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The year of uncharted this year right? I really hope it's a stunner. I don't know much about the multiplayer but I didn't like u2's multiplayer. Single player was incredible though

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Gran turismo 5 2.0 update still sounding good to anyone?

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crysis = yes.
the rest = no.

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jjst watched some more video on this. holy sh**! bring on friday. i didn't pre-order but i dont think it will sell out. even though the games been getting good reviews it wnt sale will i think.

none of my friends are bothered about it really anyway.

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f'ing a!

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as if kinect didn't already scare me enough...

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12 mil on 360?

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black ops is awesome that's why. cod is awesome that's why modern warfare 2 is at number 3

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nowhere that cheap then

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lol. give this man a comedy award. best comment ever.

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borderlands = sweet. battlefield 3 = sweet. res evil = sweet. mercury hg = never heard of. fifa for £55 = wtf!

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erm..... no thanks.

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if only there was more free dlc on 360. portal 2 dlc is gonna be free though right

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i played scene it on 360 for a bit and buzz on ps2. i think thats the only quiz games ive played.

playing tetris on my phone though. i guess that's a puzzle game?

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not nani, hes stil to inconsistent.

there is a link that article to the top 20 players in a bunch of positins. i think all the players you mentioned are in that one.

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i dont think its' an opinion though

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sports games are different because they need to mimic real life. new season, new game. plus, fifa does a much better job than other games in changing a lot of stuff every year.

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fifa has always been the king in my eyes. even when pro evo was 'better' it wasn't better than fifa

konami should do themselves a favor and not bother

@PirateThom (below)

you make a fair point. perhaps i should rephrase my statement... i should not bother with pro evo (and nor should you - more online players on fifa!)

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it's better then another lord of the rings rip off

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