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It is a good game. It has its issues but overall the game is solid. I would avoid reading reviews about this game. I have no idea what copy they got but Polygon and Destructoid gave very low scores which was nothing like the game I played. #1.1
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Did you even read the links you just posted. The first one has by Eric Joe right there in the description. Also I don't know how long months are for you but the first one is 224 days ago. The fourth and seventh link got through by mistake (as in I forgot and no one noticed)

All the submitter needs to do is fix the report (like he should) and then it will be approved. Exactly the same way I have done for some of the links I have submitted over the years. I swear by peopl... #3.1.3
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Don't get your panties in a twist, that has been a rule for quite some time. At of article get that report #3.1.1
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I feel that is a realistic goal. #3
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Just to note that 463 items is all the items made since LittleBigPlanet launched (since all items are backwards compatible). There is a new costume pack already announced (Thomas was Alone pack) for LBP3 but I assume there is a lot more in the works.

I am still going to buy into the series (big fan) but like you pointed out I feel less and less people will keep buying in if the keep charging $60. #1.1.1
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To be fair I am not surprised. Here in the UK arcade machines are not really seen except for places like Hollywood bowl where this type of machine fits in nicely #4
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Dead Rising 3 did not do so well. It is the worst selling in the series (and that is comparing just the 360 sales to just the One sales). It failed to do what Capcom needed it to do which was to recharge the series by getting recognition. Titanfall sales are unknown (literally no-one has said anything except for the 24 hours figure). Ryse didn't sell great either (acknowledge by Crytek themselves). It is hard to say "timed exclusives have been beneficial for each publisher" with... #2.1.1
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Sure if a studio is managed poorly. I think Naughty Dog has shown they are a consistent studio over the years. It isn't like they haven't had anyone new or leave since 1989 #4.1.1
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The disagree are because you and him show a lack of awareness of how fluid the industry is. Ignoring the fact the guy is off on some "personal dream" erron https://twitter.com/DBal/st... people move around stuidos quite a lot. This, and other software based industries, experience this because it is quite easy to move around. I just played a game made by some ex Pixar guys. You see a fluid industry #2.2.1
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Of course. Exactly how the PS3 help sell the 360. Missteps early on can be huge problem #1
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The only threat this exclusivity poses is the possibility of it bombing, The other third party timed exclusives haven't done that well it could put publishers off if it bombs (adding to the list). But it won't end the Xbox One. Microsoft just wouldn't be able to be too reliant on third party deals.

They have got the timed exclusivity news out of the way (though to get there we had to listen to the deceitful PR rubbish) so I can't see that being a problem anymo... #2
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It will just be a re-skinned AC 4. I mean you can tell the effort that has gone into this game just by looking at the protagonist's name Shay Patrick Cormac. They just put together 3 of the most irish sounding names. Even that arctic naval combat walkthrough shows how little has changed. #3
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Yes. Look the Kinect is an interesting bit of kit but as a gaming peripheral it is fundamentally flawed. We saw it with the last generation the limitations and this generation Microsoft seemed reserved to just let it try and replace the tv remote. The issue with the latter raises the question is the expense really justified for something that doesn't fundamentally make things any easier than what we do now. Voice commands, which seems to be what Microsoft were pushing with the Kinect 2 ca... #2
A fish wins the award for.......most off topic comment on the matter.

Now I haven't been up to date with what is going on (since no-one is reporting on it) but from the sounds of it this incident is dodgy and some credibility has been lost here. I not sure how indie developers can turn on Totalbiscuit here. Something has fundamentally gone wrong and indies need to distance themselves away from it #11
I think Shu is quite special/not the norm and Sony is lucky to have him. A lot of executives don't spend time doing what he does. He goes to places like IGN's Podcast Beyond and you hear stories like this and somehow it doesn't surprise me. #1.1
Ha. They look like bad fancy dress costumes #1
Interesting if true. I guess this is like a full game trail but extended/limited to 24 hours. #1
I am even more confused now. Granted this rule always confused me but what is the criteria for a story within a story. Surely this fits that criteria (though I feel the story within a story is a stupid rule since we get several pieces based upon one interview) #1.2
Graphical I don't care if it does a Watch Dogs since watch dogs did still look good. Where watch dogs seemed to fall down on was illogical gameplay design (like being unable to shot while driving and not being able to look up at the helicopter in a car) and a terrible protagonist. #2.1.1
Just a mature direction often with mature themes. This doesn't mean it has to have blood and gore and some dudebrah blowing a guy away with a sawn off shotgun. Mature really means a story driven game hat have grown up themes #2
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