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Ha. They look like bad fancy dress costumes #1
Interesting if true. I guess this is like a full game trail but extended/limited to 24 hours. #1
I am even more confused now. Granted this rule always confused me but what is the criteria for a story within a story. Surely this fits that criteria (though I feel the story within a story is a stupid rule since we get several pieces based upon one interview) #1.2
Graphical I don't care if it does a Watch Dogs since watch dogs did still look good. Where watch dogs seemed to fall down on was illogical gameplay design (like being unable to shot while driving and not being able to look up at the helicopter in a car) and a terrible protagonist. #2.1.1
Just a mature direction often with mature themes. This doesn't mean it has to have blood and gore and some dudebrah blowing a guy away with a sawn off shotgun. Mature really means a story driven game hat have grown up themes #2
I am not really surprised by the jaggyness. It sounds like an ambitious games with no end date in sight #2
Despite the One having similar unit sales to the Wii U software sales on the One, for Ubisoft, are a lot larger. They aren't really using the Wii U as a scapegoat. #19.2
Your right. It would be iffy ground allowing people to charge for the stream (either way). Essentially that would be a streaming service except no deals have been made to publisher by you or the guy at the other end.

This is very shaky copyright law breaking ground [users profiting from streamed gameplay content] which is another reason why it will not take off #3.2.3
Once you do that you open the door for all kinds of abuse that is a headache to keep on top off. It is a terrible idea #3.1
Not even remotely the same

OT: I can see people trying to set this up but failing. Come on. Gaming is about playing games and games have gotten more accessible through the different difficulty settings. I guess people could farm out multiplayer game time to get a better K/D ratio but I can't see this catching on without a secure and stable platform to launch from (it will imploded on itself with the lack of security and people taking advantage) #1.1
Firstly the old report isn't exclusive for that purpose. It is used to report on anything that is old. That ranges from sources to old news

A story can get way more than 10 reports before it fails. The notion of Xbox Fans approving it is irrelevant. The Mods would have failed it afterwards as it doesn't matter if something appeals to a certain fanbase when the source material is old. Stories don't get approved or reported based upon who is favours. Nor should they... #1.1.1
Mate that isn't cyberbulling. I think you need to look up what cyberbulling is. You know I was there in the comments. Nobody made things personal

Your piece failed because it was old (I mean who submits news based on information, freely available, from 2013). People putting lame and spam is because the information is old and links back to MisterXmedia (which, by the way, is somebody to avoid like the plague). Anything linked to that guy gets those types of reports since h... #1
You mean Oh no Gold and Plus are essentially worthless now since publisher discounts, exclusive dlc, demos, full game trials, betas, free games are all going to be locked away behind multiple paywalls.

Yer so many cheap options /s #1.2.1
I know and it is worrying. I can't fathom how people can support this. #1.1.1
Great /s

edit: Though I feel Ubisoft can offer more value that EA access this is the precedent I, and many others, warned about #1

I say it is more for PC since PC gamers, as a whole, spend a lot more on their hardware/experiences than your average console gamer. Something like VR fits very well with not being a sociable/living room experience which PC gaming also tends to fall within.

Also it is a lot easier to get support (for the developers) via the community on PC than a closed platform like a console which is going to be vital in the early stages of VR adoption. It is... #2.2.2
Just report it for being old like I did. This was released at the GCE in Paris back in 2013. I remember when it was released as misterxmedia was going on about it. This is old. Very old

Edit: If anyone wants to read the old presentations they are here http://develop.scee.net/pre... The 2000 one is quite riverting #2.2
I think PC gamers will which is why Morpheus needs to be cross compatible and also release there first. PC gamers tend to spend a lot on these type of experiences/extras. It isn't really a console gamer thing. Though if they can get the support (which needs to be done via the PC since it will be more viable early on) it might migrate its way to console gaming #2.2
Though it is unusual for a platform holder to turn to a developer and say that the resolution is unacceptable and say they need to find a way to make it better(not my words but theres).

You helped out, which is fantastic news, but you can see why people think Microsoft forced them with the language used by the developer #4
I can see the reasoning but hype is a product of other reasons not a reasons in itself. The last generation went on for a long time which added to the hype for a next generation system but why the PS4 is unusual is because of careful planning and a correct price point. It is cheaper than the Xbox One and the third party issue of them, generally, performing better on the PS4 made hype. Then the launch went off with little to no issues which the Wii U and the One stumbled last year. These gener... #3
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