PS3 is a RPG beast this year! I LIKE


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I really like the setup on this site where actual gamers can submit news, it's unique. The problem lies in discussion, like you said it's really the immaturity some people have that wants to censor opinions and not discuss things rationally.

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No, but maybe I'll check them out :)

Out of the times I visited this site I never saw one, pleasantly surprised mine got accepted, even more surprised of all the great replies. Thanks guys :)

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And as for the report about it being short, shorter blogs have been posted before for an example

With that said I don't really think my blog will get approved, and I don't blame you. What other site would publish a blog that's critical of the site on the front page?

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lol I appreciate the response bro, being Sony friendly isn't the issue though, it's being uninviting to Xbox/Nintendo fans, I wouldn't want to go to a place that is heavily tilted in Xbox/Nintendo's favor either. I prefer a somewhat balanced site, that's why I left and is likely to leave again. I agree about being responsible for you comments is a great thing but the system is abused a lot, I've lost bubbles before for stating pure facts as well being labeled as trolli...

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over 800k EACH for LO and BD isn't a feat? That's more than a lot of JRPGs nowadays. MS funded those games, they definitely made a profit. But I do applaud you for actually responding.

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Like I said Mistwalker's best selling games were the 360 titles both selling well over 800k WW (Very good for JRPGs) not to mention Mistwalker purposely avoided the playstation brand because Sakaguchi isn't a fan thanks to Ken. Let's also not mention that Mistwalker was well alive after the MS deal. There was no abandonment the deal was over and they decided to move onto the Wii, but hey let's hate on MS for no reason because it's the cool thing to do.

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And yet their 360 games sold the most...

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This game looks great!

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I wanna see what the Japan studio is working on! I'd probably have to wait till TGS. I hope the unannounced game is Crackdown 3 or Banjo 3, that'll be nice. I'm liking the recent efforts MS is doing, I hope they keep it going and hopefully remove some of the ridiculous paywall stuff.

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Did you really just say that the Playstation analog sticks take skill? I'm literally laughing right now

None of them take skill, this is just fanboyism

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If you go against the TOS and are caught you put yourself at risk for a ban, same goes with Psn. You'll still be able to play single player games

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What's a scar cable?

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Brain surgery shouldn't be used as a joke

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The entire single player is free to everyone that has an xbox one...

Define next gen? That's why I said IMO, arcade titles can't have next gen graphics? I never presented it as fact

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You can purchase the game whole without F2P model, the game is gorgeous I've seen it in person. Those lighting effects are amazing truly something you have to see in with your own eyes. Game looks next gen imo

Gameplay is nice, they got rid of what was bad in KI and added some SF elements. It still plays very much like KI though. I urge people to at least give it a shot if you're getting a Xbox One. If not then hopefully it'll be made for arcade. Just my two cents...

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Judge games based on their own merits

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Who cares what the company has done in the past? And you'll be able to purchase the full game without using the F2P model....

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On a side note, MS just called it Halo 5 on their facebook...

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I totally see where you are coming from but they would've flat out said Halo 5. Maybe it's a game that takes place between H4 and H5? Either way I'm excited

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Right? Thought the same thing, loved the atmosphere of the desolate desert.

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