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I actually remember loving it as a kid. But when I look back now..
My god :')

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Exactly ^
I was new to GG when I got Xrd. I didn't know any character. Now, I love it!?

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I mean, bro, i'm high asf. You think I care about anything apart from food atm?
More to life than arguing with some dick about irrelevant shit. :')

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Xrd is awesome. Beefy amount of story, some solid cutscenes. 8 out of 8 m8.

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Bro, it's a website. Virtual bubbles have minimum impact on my life.
You appear to have mistaken me as someone who actually gives a fuck. :')

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So I heard you got $250 gamestop gift card for Christmas. Don't think anyone cared about that either lad.. But hey. Good for you.. No one cares.

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I never claimed anyone did? Opinions Are like arseholes my friend. Everybody has one.

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GoW MP was one of my fave MP experiences last gen. I clocked 1100+ matches on it with a 2.4 K/D. I'd happily welcome GoW4 PS4 Mp :')

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Wouldn't you be if you was working on this game?!

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More like Master Queef..


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They've made this game into the best next gen racer available. I've platted both DC bikex and cars and would happily do it again

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said no one ever

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It's not a bad effort but it's noticable

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It's more like interactive cutscenes

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I've got the plats for both DC cars and bikes.
I usually hate track sims, but DC got me hooked like none before.
The launch was a shambles, but due to the constant support for the game, it's become one of my favourite racers.
And my god.. The photo mode... Wooooow

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Maaaaaaaaan, I'd do anything for Okami on PS4. You could use the touchpad to paint!?

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Darth, build a bridge and then get over it.

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Last year? I've been getting people with this for at least 8 years :')

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The only time I'm going to co op is with my mates, gonna make a seperate character for that.

Beat that little wearwolf whore, got my souls back. I'm a happy guy.
PS Dem witches are well annoying
It's all good, guy above!

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@WellyUK Didn't steam give out a load of accounts info by accident last week? Credit cards, Home Address, the lot..?

Might be a big fall from that high horse of yours

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