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It isn't really. It takes a lot of time and asking around to find out if parts are not only compatible but you have enough power. PC Part picker can only do so much and Reddit helped me immensely on this. Putting the dam thing together wasn't difficult but it wasn't easy. It requires a lot of patience and figuring out the best airflow for your machine (with a lot of time on cable management to boot). Then you look at the cost of it all (which isn't by no means cheap and easy t...

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The S is far more useful and appealing. If I wanted to pay a lot of money for a system I would just spend the money on a PC as it doesn't just play Microsoft games. So Scorpio and Neo are out. They are a complete waste of money

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Of course not. You average console buyer isn't your average PC buyer. They are in two different price brackets of which attracts two different consumers with some cross over. It benefits Microsoft greatly selling a game to two different markets. It only becomes mad when your trying to sell a more expensive and powerful system. The price difference between the two (console and PC) dramatically decrease and currently the Xbox ecosystem can't play steam games.

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I think the undermining doesn't come from the Xbox S. That is fairly logical (cheaper unit). The idea that they are going more PC friendly with all their games and releasing a high spec machine (with a relatively high price) when that market is already being served is a point to raise. It would be different if games couldn't be bought on PCs. The undermining comes from the point owning a Scorpio machine. Especially when it enters a market where a user can choose their own components,...

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Probably next year but hopefully never. These machines seem like a massive misstep. I get it that everyone wants a piece of the mobile model but it has to be done right. Subscriptions and all. Otherwise your system is as expensive and more limiting than a PC. Consoles have to appear to be cheap. It is a waste

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E3 is always like that. It is the wrong time of year. We either get random pre-rendered rubbish to show off games years away or very small sections of games that really do not tell us anything (with the usual PR bull). The games are not really that ready to show off and anything that is would have been shown off days (leaked) or even months prior. Even new hardware is moving to their own show (since a lot needs to be said and software still sells a systems).

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I think you misunderstand the market for these machines. Sony struggled to sell a $600. Microsoft struggled to sell a $400 machine (when you look at who and how many are buying systems at that time). Those interested in high end specs with high end cost brackets are more likely to sink money into a PC (as it isn't a closed system) than a high end closed system with little room to breathe and expand. Console have never, and never will, serve that high end cost market. They are and have to ...

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"Like does no one see that? Its not hard.... you already have your xbox Scorpio it just doesn't have the xbox logo on it and it doesn't charge you to play online"

Which is why I think these 2.0s are a waste of time. They are going to cost and once they cost too much that it goes into the PC build territory people are turned off. You remove a major advantage to why console have succeeded for so long

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It depends if it is a short term semi success. If there is an initially large attainment that draws developers away to make Scorpio only/focused games. Sure since it burns the mainstream audience. However, this is a lot of different factors coming together to create this situation.

It is far more likely that
A: It doesn't sell (I think due to price) and it is all forgotten (sort of)
B: Developers will develop for the lowest denominator (base Xbox or PS...

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Well nothing really was announced. That is the problem. Nothing was ready to announce and such nothing should have been announced.

I don't agree with people being "left behind". I actually thing these new 2.0 console won't sell that well. As base versions prices get lower and these 2.0 systems propositional themselves in the PC build price bracket they are not leaving enough room for people to jump on board in big enough numbers. The 3DS is different since...

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And here lies why this announcement will seriously bite them in the arse. It will never be 399. You just have to look at what is currently possible at certain prices points to see that. You can't get a 4K PC build for anywhere near 399. It reminds me of the VR announcements by everyone. All the tech gets shown off and people are excited but there is no indication of price. Then people are shocked it cost a lot of money and it gets bad press. These things you...

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I get that but I think it will bite them in the arse in the long run. You need to launch these things clearly with a set price in mind. Otherwise people spend ages wishing the price to be lower that it is and get burned fast. The same way it happened with VR.

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Exactly why Steam Machines failed so quickly. When price gets too big people get a PC (buy and upgrade your own components and it isn't locked down). It is like no-one has learned from it. Ignore this. They should be focusing on the content and making the base model as cheap as possible. That is where console gaming strengths lie. Not ridiculously expensive stuff (this will not be cheap)

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Why announce this now? A year and a half of a "better" version coming. An odd way of doing things. Also what price are they going for here? Once we start hitting PC build prices these machines will be DOA. It happened with the steam machines. If it is truly for the hardcore they like to pick and choice components and not be locked down eco system wise.

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Actually people are buying less tablets now and fewer are getting a second even when they have planned obsoletion. This is because they replaced laptops in function and people don't replacing them until they fail. Sales of them are down year on year and these are seen as essential items. A console is far from that

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It would have to be either cheap (each upgrade) or on a payment plan. The reasons why this model works with phones and cars is because the short term costs are low enough to not notice. Phones enjoy this model because the high price tag is offset by the monthly payments. Microsoft can't just release a £300-£400 every 2-3 years and expect massive amounts of people to buy it. That is probably a bit too much for the majority of console gamers. This just seems like one of these init...

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Will they? The PS4 version isn't coming out for at least another year (so same time next year for a game that is a year old). Which only leaves the PC community to pick up the slack. Hype came and went. I feel it will still come out softly on PC. If Square honestly believes those two releases will boost numbers significantly good for them but I do not see the logic.

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This game is a perfect March game. People have been saying this since the release date was announced. There was no way Rise would be able to compete in such a jam packed holiday window. Microsoft needs to learn that it is okay to release games at other times of the year. Square should know better

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Firstly that is hard to say but secondly a sequel doesn't just happen because the money was made back. If enough people don't buy this game it is a harder sell for the sequel (especially games that are not annual iterations). 63,000 units is awful even by UK standards. The fans are not as loyal so they don't have as many raving about the previous game to build hype for the next. If sales do not pick up it will be hard to justify a sequel.

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Cool but it depends how they fill it. A large world is great but and empty world is pointless

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