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I think the arguments boils down to which phone people get next not here is a device spend $600 on it (which is how the Vita was sold but obviously at a lesser price point). This feature might persuade users away from Nexus or Samsung devices as the phone appears to be fairly beasty spec wise (especially battery performance) and it connects with a popular device in a good way.

It is about persuading people who want to get a new phone to get the Z3. It isn't being pushed... #4.1
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I had that issue with the Xperia Z. Bought it and within a couple of months the Z1 came out which was infinitely better. Definitely waiting out my contract for this phone. Hell by then I might be on the Z5 :P #2.1.1
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That is what I don't understand. The quote was pretty extensive and clear. I am not sure what double meaning is there. A guy said something he shouldn't have. People reacted. Ubisoft is now back peddling on the claim and putting the blame on the Interviewer by claiming he has been misinterpreted #3.2
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They have already said (I swear on multiple occasions) it will not be there. I know the last guardian is a sce Japan studio game but I suspect they would announce that at an event like the VGAs or E3. Not TGS. TGS is really for games that mainly appeal to the Japanese audience with limited appeal elsewhere. The last guardian has a lot of press to it to waste announcing at TGS #1.1
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I think the issue is that is a big iff that goes against past examples of when a studio is bought. Honestly I see the move as a little bit odd but I can see Microsoft just buying the studio so that they can reap the rewards of having digital lego (hence the $2billion price tag) I don't see them making Minecraft exclusive but that does go against past examples/normal practice #3.1
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I wouldn't say they have gone against the grain. Siding with the most popular device is a normal move to make. We saw it with the 360 last generation (the US market share for the 360 was huge). #2.2
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I have no idea why he is even talking about this. Any response would come off too PR like but this one is something special. It doesn't even make any sense. It was a twitter question which are easy to ignore. Talking about it brings more grief. Aaron has not though it through #1.1.1
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You would think, giving the reason Microsoft gave for the delay, that they would have at least got that sorted before launch. #9.1
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I found this game does not suit controllers at all. I am not PC gamer but this game should be played on mouse and keyboard more than a controller #3.1
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I would say 59,000 results is pretty small for a "wide spread issue". If it was wide spread that number would be a lot larger #2.1.1
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And a power button too. They are in the two gaps in the picture

edit: better angle http://i4.minus.com/j4GtXM3... #1.1.1
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"Well, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which just released last year have been gaining massive popularity and tons of traction off of store shelves but having only been out one year they have not been able to build such a diverse library of games. Though I’d say both are great pieces of gaming hardware, the higher price point and less diverse library doesn’t warrant a purchase at this moment unless you’re a big Halo fan in which case I’d say, “get the One.”

I do not get y... #2
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A PS4 Xperia is in a way a console just a completely new direction. The idea of a consoless next generation is remove the hardware end of gaming. So really it is about streaming content. So any device (from TV to the PCs and tablets will play the content).

This causes major problems which is why I don't see this taking off except serving a market of people who don't buy consoles often. Aside for a technical inferiority the problem with these services is there is no ne... #1.2
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A lot of sales? Probably not. The Wii U version probably will not sell as much as it could if it released around the same time but third party sales on the Wii U tend not to be that great anyway. Lets be realistic. They will loose some sales but definitely not a lot of sales #1.1
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I think you should be worried. At the end of the day FIFA will still be that go to game for football. As brand manager that should be a concern. #6
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It is a good line. Worth checking out (I have an Xperia Z phone and tablet) #15.1
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To push the Xperia brand into a formidable position. The Xperia Z is a good line of phones but Sony wants to make it the go to brand (something Samsung has had for years). Putting remote play on it pushes their phone. #12.1
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See I disagree. Modern Feminism still has an important place in society. The issue really stems with the extremists. Those extreme feminism are ruining the feminist image with petty causes or manipulating the picture to fit an agenda. But that doesn't mean all modern feminism is like that. It is those who have really have no idea what is going on and, in tern, are damaging their own cause. Similar to all types of extremists #4.1.1
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But you are taking about a limited amount of commands. It is no cortana which has to be open end since there will be many different amount of commands to do/ask certain things. Though this really isn't the issue. The reason for the delay was a localisation issue (as stated by Microsoft). You would expect them to have implemented it after saying such a thing. Just seems like an odd move #1.1.1
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I thought the reasons for the delay was due to localisation issues. Did they just abandon that idea? #1
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