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Their fans will buy the system no matter what but the do need to do something about the third party problem. I feel supporting the third parties finacially is the only way forward. It may not do wonders for their next system but subsequent systems will benefit as Nintendo devices will get a better public image as a fully supported console (something that has been missing for years). They need the average consumer to buy a Nintendo console so third party games will have a better chance of sell... #6.1.1
It isn't going to be powerful. That would mean Nintendo are putting their money in the wrong place. Their next console (which I can see hitting 2017/18, at the easiest, which is why I believe the new AMD processor will be for a new handheld not a console) will just need to hit current platform preformance (maybe a tiny bit better). It will keep cost down and ensure profit on each system sold. They then put the remaining money in funding ports of third party games. That is the real issue f... #6
Assassin's Creed has done so fairly dumb rubbish over the course of the series but this takes the biscuit. I am a big fan of the series but what is this. It would make sense if this "mechanic" had been hinted at in previous games but it hasn't.

Talk about jumping the shark #2
A new CEO with a new focus. Remeber when the Xbox was originally revealed it was pushed as an all in one box with a Netflix style service (original programming). He new CEO clearly thinks it is a costly venture for very little gain (who can argue with that since Microsoft doesn't have a Netflix style service that appears on any device nor were they going to push that) #6.2
Media Molecule #23

Investors will want to know how well the most recent product is doing especially since it makes the previous one obsolete (support and sales wise). Combining sales is a tactic used when a product isn't hitting the appropriate target (regardless if it is for investors or the consumers) #1.10.2
Funnily enough this is a similar experience I had with Music Unlimited. Its app is awful. The website works flawlessly and it works extremely well through the walkman app but the dedicated apps are just atrocious. It kept crashing, it wouldn't load. This is what happens when companies don't bother but have the service anyway.

I feel the reason why Spotify and Google music offering are the way to go is because they can be bothered to make sure it works. #1
It was the only realistic date for Microsoft's biggest game. Which is why back with the Tomb Raider issue I was confused with Crystal Dynamics and Microsoft's decision to go for a similar time. During November, if Xbox One owners are not buying COD, FIFA or an Assassin's Creed they will be buying Halo. No room for anything else #1.1.2
Well I would say this disproves your theory. 357k in the first week worldwide is a terrible number sold #2.3
The biggest question is the first part of your comment with the second part being totally irrelevant. The worry for Microsoft is the need to combine the shipped numbers already. This is a familiar tactic we see when consoles/products fail to hit good targets (similar to what Sony does with the Vita) and they need to hit these targets this early in the console's cycle #1.10
The font is quite small but I agree #8.1
I don't think it matters. Bloodborne appeals to the dark souls crowd. Dark Souls polarized people and bloodborne will do the same. The order is more of a typical blockbuster title. Something that will have a bigger appeal. I doubt the fan crossover will be that much for these two titles to get in each other's way #4
But the issue is people go two routes with android devices

They either go for a Nexus or a Samsung device (the former may become less popular with the increased price)


They go for a cheap device (more so with tablets)

Sony (and other companies) need to break this unwritten rule to really make a difference. It is all about making larger profits #8.1
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Don't take my word for it (as I need to get round to trying this on my Xperia Z) but there seems to be a lot of talk on the XDA forums about this working http://www.xda-developers.c...

XDA is a god send #5.1.1
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I think the arguments boils down to which phone people get next not here is a device spend $600 on it (which is how the Vita was sold but obviously at a lesser price point). This feature might persuade users away from Nexus or Samsung devices as the phone appears to be fairly beasty spec wise (especially battery performance) and it connects with a popular device in a good way.

It is about persuading people who want to get a new phone to get the Z3. It isn't being pushed... #4.1
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I had that issue with the Xperia Z. Bought it and within a couple of months the Z1 came out which was infinitely better. Definitely waiting out my contract for this phone. Hell by then I might be on the Z5 :P #2.1.1
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That is what I don't understand. The quote was pretty extensive and clear. I am not sure what double meaning is there. A guy said something he shouldn't have. People reacted. Ubisoft is now back peddling on the claim and putting the blame on the Interviewer by claiming he has been misinterpreted #3.2
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They have already said (I swear on multiple occasions) it will not be there. I know the last guardian is a sce Japan studio game but I suspect they would announce that at an event like the VGAs or E3. Not TGS. TGS is really for games that mainly appeal to the Japanese audience with limited appeal elsewhere. The last guardian has a lot of press to it to waste announcing at TGS #1.1
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I think the issue is that is a big iff that goes against past examples of when a studio is bought. Honestly I see the move as a little bit odd but I can see Microsoft just buying the studio so that they can reap the rewards of having digital lego (hence the $2billion price tag) I don't see them making Minecraft exclusive but that does go against past examples/normal practice #3.1
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I wouldn't say they have gone against the grain. Siding with the most popular device is a normal move to make. We saw it with the 360 last generation (the US market share for the 360 was huge). #2.2
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