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hitman sounds quite good actually

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at least the pc version is being made with its own assets. more devs should take the time to do that.

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the ps3 chart is interesting. no skyrim

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the article says it's 13% lower than last year

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there were a lot of good and high selling games late in the year. not surprised that half of all sales happened late on

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mw3 ftw

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it's a huge game. get over it.

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being set in the recession is a good spot thats probably true. i really hope its not got more than one playable character.

gta is about really seeing the world through one pair of eye not jumping around loads of people

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that's not true. the negativity towards the me3 multiplayer is because it looks crap. a horde mode in mass effect? no thanks. we expect more and better fron bioware

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sounds like you didnt even read the article

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i love it when companies say theyre looking to get even more money out of you before youve even bought the main game

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ummm.... putting on my fanboy protection hat now...

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foaming at the mouth right now. gimme gimme gimme.

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how do you think for elena?

scarlett johansson? natalie portman? or maybe carrie mulligan? if it was carrie mulligan and ryan gosling that would be a sweet reunion from drive

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doom movie was awesome.

what about ryan gosling for drake?

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agreed with fluffydelusions. i'm not a millionaire.

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day two. maybe day three.

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it should be called Dead Souls

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fairly interested. a non-linear structure would be nice like gillri says. i'd also like less combat, that's what let down the first one - too many peeps with guns.

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i got dead island for £27... sounds like a good deal for rage to me

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