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la noire sounds pimp. so does mortal kombat but la noire is more up my street

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so it's an rpg? .....why?

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sounds interesting. i just hope it's not too much like street fighter in terms of how it plays.

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jesus christ. this sounds pimp. mega pimp. mega mcdaddy master flash pimp.

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so long as i still own on cod the way i'm doing right now (k/d ratio 2.98) then ill keep buying cod.

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good call on starcraft for multiplayer.

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Mass Effect 2 WTF!

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Jesus this sounds good. Good enough to make me wanna get those unlocks for the full gam

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no super meat boy? wtf.

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Sounds crap. A lot of today's reviews don't like the game. Makes you wonder where those g
High scores came from yesterday

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frozen dam is the worst map? i love that map and i love that spawn camping bit they're talking about. spawn camping = hella fun

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right. ive given it some thought and i want to see a triple dragon age romance between hawke, yoshi and the fat princess from fat princess.

muscles, long tongues and a lot of woman. what more do u need

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hawke would beat down bayonetta. bayonetta is girl...

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i like destructive boobs

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did u even read the article? they say why THEY THINK it's nt survival horror.

at least its an article that isnt just another preview or review. is saying dead space is not survival horror really 'radical'? you must be very easily shcked.

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yea. looks real good

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tried playing on hardcore. it was too difficult. gave up. didnt enjoy it. i dont play games for that kind of challenge. i play them to be entertained. on that difficulty setting it just felt like work rather than fun

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does anyone even care about socom anymore?

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it might not be "survival horror" in the same way as resi evil or silent hill but i prefer it how it is. i like shooting sutff.

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