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As long as their games are going to feel like next gen games and look like next gen games, BRING IT ON SON !!! I don't CARE

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ehh he is just bullshizing...

the game is 2 3 months away from being shipped.

That's what it is going to look like guys ( ON PS3 and 360), don't get fooled lol !

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399 is not really a lot of money guys, it's very affordable !

It's hard for ppl under 16 who can't have jobs, but if you are 16+ with a job, 399 is affordable... and if you are under 16 then tell EVERYONE in the family how bad you want the PS4 for Christmas

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on the other hand, Sony planned it so nice that made Microsoft change its plans LOL DRM and 24/7 online thing that were changed later

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Sometimes not, the way Microsoft planned X1, I wondered, did they even attend college ? Horrible marketing... Do they even lift ?

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LOL what a joke they are ! They will learn their lesson

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FateoftheGame, go home you are drunk !

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crazy ? Yea crazy to you

but if he is a billionaire, 20k is seriously nothing ! People in dubai pay 20 million dollars to have a unique license plate number

yes to average joe like us, WTFFFF is that poop

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A waste of a good game !

if you people were patient, and let R* release this game for PS4 and X1, it would be a a lotttt better experience, it would take them 6 months.

PS4 X1 PS3 and X360

but you are gonna play it PS3 360, and by the time it comes out for PS4 x1, it wouldn't feel as exciting as when first you play the game

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okay, come up with 10000 reasons that not a single Ef will be given to your opinion.

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We don't know son.

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with 4 different accents

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1 thing I want ! release this for PC ASAP

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I truly wish it comes out for PC, it would be waste for such a great game to run with not so up to date graphics and 30fps ://

When you have a nice PC that you max out everything, GTA V graphics on last gen just look outdated

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GTA V on PC or PS4

Ps3 is so old now, unless the graphics look like the last of us or uncharted :/, PS3 do you eve lift bro ?

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If you have a nice pc that could max it out then of course pc man !!! Plug in your ps3 or ps4 controller and it will feel the same

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We all know Microsoft just ef'D up !

That's what greed does people !

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Yes, Devs need to learn that from Activision.... LMAO, 7 years in a row, same shizz different toilet

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That looks fun man, I don't know what you are talking about

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I like how I got disagrees

Listen fanboys, FACTS remain FACTS !

Wii U might have great games, might be fun but IT IS NOT A NEXT GEN MACHINE, just because it came out a year ago doesn't mean IT IS...

2GB DDR3, 3 Core CPU, 8GB or 32GB flash, USB2...

Keep telling yourself those are next gen, yea go ahead. People in tech will laugh at you

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