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You're an idiot for the last part

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Until they do I'll be playing it on my PS3

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ummm the 24th is a Sunday. never heard of a game being released on that day.

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pretty sure those won't stop being produced.

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screen too small? GALAXY NOTE 2 BABY!!!

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You got MGS confused with COD

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How about a PS3 that screams in agony when it's dying? Lol j/k.

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I know right. if its as big as they say it is i wonder what the save system is like?

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i'm not gonna lie i was hesitant at first when i bought it. i got it when it was a 2 for $60 sale at Toys R Us around summer. this game was really great. hope they do a second one it will most deff be a day 1 buy from me.

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well of course he's gonna say it's fake. they have a mag coming out in a couple of days they don't want to spoil. but seriously i hope it's really fake. we will see in the next few days if they really are.

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I really want them to make their own metropolis.

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i still got my ps2 version and a 60gb ps3 with bc i'm ok

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first game i played everyone was kratos. i was real confused which one i was.

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i would say 2-3 years would be better if they add better innovation and not be like a certain game that comes out every year and nothing is new about it

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its 24 inches

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most places do that it's just a place marker. it's not coming out on the 31st they do that until they have the real date.

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At least until about round 20. Then they gonna start to get their butts handed to them

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so why comment? clearly in the title it was talking about a Sleeping Dogs deal. get lost im pretty sure somebody wants to try them games out for themselves

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Toys R Us have a 2 for $60 deal going on right now with Sleeping Dogs and Max Payne 3 included.

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