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I find it funny how some people are shocked and excited at the prospect of Pokemon being on the 3DS when it has been obvious since the reveal of the 3DS this will happen eventually. I can understand the excitement for the game but do not understand the excitement for it being on the 3DS

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I have to kindly disagree with you. The vita is not dead yet. Sales are low but to get a key understanding on what is happening to the Vita we need to wait for E3 before passing judgement. The interaction with the next console and more games is key. It isn't like this thing is the PSP Go and it isn't like a 3DS Pokemon wasn't going to happen. People all ready knew a Pokemon 3DS would eventually come

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Where is the need for this article. It is almost like it is asking for trouble in the comment section.

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I agree. They are not going to release it in June because they would need to unveil it now. It will be revealed at E3 with it being release later (before Black Friday) or if something goes wrong the following year

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So what he has said is wait until we reveal the console (i.e whenever we think we are ready to) before asking that question as we never talk about future products

Pretty standard answer really and I was expecting that

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It took them 7 minutes to announce it on the video they could have cut the stuff at the beginning. I agree it does look nice

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I agree that is the main problem. Why would people really buy it? If they moved the streaming capabilities outside the home then I can see a good selling point but at the moment I can see a reason to buy one

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Ah that sucks to hear. Hope you're feeling better.......love the picture by the way.

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What? Either someone along the line did some serious bad math or Reggie just made it up on the spot either way you would have thought someone would have checked this before.

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That is another issue entirely. Are PC gamers going to buy it? it is nice to be able to play games in another room but is it worth buying a dedicated handheld gaming device just to do that considering it seems to be the main feature (also the limited nature of this feature is worth noting)

Like you said time will tell but it all ready seems like they are facing uphill battle

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I can see this disappearing like the Panasonic's The Jungle if anyone remembers that. There are two many short sighted issues that a lot of users here, including myself, have pointed out. For instance limiting the streaming to only being allowed near the PC is a terrible idea. Nvidia do not have the household name like Apple, Nintendo or Sony so selling the hardware will be very difficult and those people.

Nvidia need to improve these areas (amongst others) before releasi...

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I swear this rumour came about after a website (posted here) said it was a sensible thing to do and didn't even hint it came from any source

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I don't think the formula needs to change as it is a very simplistic formula that means any idiot can pick up and play the game while have fun. That is the appeal I have with Pokemon. It is complex like fighting games (learning move lists....) Certain Pokemon are better than others and each Pokemon has a major weakness. You can go into stats if you want but the core experience can be very simple

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I agree. The thing about Pokemon is its simplicity which is ideal for the portable console market. I do not see them straying away from the handheld market (I may be wrong but I swear they have all ready said they wouldn't a while a go)

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"Project Shield can stream games from compatible PCs too, enabling you to play them anywhere your Wi-Fi can reach. It's like a Wii U controller for PC gamers" and here lies a fundemental problem with this thing

Nvidia does not have the brand name like apple, Nintendo, Sony to really push into the mass market so they are essentially relying on gamers who have gaming PCs. Slight issue with this is why would they buy this. It isn't like they can play their game...

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Thanks for the feedback and I will take that on board.

But what endings spoilers. I have hardly given away the ending just as it possibly hints at the future Assassin. That is hardly given anything away. The edited stuff is explained throughout the game by the hacker

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Doubtful. I say this will be last major focus for the PS3. There will also be big Vita announcements. Then at E3 we get the PS4 reveal with Vita stuff as well (with the two crossing over)

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I assume you didn't bother to read the article nor think. Sony probably cut their loses (as it wasn't going to do well enough/ other multiple, sane, reasons) with the game and those developers you developed that canned game are now using kickstarter to make a BRAND NEW game (i.e. it isn't the one Sony canned). Games get cancelled all the time for various reasons (anything from poor production to too much cost)

The title doesn't help but the game isn't th...

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Because when you are confronted with the tutorial page it is just too much information. The best tutorials are the simple ones. Also a lot of the ways are incredibly unintuitive and such feels less like a gameplay necessity and more of a gimmick that has just been added on to jutify being on the Vita (cheap feel). I didnt want to find out the best way to climb a rope. I wanted that to be the only method.

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That is not what I have said. Retailers buy stock. Publishers get paid that way. But if there are a large amount of used games retailers do not need to buy as much stock because they have the used games so they publishers get less money. Also what give retailers the right to resale software and so get 100% of the profit. It doesn't happen with computer software and games are just that. Software.

"Either that, or they need to make better games to see the sales they want...

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