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"Project Shield can stream games from compatible PCs too, enabling you to play them anywhere your Wi-Fi can reach. It's like a Wii U controller for PC gamers" and here lies a fundemental problem with this thing

Nvidia does not have the brand name like apple, Nintendo, Sony to really push into the mass market so they are essentially relying on gamers who have gaming PCs. Slight issue with this is why would they buy this. It isn't like they can play their game...

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Thanks for the feedback and I will take that on board.

But what endings spoilers. I have hardly given away the ending just as it possibly hints at the future Assassin. That is hardly given anything away. The edited stuff is explained throughout the game by the hacker

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Doubtful. I say this will be last major focus for the PS3. There will also be big Vita announcements. Then at E3 we get the PS4 reveal with Vita stuff as well (with the two crossing over)

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I assume you didn't bother to read the article nor think. Sony probably cut their loses (as it wasn't going to do well enough/ other multiple, sane, reasons) with the game and those developers you developed that canned game are now using kickstarter to make a BRAND NEW game (i.e. it isn't the one Sony canned). Games get cancelled all the time for various reasons (anything from poor production to too much cost)

The title doesn't help but the game isn't th...

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Because when you are confronted with the tutorial page it is just too much information. The best tutorials are the simple ones. Also a lot of the ways are incredibly unintuitive and such feels less like a gameplay necessity and more of a gimmick that has just been added on to jutify being on the Vita (cheap feel). I didnt want to find out the best way to climb a rope. I wanted that to be the only method.

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That is not what I have said. Retailers buy stock. Publishers get paid that way. But if there are a large amount of used games retailers do not need to buy as much stock because they have the used games so they publishers get less money. Also what give retailers the right to resale software and so get 100% of the profit. It doesn't happen with computer software and games are just that. Software.

"Either that, or they need to make better games to see the sales they want...

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Also Destination Playsation isn't new. Is it the 12 or 13th year of it????

If I was Sony (and I was doing a PS4 reveal at E3) I would unveil some big stuff there and then have a smaller show for the PS3 and Vita at E3 (Vita having a bigger one than the PS3)

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I wouldn't call the imbeciles though as an imbecile is a stupid person but they are not being stupid to get hits.

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Fundamentally I disagree with you. Used game sales hurt the industry. The publishers just are not getting the money from used game sales and so these developers get closed down because they do not meet the quota even though they really do but the sales are really not there because they buy used. This word of mouth bull is just that, bull. Same with people who say "I will buy the next in the series new". It just doesn't happen.

The only people who profit from us...

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I disagree with you on the RDR and LA Noire reasoning for people not liking the ending. like i mentioned above both games suffered from a lack of pacing. I invested myself in the game and I love single player games but the prior part to RDR's ending really was boring and dragged on. Without this the ending would have had a bigger impact for me because it had everything right execpt the bits that lead up to it

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And Sony proved it with their own releases and now we have multiplatform games equal across all platforms (except for an extremely few amount developers like Bethesda)

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Personally I didn't throw my controller out of the window for RDR or LA Noire but was glad it was over. Those two games failed fundamentally at one thing that is important to an ending. Prior to an ending the game needs to be paced correctly. LA Noire was a slow placed game (also repetitive) from the get go and so I was glad it was over so I can review it. RDR was a good game except for the beginning and the ending where the pacing dropped. On paper doing family things is great to try and...

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O come on he was in it from at least half to 3/4 of the game and he was by far the best of the bad guys in it and it was criminal what happened to him


He was a great character and expertly acted.

OT: Good list

@edit: fair enough but I disagree with you assumption that is character i...

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"nintendo doesnt do M rated games that include boobs blood sex guns and gore"

Mature games doesn't mean that. A mature game needs mature themes in general. There is more to being mature than "boobs blood sex guns and gore"

Also don't call me an idiot. Not exactly a way to start a friendly discussion.

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I get the impression the writer wants COD to be less COD. I mean I agree with better engine which then better AI and other stuff can come out of it but COD is like an action film. The overall story may be ridiculous but it is well told and made the campaign interesting and fun. COD is about giving you a very movie esque feeling which is why you do not get actual stealth missions. Bigger maps can be okay but COD is a twitchy shooter that is about high intensity combat which works best in small...

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I didn't really like RDR (very slow paced game) and LA Noire was horribly designed (repetitive gameplay) but I love bully (at the time I though it was a bit limited on what you can do)

"GTA has always had potential, but it always felt limited, in my opinion. Sure, you could do a few fun things...but I wanted something more. I wanted something like Just Cause or Saints Row 3. I don't need the cheesy story, either. I just wanted fun gameplay that doesn't get ol...

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The gimmick point is really dependent on developers. I agree some games will use the Vita as a gimmick but I recently played LBP PS Vita and they make the "gimmick" side of the Vita less gimmicky (i.e. it was intuitive to use and it made sense to use it that way). That is what needs to happen to Nintendo with their system because it is in danger of becoming one big gimmick (being in its first year). They really need to make sure that a precedent of "appropriate" gimmicks a...

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O what no Battlefield: Bad Company? (note not BFBC2 as that is no where near as funny and for some reason went all serious)

That is a funny game

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Now is the time they could do it (having an Asian ancestor for Desmond would be hard to believe unless it was in more modern times).

Like it says in the article I can bet it will not go down well and be a very stereotypical Asian setting. Not everything is about Ninja's over there.

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Hopefully they will test it better than what the Assassin's Creed: Liberation's developers did. That is one buggy game and I am saying this only being about 2/5 of the way through

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