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I know and it is worrying. I can't fathom how people can support this. #1.1.1
Great /s

edit: Though I feel Ubisoft can offer more value that EA access this is the precedent I, and many others, warned about #1

I say it is more for PC since PC gamers, as a whole, spend a lot more on their hardware/experiences than your average console gamer. Something like VR fits very well with not being a sociable/living room experience which PC gaming also tends to fall within.

Also it is a lot easier to get support (for the developers) via the community on PC than a closed platform like a console which is going to be vital in the early stages of VR adoption. It is... #2.2.2
Just report it for being old like I did. This was released at the GCE in Paris back in 2013. I remember when it was released as misterxmedia was going on about it. This is old. Very old

Edit: If anyone wants to read the old presentations they are here http://develop.scee.net/pre... The 2000 one is quite riverting #2.2
I think PC gamers will which is why Morpheus needs to be cross compatible and also release there first. PC gamers tend to spend a lot on these type of experiences/extras. It isn't really a console gamer thing. Though if they can get the support (which needs to be done via the PC since it will be more viable early on) it might migrate its way to console gaming #2.2
Though it is unusual for a platform holder to turn to a developer and say that the resolution is unacceptable and say they need to find a way to make it better(not my words but theres).

You helped out, which is fantastic news, but you can see why people think Microsoft forced them with the language used by the developer #4
I can see the reasoning but hype is a product of other reasons not a reasons in itself. The last generation went on for a long time which added to the hype for a next generation system but why the PS4 is unusual is because of careful planning and a correct price point. It is cheaper than the Xbox One and the third party issue of them, generally, performing better on the PS4 made hype. Then the launch went off with little to no issues which the Wii U and the One stumbled last year. These gener... #3
I really don't think it is. Sure they can sell a lot of games with Mario and Pokemon but I think that is all they will be if they went Third Party. Instead of trying to sell consoles you have to try and sell more software sales which would mean a shift in focus to less variety that they already have now.

Even though I think Nintendo runs the risk of eventually becoming irrelevant if they don't fundamentally change their business model and approach to home consoles but... #1
I would make sense if it was. Though that trailer for the tech makes me think it is something else (possible an old franchise)


I know. I was just merely making any observations of what the uses for the tech are #4.2

You are probably right but it is probably not the best game nor the best release time to do that #2.1.3
I am curious to see how no combat is going to work. This game looks interesting #1.1.3
To be honest they should have just made their own action adventure title. Buying this reboot outright might have been too risky at the time. In hindsight it could have done good things for Microsoft but back then the idea of a gritty Laura didn't go down well. Also it sounds like SE spent a fortune on marketing just to get the sales (which then made the reboot finacially uncessesful).

I think, generally, buying this exclusive title mid series is not going to help Microso... #2.1
"But what if you don’t have an Xbox One or PS4. Well, that’s actually very unlikely. Nintendo has generally made the “yes and” systems. Many people owned a Wii AND a PS3 or a Wii AND an Xbox 360 because they didn’t want to miss out on Nintendo exclusives"

I used to think that was Nintendo's best move (being the second console) but I look at the Wii U and it begs to question why it worked so well for the Wii but not for the Wii U. I think that is down to unusal c... #1
To be honest I don't think we really know or can tell at this stage. Not much has been shown so forming opinions on it will be difficult let alone calling it a GOTY contender. I am looking forward to it but let's not go over board #4
I remember reading the director struggled to think of an adequate way to represent in on the big screen. Citing reasons such as the grunts act and look like children which obviously wouldn't sell that well to the larger audience if Master Chief just went round shooting (also ignoring them does a fan disservice) #1
That is a terrible source. He has possibly the worst track record out there. The author might as well say anonymous source. Other than that part the rest of the article is interesting

Edit: What website thinks using him as a source is a good idea. What Justin said is good but half the story is based on a terrible source #1.1.2
They need to learn from this (though they havn't since the PS1 hit the scene) and look at the competition to replicate what they are doing to entice third party games for their next console. What the need to do in the mean time is to spend that fortune they have. It will cost a lot but giving publisher more financial security by partially (if not mostly) funding the ports or other games over would be the best thing for them. They would have better control over quality be favorable with th... #2.2
It is getting support (a lot of it judging by the games) but it isn't going to sell more units. It is going to trickle on like it has been doing for some time #4
Ubisoft is the only company to support anything as soon as any product is out of the gate. Turing Ubisoft away shows how little their software sells since they still try when others give up (hell they showed a kinect game at E3 and they were the first come any to support the Wii U)

It is time for some people to face facts. Nintendo created this situation that drives third party publishers away.

I can tell why the game runs poorly or ports are bad on the Wii... #1.1.1
Exactly. These people can not support Ubisoft but that isn't going to bring more third parties to their console. Nor is it really going to affect Ubisoft in any way. I am not sure what this guy is going g to really gain from this #2.1
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