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You don't really know what is going on behind the scenes. Two possibilities could have made the Vita version a thing. One could be the cross save thing made it an attractive proposition for the team or, more likely, Sony gave the team support and money (incentive) to make a Vita version (look at borderlands). It is public knowledge that the Nintendo has not got the best relationship with the third parties. That doesn't just come out of nowhere without a reason #4.1.1
It is weird. The Vita software sales are not exactly strong. I can only guess either the cross platform integration between the PS4 and PS Vita was enough to warrant releasing a game or Sony applied some financial/supporting incentives to get a Vita version as well #1.1
And yet none of what you just said is related to the article at hand. The author queries why people are not buying the Wii U. I merely stated why would they bother when they miss out on some of the biggest video games/franchises of all time. That right there is the reasons and a very good one at that

You can push your "facts" all you like but the end result is meaningless. Those "facts" have put the Wii U in a position where it is selling a lot less than t... #1.2.1
You are insinuating the normal consumer has a powerful enough PC or a gaming PC at all #1.1.1
"A no-frills Xbox One will set you back £350 at the moment and a PlayStation 4 more like £400. There are less games to play on either and I’m pretty bored of hearing about how bad the new release schedule is looking. So why not give the Wii U a go? The bigger question is what’s stopping you?"

I think I can answer this for the point of view of a normal consumer. You can't play AC Unity, No COD, No Destiny. For them investing in a Wii U makes no sense. Y... #1
Well if you slowly starve it then come out with a new focus (PS Now possibly remote play on mobile devices) then I don't think the reaction would be as dramatic. It would be more well we saw this coming. I personally don't think Sony is fully ready to give up on the Vita but they should and they will eventually

Saying that Gravity Rush on the PS4 wouldn't be that great. The one reason Gravity Rush is a god game is because you can move the device. It makes things l... #1.2.2
What I don't understand is what is he trying to achieve? I get the idea of seeing things that may not be there (secret sauce incident) and expecting big titles to show up but why does he have to lie about it (with insider stuff though this could be him getting fooled by an equally unhappy person).

It is a little concerning #1.1.2
Exactly and that makes the most sense (seriously who is itching to play Garden Warfare?). I know Garden Warfare is probably not the most expensive game to make but 88,000 at launch at 39,000 on the PS4 launch is nothing short of rubbish. VG chartz tracks this game selling below a million on four platforms. I wouldn't congratulate anyone on this #1.1.1
Actually there has been a decline in momentum since Mario Kart released. By Vg Chartz (not reliable but it is their article) 05/07/2014 They were at 57,000 units 07/06/2014 was 104,000 but now (the latest weekly sales) it is at 54,000 (the week before was 66,000 so they have plateaued at around 60,000 per week). Mario Kart has helped improve the plateau figure (before Mario Kart is was abysmally low) but I wouldn't get all excited by a million in 4 months (the beginning of May they were o... #5.1
Which is why we should ignore it. Nothing more embarrassing than starting a AMA with no one there #1.1
I am not sure it would have helped. The Vita's popularity steams well beyond games. I doubt Bioshock would have done we devs for it. Borderlands didn't. It is just not a popular device for potential buyers. But it has a lot of games current users would enjoy. #3
Android and ios have a different philosophy. How many games do you play online on mobile devices. Very few games and the few that do are managed by this developers/publishers themselves. It becomes a completely different kettle of fish when you start talking about FPS and so on. The foundations of how these networks are made would require a fundamental shift. Your talking third party servers with different logins with different achievements. That is how it works on mobiles. You have to have d... #2.1.2
It would require Microsoft and Sony to either fully control or completely give up control over either their servers or how the online infrastructure works. Microsoft has had a big push for servers and I doubt Microsoft would be happy letting third parties control things or allowing competitive systems on board (without a royalty and Sony won't be happy paying just so it is more convenient). Sony is the platform that has the biggest chance of cross platform play since they have SOE. That d... #5
200 is a bit extreme #2
Why would Microsoft announce games at the system's launch. The makes no sense. No hype is built and the information will take time to trickle down to the consumer (if you have a game comming it is best to show something before the system launches to get good day one sales). If they had games they would have been announced last week or before. Not on the day of release. It is just going to be used to showcase current stuff we know but for the Japanese audience. Announcing new games at laun... #1.2.2
It isn't really. Nintendo directs are smart because they are designed to build hype for future products but I am unsure what Microsoft aims to gain here. Surely the future products should have been talked about way before the launch day. It is going to be what we already now but they demoing it for the Japanese audience. #2.2

And what games are you expecting to do that? Nintendo first party might but the third party developers won't. Remember the old 3DS (which has a lot of units sold) can't do said stuff the new one can. Unless Nintendo is planning to release another pokémon in a year or two I don't see why a lot of consumer will jump across (asking them to put down another 200 or so for a system that will play a relatively few games compared to the system th... #3.1.2
Sony made the device cheaper by removing a better type of screen with a less good one. But the input is the same just not as beautiful too look at. Nintendo has gone the other way about it. Adding functionality. This has never worked in the past. Developers are reluctant to jump across (especially with a not her stick which is something you just don't patch in) because it is a fundamental change. If they don't use the advantages of the new system why would consumers buy it? They have... #3.2
I don't see confusion as the big problem. The issue is going to lie with developers. Developers are not going to make games for it specifically (not until it gets close to current 3DS figures). It adds new buttons that no game is going to support. Nintendo can't afford to make games specifically for it since it will leave a bitter taste in consumer's mouth. The 3DS is barely three years old. Once developers make games with the most popular device in mind it starts a vicious cycle... #1.1
Though I would agree we need to change the industry but not because of the reasons presented by Anita Sarkeesian. That women manipulates the truth for her own personal gain. She would be what my girlfriend calls a person not helping the cause and an extremist (FYI my girlfriend is doing a masters course in women studies and her dissertation in obviously related to feminism in particular the next wave of feminism). My girlfriend sees these types of people all the time. The girl who burns her b... #4
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