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"I can't stop thinking how a Octopus had human children."

This matters because...???? Octodad is about an octopus disguised as a man who is trying to hid the fact he is an octopus. What part was meant to make sense. It is just a setting for a silly game. Try playing the free PC version (released a few years ago). It was good fun (just didn't look pretty)

Also what Acquiescence says makes sense. He has correctly pointed out that Pokemonn shar... #4.2
It is crazy but people hated the XMB for being to unintuitive (an argument that stunned me since the XMB is incredible simple to use).

Even though I liked it, I don't want it back in the same way. The hidden XMB works quite well but the big one needs more work. It needs more customisation. I like how the recently played is there but I would like it in folders because at the moment it isn't well organised #2.2
To be honest, what is the rush for Sony. Their console is selling really well without said features. I can see them holding off till E3 where they will announce and release a big patch. I think they would want to make a bigger impact.

OT I really do not want a reputation system. It will just be abused. #1.2
@Septic and above

Mrs (pronounced misses) is the correct way of addressing a married women

Miss (pronounced miss) is the correct way of addressing a non married women

Ms (pronounced mizz) is another way of doing both of those but it is less common. The Ms I have encountered tend to be divorcees (highlighting they were married but not any more) or when you have no clue if she is married or not #1.1.3
Too be fair this is just Brad Wardell again. This guy has been talking about DirectX 12 more than Microsoft. #2.1
Disney also makes adult films (Saving Mr Banks, Secretariat, Tron, Oz the Great and Powerful just to name a few directly under the Disney label. Disney owns Touchstone Pictures which produce more adult suitable films) which is the biggest difference here. Nintendo seems content on aiming for each of their games to have broad appeal which means the game has to appeal for the 40 year old but also the younger audience. They really don't tend to release games specific for a mature generation... #4.1.1
Minecraft is becoming increasingly more popular since its inclusion in the classroom. Quite a few primary schools are using Minecraft as a teaching tool. This means children are exposed to it and parents don't mind buying it since the primary schools allow it. Also children just enjoy it

I believe that is the reason why Minecraft has legs. It is easy to pick up and play and it is being publicised in the classroom which means parents aren't worried about buying it #3.3
Which is pretty normal except for the odd game like FIFA (well mainly in the UK/EU) or COD. After three weeks or so sales dip dramatically which is why after around three weeks (in some cases a week) you can see how well a game has done as its sales are not going to improve except for those exceptions #4.1
I do agree with you about EA messing up slightly not releasing both versions at the same time (the initial hype has subsided slightly). EA were never going to push huge numbers releasing the One version earlier and I think it wouldn't have harmed them (I actually think it would have been beneficial) if the 360 and One version were released at the same time.

I can only assume a deal was made since it doesnt make a hole lot of sense for EA to do that #4.1
Wouldn't mugged or home invasion be more appropriate #1.1.5
Honestly what can Sony do though. Nintendo franchises really suit portable gaming and Nintendo has Pokemon (huge deal). Sony went the wrong route of what a handheld should be and the problem is it has made developing Vita games more expensive. This with low support from consumers means Nintendo has the third party advantage.

Sony could try and replicate what Nintendo does with its handheld (though both made major pricing errors in the first place) but they will always be at... #1.2.1
The problem is there are no real journalist. Big sites have a policy of being entertainment sites rather than journalist sites. What this leads to is sensationalism and content that drives the hit. Integrity never really existed in the first place for us to hold to a standard. #1.1.1
The problem is the reputation f2p has it just. The current method for a lot of f2p games are disgusting. Very few games do f2p properly. I like how the industry is moving towards f2p (as I do see it as the future) but publishers must understand gamers do not like being swindled (current bait and switch techniques will hold back f2p games and stop it becoming an accepted thing) #1
There is for Sony. They would be hoping to catch the crowd that switched from Microsoft to Sony. Also the DLC come out when the PS4 came out so they could get those people.

I am personally not so interested (as I have played it bar the DLC already) but I can see a big benefit from re-releasing the game. Pricing will be an issue. Let's hope it isn't 60 #3
I havn't played the DLC yet but I probably won't pay for it again if the remastered editions isn't a money worthy difference. #3.1
I so want another Getaway game but I don't think it will be. I am not going to get my hopes up but seriously Sony bring back The Getaway #1.6
I pretty much disagree with much of what you have said. I agree with the side missions and the other conduits missions but I feel the moral system offered much more with changing the way you play (it doesn't have to affect the story). I was much more careless and aggressive as Evil than the good route (the good route I was much more careful and dodging a lot). Moral decisions don't always have to effect story as long as it does something meaningful. I liked this approach
William James #4
I think the only issue with that is it would need no structure to work which in term means it won't work. If it had structure you would need to level up your character to a certain level to survive. This could get extremely tiring and boring as you get to the appropriate level of a power to survive in a certain area but then need to refocus to survive in another area. If the game had no structure then what is the point of progressing. I also think this would be hard to implement correctly... #1.1
That was never really the point. It's just Sony advertising a feature for its new tablet (looking at the comments I didn't realise how man didn't know you could do this) #2.2
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