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Will they? The PS4 version isn't coming out for at least another year (so same time next year for a game that is a year old). Which only leaves the PC community to pick up the slack. Hype came and went. I feel it will still come out softly on PC. If Square honestly believes those two releases will boost numbers significantly good for them but I do not see the logic. #30.1
This game is a perfect March game. People have been saying this since the release date was announced. There was no way Rise would be able to compete in such a jam packed holiday window. Microsoft needs to learn that it is okay to release games at other times of the year. Square should know better #19.1
Firstly that is hard to say but secondly a sequel doesn't just happen because the money was made back. If enough people don't buy this game it is a harder sell for the sequel (especially games that are not annual iterations). 63,000 units is awful even by UK standards. The fans are not as loyal so they don't have as many raving about the previous game to build hype for the next. If sales do not pick up it will be hard to justify a sequel. #13.2
Cool but it depends how they fill it. A large world is great but and empty world is pointless #14
Videogamer ( ) pretty much say why I fear this game isn't a $60 game. It seems like an incredibly short lived game. Incredible for a bit but then dies after a few hours. I think it will be interesting to see if the community sticks around for longer than a few months #8
I heard those rumors too. I also think that is why we have not and will not get a remastered version of the game #3.1
Also moving around a room is totally unfeasible at a commercial level for a VR headset. Who has that much space with nothing in the way #2.1.1
And yet the amount of people playing those games online stays reliable and constant. Clearly they know their audience because they are still playing even after the marketing has worn off. If they didn't know their audience it would turn out like Evolve. That game died quickly #3.1.2
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I am not sure how anyone can really market this game without making it sound cheesy and crap or misrepresenting the game. What is selling this game is the amount of youtubers playing it and recommending it. That is the marketing that will work for this game. Adverts are not #4
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I do not understand the logic with how they are releasing this game. It is going to get buried even under the Xbox's own line up let alone talking about the appeal of other systems. #10.3
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Not this time around. The biggest aim from all of them was to make a profit with each system sold. Microsoft could not do it as they had to drastically cut the price and do it early. Sony have been making a profit on their system for some time now (which was a big departure from the mentality of the last generation) #1.11
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Discs are far cheaper to produce than flash. It is a why developers moved to disc over cartridges. Most of what you said is right but don't call it a cheaper alternative to discs. It is not. It could be a major issue for Nintendo in the long run going flash. It adds to an already expanding budget. I see it pushing more developers and publishers away which is the opposite of what Nintendo needs. One of the major reasons why the Wii U failed was due to lack... #2.1.5
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You can call me an asshole and you can come up with loose reasons as to way I can't say the Wii U is a colossal failure. But any idiot can see how badly the Wii U has done. Not only has it failed to capitalise on the support the Wii got with consumers but it even emphasised a trend of each Nintendo home console selling far less than their predecessors. I mean come on. The Wii U has been a failure from the get go. 10 million sold for any console is bad (for a growing industry where total s... #10.1.1
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It is just you. 10 million in this amount of time is extremely poor for home console sales #10
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I think they could loose a lot. It all depends on how much Microsoft paid but when you look at the release date (with the other huge, extremely high profile, games around it) combined with much later releases on other systems I think a lot of people will skip this. Then when Square wants to release a third off the back of something that sells poorly it will cost a lot. Square spent a fortune on getting the Tomb Raider series back (so much so it barely made a goo... #3.1.2
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Whoever came up with the release window (Square or Microsoft) are just putting money straight into the bin. The games releasing this fall are insane. Some of the biggest games ever are releasing this fall and Fallout 4 on the same day is mad. They need to push it back. Even early Jan 2016 is a better date.

Also releasing the PS4 version so late will be a mistake for Sqaure (not for Microsoft). Even if they release it as the definite version it is going to be a hard sell (espe... #2.1
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Capital is irreverent if they have no influence/foothold in a market. If it fails investors will freak and demand a rethink, you just end up loosing said capital and no-one cares what you release in the present and in the future.

You are not going to attract new investors or content makers if each major product you release sells dramatically less than the previous one (it is a bad investment). Nintendo's handheld division isn't exactly safe from this trend but at leas... #1.1.4
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It runs alright on mine (i5 4670, 8GB RAM, GTX 970) but the gameworks smoke kills the frame rate and I did encounter 3 game breaking bugs that needed a restart. But like you said people are not missing much with this game. Don't get me wrong it is fun but parts become stale quickly. #2.2
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My point is there will be a possibility. Any possibility is worth waiting to see if it becomes true #2.1.1
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I would disagree. Pixar can tell emotional grown up stories through a child friendly image. Naughty Dog are no where near that. They have proven to be good story tellers and they take their time with their projects (like Pixar) but they offer a different skill. Apart from the early day which I would argue we not story masterpieces as the games industry was not there yet, they tell their stories through a mature guise. I don't think anyone is at the Pixar level in the gaming world. #5
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