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I would have the same reaction if Sony released GOTY editions for Killzone or INFAMOUS. The package deal is always a good idea but Microsoft need to think about renaming them (brand them in a different way) #28
I think Forza won some game of the year award for driving games (not game of the year as a whole). Ryse being GOTY is new to me. Release the title but don't call it GOTY edition. #9.1
There is practically no difference between Live and PSN to question which is better. Now games with gold and plus can be compared but that will could change on a monthly basis #50
I think that is two different questions in one. The first part is about children. The second part is about games to teach people how to play casino games (for some reason this person has no idea their are free apps everywhere that do this) #7.1
I think in the next generation Nintendo need to think hard about what they are going to do. The handheld market is not big enough to rely on anymore. We saw it at the beginning of the generation with all the hype but with no outcome because 250 was too much for people. Nintendo had to cut a lot of money off the launch price really early so that momentum didn't die and the 3DS could get into the position it is in now.

Like how I think Sony should and will not make another... #1
"Because they have a substantially higher attach rate"

Yes, for some Nintendo first party games. Third party games bomb on Nintendo systems. Hell even some first party haven't done that well on the Wii U. The attachment rate is not consistent to warrant boasting about it #3.2.1
It has to. The PS4 and One don't have 300 Third and first party studios and they get more third party support #2.3
Pretty much. Bayonetta didn't do well as a multiplatform title which meant Nintendo had to rescue it. If it doesn't sell on the Wii U a sequel is out of the question (I don't know who would fund it) #1.1
Unless they are doing PS Now on smart phones sooner rather than later there isn't a huge reason to announce that move at gamescom. That is more of a CES move (or when they unveil a new handset) than a gamescom announcement. #2.1
Either that or a beta but I don't see much point in announcing a EU beta if they haven't got a release date in mind. I see them announcing a release date before sending out beta codes #1.1

You have to see things from Sony's perspective and not Nintendo's. Nintendo has franchises that suit handhelds that require little to no pushing (PR wise). They also have a big ace which control that market; Pokemon. Nintendo just needed to keep demand up till they release a Pokemon game and they did that by cutting the price by a third (not by releasing games because without that price cut the 3DS would have sold far less). Also, Nintendo has to do this be... #1.7.2
These should be standard features. Having a pool is a big part of the sims. It has been there since day one. I bet that crazy drunk whooping girl isn't whooping anymore #2.1
High volume? bit random. Has a big game just come out or something :/ #6
Firstly not remotely the same

Secondly the vita wasn't selling anyway. Playstation TV is Sony essentially relaunching the Vita in a new form and with a new focus. No point making more games for a system that isn't selling well (the games don't sell that well anymore) #1.7
It is a slippery slope. Bonus for gamers is Nintendo has too make up for the sparse releases so they have to develop more games (third parties act as fillers) which isn't totally a good thing for Nintendo (high amounts of risk). It isn't good for the longevity of a system. Third parties are equally as important as exclusives. The balance needs to be there for any system #1.1
Hang on. You cant really say that just yet. You could say it has possibly saved the Wii U's life. The games aren't out yet. These games may entice the one the fence gaming but your average Joe (the people who make up the large proportion of gamers) might not care.

I have said this before but E3 for Nintendo catered to their fans (most with Wii Us already some without). They have every right to do that but they need to entice the others. Games like Zelda (all be it bi... #7
Little bit pricey but then again I was expecting it to be a lot more #3
To be fair these seems more like an EA issue since Visceral Games are heading up this game. The more I hear of this game the more I can't help but think this is just a reskinned mod. Still DICE and EA shouldn't have released BF4 in the state it was in (considering a developer's integrity is so vital) but this seems like EA just giving BF4 to another developer to mod #2.1
I think I will try it out but the beta did more harm than good for me. It was just poorly made (I know it was a beta but damn it was hard to play). Lag, frame rate issue just dampened any possible positive experience I could have had. So I am going to give it a shot but I am not holding much hope #2.2.1
That is basically the definition of We have nothing but here is a story anyway. Talkingship should have no problems with naming names if they have seen documentation. Hmmmm #1.1
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