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"Why does everyone have to be so Negative about everything? It's really Depressing!"


OMG, you ain't kidding there! was total crap. Had like maybe 1/3 of the deals that had. I believe I only saw 5 or 6 games on sale, and some of the "sale prices" were regular sale prices that Best Buy or Walmart would have. Only thing I bought was AC Unity for $14.99. Very Awful Indeed! #14.1
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When that whole Rare presentation started, I just immediately began jumping up and down and then to see 30 games for $30. OMG!!! Then they showed Sea of Thieves, looked pretty awesome and fun to play! #5
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@cruzngta....Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure I heard Ted Price say "Download Voucher" when he officially announced the White Sunset Overdrive Bundle (But I might be wrong, will re-watch it again once it's uploaded).

But that would make sense, seeing as though that's the way Microsoft is going this gen with just downloadable vouchers included instead of retail disc versions. #2.2
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Have to agree with both you guys. Totally amazing, definitely reminds me of an Alan Wake style story/gameplay, but seems like Quantum Break has a bit better shooting/movement mechanics around the environments than Alan Wake did, but still, great job Remedy!

Now my only problem this fall is whether I get the Limited Edition Call of Duty Xbox One, or do I get the all new White Sunset Overdrive Bundle :D...OMG talk about #FirstWorldProblems #1.1.2
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Hell yeah it's for real!! I couldn't believe it myself, but I was in Target yesterday and I bought 3 Xbox One Games (Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 for $10/each and Ryse was $15). That's 3 Brand New Games, even though they were all launch titles, for $35...and I don't even own an Xbox One yet! :D

It's too bad my Target only had 3 PS4 games on sale though, and 2 of them were Madden 14 and NBA 2K14 for $10/ea. And the other one was Knack for $10, but it was sold... #8
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<------- UMM HELL YEAH WE DO!!!! I've Been Waiting Since The Late 90's, even though I got Conker: Live and Reloaded for the Original Xbox, it was just a re-mastered Bad Fur Day with Xbox Live Multiplayer. And while it was still fun and exciting, it wasn't a sequel and that's what I and many others would like from Rare.... A sequel to Conkers: BFD and a Perfect Dark that doesn't suck (*cough Perfect Dark Zero cough*)

C'mon Rare and Phil...Make it hap... #1.1
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I must say, that was a very well written piece and it was refreshing to read something from someone who took both sides and showed all the positives about each console and why even hinting at trading either the Xbox One or PS4 in, would be ridiculous.

Very well done, Brent Felsing(author)! #19
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Holy!!! I'm actually not as terrible as I thought I was, but I'm still pretty crappy compared to everyone else who's played. I'm a WIP I suppose'.

This is really helpful btw! #2
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As a proud Canadian citizen, an avid NHL playoff fanatic, and a member of the Movember movement, I am deeply offended by this lack of beard/facial hair in our Destiny characters. I have signed this petition and hope you do as well and support the Destiny Facial Movement. LOL :D #4
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Pretty sure that was probably me with the 28 deaths and no kills, :( I'm so crappy at Destiny in PvP/Crucible it's not even funny.

I suck so bad, It made me feel like quitting gaming altogether. But, I'll just stick to the shared-world campaign! #5.1.1
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I'll take chocolate chips and blueberries in mine please! :D #1.1
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LOL, I'm right there with ya man :(. I finished 3rd on my team first game I played, then finished dead last in every single game after that (Had like a 0.23 K/D ratio). I think I was the only Titan on my team, cause every one else was double jumping and flying in the air, and I kept falling out of the playing area, lol.

Yeah, I don't think I'll ever be playing the Crucible again. Especially if I'm a Level 7 and am getting my butt kicked by a Level 4....It'... #4.1
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To answer your question:

It's a countdown clock from Nvidia which ends on July 22nd. Hope that helps! #7.1
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Maybe if you actually clicked on my name and seen where I'm from and where I live, guess what...I'm Canadian!!! And I'm just appalled at this article/opinion piece cause it actually makes absolutely no sense and actually is sad that it game from a so-called "Canadian" publication, cause usually our journalists don't make up ridiculous articles like this.

Granted, as you said, It's just an opinion. But sometimes opinions... #3.1.2
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100 Agree!! I can't believe this came from a site called "Canadian" online gamers, actually makes me question a lot of their reasoning and motives.

Bottom Line: Keep your Xbox One and enjoy it, DO NOT Trade it in and get a PS4, especially not because of the reasons this author mentioned. #3.1
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Oh Boy....Really can't wait for September 9th, I need my NHL 15 fix right now!!! Looks Amazing :D #1
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I've got to agree here. What the hell is going on today with all these old stories/non-news related submissions getting approved?

Everyone knew about this last week and there's no new information to report:

No New Surprises Here! #4
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Well, there's 2 possible outcomes as to why this is a news story and why it was approved:

1) If you look at the title, it now reads "Borderlands 2 Limited Edition Vita Bundle". Maybe it's Sony's way of rebranding the bundle by putting Limited Edition in there and re-launching it?

2) The writer of the article has been stoned and living under a rock since May 6th, 2014, when the Borderlands 2 Vita Slim Bundle was released in North America,... #3
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Oh man, the guys at GiantBomb are going to have a blast when these two are front row at their PAX Panels and join them at GiantBomb Live at next years E3!!!

Great Times Are Ahead :D #3
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