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me so horny when I watch

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Xbox 360 of course, I want to have a bad experience, it's challenging

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Why aren't you responding to Nuketail in his thread ? Oh wait, you need to be on top so you get more agrees. ok highschoolers

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well it is... It's not rocket science

The only competitors are X1 and Wii u

well Wii u LOL LMFO what a joke

X1, is just not as strong

So PS4 is the most powerful console

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my childhood memories from Crash

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The Truth 24 7

you are annoying. You haven't even played both. plus you don't even lift

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yea but she is out of your league

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The Truth 24 7

you can tell by the disagrees how much truth is in your comments ;) Sheep

GTA V opened both legs, took a crap, SR4 is the result

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playing it on a 7 years old machine vs a new machine.... with this technology growing every year, BIG DIFFERENCE

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Xbox 1 rushed it... wanted to lift weights, rushed it and now pulled a muscle and a tendon, injured ! delayed

Xbox 1 still doesn't even lift bro

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looks like shiz !!! ughh,

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In United Sates, you need to make sure you learn the language better. diz, betta only make you look ghetto and you are trying too hard to be cool. well DON'T. unless you want to look like a tool

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GTA V will come to PC, that's no surprise and nothing new...

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btw I like GTA 3 cheetah the best, GTA V's cheeta, I don't like the back

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no dawg, we "wasn't" talkin bout animals yo

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I will pay fully for pre-order day one.

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when the clocks hits 12:00, it's Tuesday and no one can do anything, if a store decides to do a midnight lunch, it's up to them.. NO ONE can stop them except a Tsunami

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you never see devs say these kinda things about the X1... sorry MS fans :(

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Gamestop is sneaky ! I don't know

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360 doesn't even lift bro, everyone knows that

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