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No #3
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perhaps is someone else took over they'd actually make some interesting games? rather than just releasing sequels to the same few over and over again. #2
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so what is it a challenger to? the over 65s skateboarding championship? wheelchair tennis?

gimme a break. sports get way, way, way more viewers than half a million. to say it's a challenger because of that number is silly. #2
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it had co-op. no competitive #1.1
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i love uncharted, but it's not the best example as far as gameplay is concerned.

darksiders isn't a great example, either. good game but it borrows gameplay elements from lots of other games and puts them in one place. #2.1
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the point is nothing to do with whether iOS games are good. the point is that a single feature can make a good game.

sure, there are more made examples than good, but that's true with all mediums and game types.

there are more bad songs than good. more bad movies than good. more bad games than good. #1.1.3
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While I agree with your second point, I don't agree with the first.

"a single "innovative" feature" isn't enough to make a game fun.

I think it is.

Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Braid are good examples.

Yes, this being N4G, and me mentioning iOS game, is going to attract some negative attention. But it's true, those are good games that achieve exactly what they set out to do and do so with a si... #1.1
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couldn't agree more. sleeping dogs does the 'f-bomb' thing all the time.

it just starts to sound dumb after a while #1.1
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Walking Dead is excellent, but not really a point and click game in the same way of Broken Sword.

Really love Walking Dead, but more of an interactive story than a full-on game. #1.1
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@Veni Vidi Vici with respect, but I think you're missing the point of Cage's games.

The means in which you interact with doesn't matter, it's not where the fun comes from. Interactive stories need a means of interaction for you to drive the plot forward. The input has no use other than that.

Therefore QTEs become a good option because they force a certain pace. Pace is essential for a good interactive movie-style experience. #3.2
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are movies still bigger than games? #2
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about time #1
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the number of copies a game sells is not a way of judging a game's quality. the best movies are not the ones that sell the most, same with games.

Also, there's nothing way with linear games - it's the best (possibly only) way for a writing to have true authorship over the narrative.

Just because games can do non-linear stories, doesn't mean they all should.

There should be a choice. Linear games are just as good as non-linear... #10.1
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most of those games are not "adult". Yes, they can be enjoyed by adults, but so can pixar movies. other than blood and nudity, what's "mature" about God of War, for example?

That's not the kind of adult theme being spoken about here. What's meant here, I believe, is an emotional connection with the narrative and/or subject matter and/or character.

Something where the main description doesn't include "exciting" &q... #1.2.4
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True: there are enough shooting games. #1
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is this comment even meant for Darksiders 2?

button masher?

if you read the article (even the headline) then you'll know darksiders 2 isn't coop #1.1
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games are still packed full of content. DLC creates a problem where it seems like you're not getting all of the game up front.

games are just as big as they ever were, but now you can get more stuff if you want.

not saying some devs/publishers abuse that idea but saying games don't have contnet now is not true. #1.1.3
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to be far to Gearbox, they're not a company that won't include finished stuff in the game.

there DLC really does seem to be extra stuff that was never intended in to be put in the final game, even they may have like to have it.

they can't include absolutely every idea they have in a game. they would have to hire more people to get the work done, it would cost too much and to be honest some games get confused and lose their sense of direction if t... #1.2.1
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mmm... mass effect as a good movie? not sure. cool world and characters, but how do you fit all of that into the length of the movie?

will probably be fun but will feel a bit shallow #1
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agreed. still best rts out there because of all the updates. doesn't feel like an old game at all #1
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