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Uncharted 3 was never a last howrah type of game which is something naughty dog needs to do. I want to see naughty dog end thing properly. #1.1.1
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One big criticism Sony got last generation was too many updates far too frequently. It became a running joke. This time they are clearly more reserved. Now some features are a must but I don't see the delay as a reason to claim Sony are resting on their laurels or have become arrogant. An update will come but thanks to the criticism they got from the last generation these will be larger but less frequent #11.2
Probably not but I don't regret buying it so early. #2
I think what makes you point invalid is Sony and Microsoft have done quite well without one. Sony, recently, had done phenomenally well with no "personality" as you put it (which I disagree with). If mascots were so important should the Wii U be selling a lot better than the PS4. Mascots are fairly irrelevant unless it has already been established #1.4.1
Vita isn't popular at all and the main hook for PlayStation TV is not going to be the games but the interaction with the PS4 and multimedia functions (those two things are going to sell the product and two they need to get those two thing right). Your argument is based on if the Vita becomes popular (but it never has and never will be). Sony pretty much acknowledges this when they dropped the Vita name from the PlayStation TV. At the minute remote play is the last unique feature the Vita... #11.1.1
I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion but they should kill it. I have a Vita (I don't really play it that much anymore) but Sony seems to have moved on from it. We have playstation TV coming out shortly, PS Now in the near future and Sony is about to release another set of mobile handsets. I feel in some ways the Vita is a lost cause for Sony and they could make a meaningful jump on the rest of its competitors (in the mobile space) by getting remote play on their mobile devices.... #11
Apparently it was. Then again expansion packs and general games back in the day were like this (as far as I remeber). Things have come full circle #2.1.2
At least all COD games are military shooter. Hardline is a new direction for the battlefield franchise (cops and robbers) but the game feels like a reskinned military shooter. Reskinning a game is bad enough but this is something else. It's lazy #1.3.2
I would kind of like it to be a one hit wonder than an established series. The Last of Us was a phenomenal game and it suited being a one off game. I don't want to see what happened to inFamous. In my eyes inFamous ended on a perfect note with infamous 2. But then Sucker Punch had to make things convenient and it ruined the powerful ending inFamous 2 had. I know it is a big ask because a lot of money is involved but I would like series to end when it feels right to #2
I think mascots are a thing of the past and so creating a new mascot is near impossible. The "recognisable face" is the service itself. Look at Sony branching out with the Playstation brand. That is the recognisable face as people know what playstation is (and in some ways has a bigger standing than Sony itself) #1
I haven't even made it that far. I don't even want to try the beta because it is solely an online multiplayer RPG shooty thingy. Just not my thing at all #1.1
I think it has little to do with perceived market position of their product and more to do with the realisation how stupid the move would be. They were essentially going to make shows (financed somehow) for a $400/$500 machine. There isn't much logic behind this unless they were going to charge for it (which would piss people off since the consumer is already paying for a subscription). It is a reason why I feel Sony should abandon the idea and instead look to get their own programmes (w... #2
@ JBSleek

Apple does control a big market share at the company level. May not be the software level (i.e. IOS but with only two really competitive software types on the market it is still pretty big and profitable) but it does in devices.

Consoles isn't holey relatable to this though. Consoles don't make most of their money through the sales of the system but the sale of the software (especially licenced software). This is why market share really matt... #1.1.2
No. not really. Platformers are kind of the thing of the past. Now that may upset fans but gaming has evolved past that now (especially platformers of this nature). Though Ubisoft has taken a step in the right direction with Rayman which could get more people into platformers. Cheaper versions are ideal for that genre. If Sony was going to bring Crash, Spyro, Jak and Daxter back they need to make them PSN games or second tier retail games. I really don't think a $60 would stand up to ot... #4
I agree with you on the tree unproven devices/services but this

"MS doesn't have to beat PS4 in sales to be a success. Xbox needs to be profitable and cater to millions which it seems to be doing".

isn't quite right. For big companies you need to be raking in big profits. Big profits are only going to happen if you control big shares of the market. Small profits are pointless for Microsoft and a complete waste of time and resources (which is... #1.1
It is possible that demand has been so low that Sony/stores never produced/stocked enough units for more than 15,000 worth of demand. They are pushing a new product based upon the Vita design soon. That is probably where the efforts are going. It hasn't sold that well in recent times so a bump in demand (however small) is quite a significant occurrence that would mean Sony would need to react (i.e. supply more Vitas). They may not have predicted it

I think you are way off... #5
Congratulations on the child but man that is just embarrassing #2

Currently the One is selling only slightly less than the 360 (in the same time frame) but the point still stands. The 360 was up against nothing and had the advantage of first HD console to grace the market (which, if I remember correctly, brought a huge amount of excitement and buzz). The One is up against stiff competition and only slightly fell short of that number #2.1.2
That would be a smart move. Release this summer with a beta for people to get excited for Uncharted 4 in the fall

edit I don't mean this summer I mean next summer and next fall #3.2
I hope so. I haven't play AC4 yet but AC3 played it fast and loose with historical accuracy #1
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