and more often than not a hindrance (especially in the close quarter sections). I liked the standard assault rifle as the enemies can be pretty lethal so pumping them will bullets just seemed more sensible. I didn't think it needed special weapons. #3.2
That isn't how life expectancy works. The reason for low life expectancy would be because poor diet/hygiene.....means they die from other things associated with this poor standard of living. Not because they are about to die despite looking middle aged. If they were about to die they would look ill. Not healthy #1.1.1
Nah she was adopted. Also it wouldn't fit if she turned out to be a Lycan. She would be more aware of things going on and be less upset at the events that unfolded #2.1.2
Would love to see one but I would also love to see the same system in a new setting. I can't remember where I heard it but Shadow of Mordor started as a Batman game but moved away from that to use a different ip for their vision. A crime fighting or just a crime game would be awesome with an upgraded nemesis system #2
Videogames are growing in audience and genre. Like films there is always place to try something new. You can still have your Birdman or Flith while still having your Avengers or Transformers. Not every game is for everyone an nor did that line become any thinnner #3.3
Gaming Journalism isn't a joke because they use bad reviews to lure in readers. I really disagree with this especially with the more mainstream publications as they use tag lines/crap headers for that (a click is a click). Its the reluctance to go against things that do not follow the norm yet complain about how games rehash the same ideas over and over again which makes gaming journalism a joke. They are creating the problem they complain about.

With the Order example it... #4.1
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