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Is saying "I am virtually raping you as I type this" harassment? Is is not just pointing out the lunacy in the statement about how she doesn't feel safe online. I am not saying she didn't get harassed (on the Internet you can get harassed for all random type of things) but I am getting a different vibe from that tweet. What she said didn't make sense (though I need to see the whole video and not that snippet). In GTA I can wak someone to death. Does she not feel safe be... #3
Somehow I am not surprised by these statistics at all (something I have long suspected for the Nintendo brand). Nintendo always targets a family friendly audience but they are not the buyers. It is the people who grew up playing Nintendo games especially from childhood (hence their fanbase). I think this perfectly reflects the gender discrepancies as well and I suspect the Nintendo demographic is going to get older and older as time goes on. #1
Couldn't they just get another team to port it over. Considering how the current gen systems are designed and how the modding community is strong with GTA couldn't they just pay someone else to do it? GTA V earned them a lot of money #3
Cross platform play would be impossible with the current online set up. This is a big step forward but we will never see the day when Xbox users play against PlayStation users. It would mean Microsoft and Sony giving up control of the online portion #1.1
Which is why this is unlikely almost impossible. Confidence would be lost in Microsoft as a platform holder (both from consumers and developers). It would end the Xbox brand (this isn't just me over reacting as history has shown this in smaller forms) #3.1
I totally agree with you. Sony is moving away from handhelds because the market is shrinking. PS Now is becoming Sony's other focus because they know they can't solely rely on one product as it could be risky long termly (I. E they are looking for the next evolution of gaming). #4.1.1

Sony is trying to turn a luxury service/product into something that doesn't require a lot of financial input. Granted PS Now is costly at the moment (thanks to publisher input but this was needed to get them on board in the first place) but this will improve with time. The service is designed for the casual market (the market that isn't interested in spending a lot on a vita)

Think about it from a consumers point of view. You could spend... #2.1.6
It would be an odd move by Apple. Apart from improving brand image (which I don't think will do much) what does Twitch do for Apple? Possibly music sales but the main focus is something Apple is in (gaming).

Amazon's purchase make a lot sense. They are the one big company to gain the most from the purchase #1
Well Sony phones allows a DualShock 3 to be paired. It isn't such a big stretch to see it appear on other phones (especially other android devices since third party applications can be downloaded). Though ios is the big issue. I can see apple being a bit temperamental about it #3.1

Iphone is a more of a necessity than the Vita (especially in the eyes of the consumer). Not really relatable #2.1.3
That would be a very expensive controller. Remember PS Now is coming to mobiles and Tvs. It needs a controller for the former. PS Now isn't for the Vita. It is for those who don't really want to spend a lot of money on a system #2.1
Not really. The DS4 (or 3) is sufficient. They need to release a cheap cradle. It makes sense for Sony as they ready have a controller on the market. They could just release PS Now bundles or put a cradle in every DS4 box (especially as I feel they should get route play working for their smart phones) #1
18 million by the end of 2014? You must be kidding right? That isn't feasible. 15 million at a push but more like 13 to 14 million #1.1.3
Totally irrelevant. Hardcore budgie fans will buy the game regardless which platform. If your talking about Microsoft fans who love budgie sure but those numbers are relatively small (looking at figures like console sale trends to which platform has the most destiny pre orders). Destiny has become this big third party game that as gone past the hard core budgie fan base. It is not going to be close. This is the PS4's biggest mover this holiday (that is saying something for a console that... #3.1.1
That isn't a good Japanese orientated line up. First they were not doing a conference and now this. If you going to go for the market they need to try. This is not trying and if Microsoft is serious about targeting an Asian audience they need to step their game up #15
That was confirmation of them not doing a conference #2.1.1
"Maybe this will be the game that puts Xbox One on top in the United States where many analysts believed it would be, or maybe Destiny will just help Sony’s star rise even more."

I am not sure what analyst said that but the general consensus is that it will move alot of PS4s because of where Sony has positioned the game. A similar tactic was done by Microsoft on the 360 with COD. Like with the 360 in the US the PS4 is expected to benefit the most (sales push wise)... #3
The problem with 3D wasn't merely a technical thing. Other more important factors came into play. 3D TV sets were expensive and didn't get meaningful use in and outside of gaming. Combine this with it having to be wearable and you got yourself a hard sell (something VR headsets will somehow have to overcome to succeed).

Where VR will have to stand out is tailored games. It's the only way it will take off #3.1.1
Your link doesn't claim that. In fact the "working together" is merely releasing similar products which the other could steal (good ideas) which is like every competitive business model . One does something good the other will inevitably copy. That is what your link says. They are in competition. They are competitive products. #1.3.1
Well he could, potentially, be in a weaker position if VR does take off. There is always the possibility that Project Morpheus (seriously needs a new name) could eventually work on the PC. This puts the future of oculus rift in a bit of uncertainty. The PS4 is popular and it is a bit much for the consumer to buy two of these. They also mentioned their business model of being able to release updated version s of the oculus. Depending on how expensive it is I fell that might put people off (yo... #1.2
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