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Well if you factor in how many new ip fail over the ones that do succeed, I agree with the suits. I would love lots of new ips but they are a major risk for pubilshers and do fail more often than not (thanks to the ridiculous $60 game model) #1
I think its less about what people were expecting and more about relative value. The problem the Xbox One is having is that it is battling a trend amongst its' multiplatform games (which make up the bulk of purchases/releases) which are coming out at a high resolution on a cheaper system. That is why the issue is talked about a lot (since the systems are only 3 months old).

It is like if Amazon started charging less than Netflix for better quality streams of films (not or... #1.1
Unlikely since they have been talking about the cloud for some time now. We usually see patent applications being pushed through way before any news is officially announced (it is one of the major ways rumours for new services get out). Hiding demos won't make a difference since they announced their intentions anyway (so some companies could be looking into it to counter Microsoft's intentions) and the demos are unlikely to show how the product works in detail but shows the end produc... #3.1.1
Firstly, You are talking about launch games that have been ported over from last gen systems

Secondly, you cite two examples. I said it was unlikely as resolution tends not to change. No definite not just unlikely #5.2.2
We know but he doesn't have say over that any more. Saying that it is still an odd posting by Microsoft since he was quite public about it. #5
Unlikely. Resolution tends not to change after a game goes Gold. I can see it being 900p #5
While point 2 has some legs when the update comes (no sign of a date on that), point 1 makes no sense. The game saves aren't the problem (very small amount in the grand schemes of things). The problem is downloaded games/game data that has to put onto the hard drive. That stuff cannot be saved in the cloud. Sure deleting and re-downloading the games when needed solves the issue but still a pain #1.4
No-one is saying Microsoft should sell off the Xbox division because they have a risk of going broke. The reason why there has been talk of that is because it doesn't make any real impact on their big profits and it is seen as a distraction from what made Microsoft (which was Windows). Microsoft has made some bad decisions with not anticipating nor reacting to the growth of Apple which some put down to being distracted with insane side projects like creating Bing. That is why those articl... #20.1
It seems your priorities have shifted. Sony products are of a high quality (you can't say they are not) but its value for money could be questioned. Like you, the market's preference shifted after 2006 for value for money (exactly what has happened to the TV business where big and pricey are loosing out to the cheaper brands) #14.1
I think less flamebait but just ignorant and misinformed. Sony is still a major player in the music industry. Its film industry has lost a lot of money recently but it still pumps out well known and big films/tv programmes (which shows value for Sony). Also the stuff you said too. #1.2.2
I think the division is still quite valuable. The stuff they have done to the Xperia phone range is quite incredible. My Z has an awesome camera on it #7.1.1
Wouldn't that increase load times (since environments are not locally stored and the Internet is never constant) and interaction with the environments would get even more limited (for the same reason as before). Sure graphics would improve but the games would be taking a step backwards instead of forwards in terms of functionality #3.2.2
The more the merrier. I can't wait for this game. I hope it is as insane as the first one #2
I think the key think is lost market share. Microsoft have lost a lot of the lead they got with the 360 in the US and parts of Europe. In the UK it isn't doing well in comparison and the US is an almost even split. This is vastly different to what is was last generation. One reason why the One isn't doing fine is because of the massive loss in market share (I think there are more gamers now than there was when the PS2/PS1.....were released; especially day one purchases which is key fa... #2
A waste of money. Sure they would gain studios but not much else. If Sony could afford it they would bury it #4.1.2
They would be more interested in bing than the Xbox division. Google have a habit of buying companies just to bury them (as they are competition) or take the patents. Buying the Xbox brand makes sense as Google have gone more game friendly but it's bing that would be the big incentive. Also Google tend to take ideas/companies and re brand them under google. What would Google be buying except the studios #4.1
It's my major gripe against guerilla games. They can make games but their story telling is extremely weak. #2.1
Well I am not sure how you think the cloud would help except for save game data (which doesn't take up too much space on the hard drive). Re-downloading games has got a lot better but it is still a pain.

The external HD support is good and to be honest it has to be done since the Xbox One's hard drive is small #3.2
You can get over 1TB hard drives for the PS4

Example http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sam... (have a shop around on Amazon)

But they are a bit pricey and not as common as the 1TB #1.2.1
There is also the flip side to it. Since they only have moved 3.6 million Xbox One's they were never going to sell more than Forza 4 (which was around 4 million). There was also a lot of games to buy at launch #1.1
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