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The graphics look good but seriously No console graphics can beat Uncharted. Seriously man, Uncharted was a challenge

Note: Xbox 360 fans stfu with your gears and gaylo

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They have to ban these people !! seriously WTF ?

I'm thinking that Microsoft was the reason why GTA IV is leaked so it motivates other people to buy it and play it to be the # 1 as$hole in Xbox live. ahah

Wow Microsoft, enjoy stealing

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if yes, then Holyyyyyyyyy F***************

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GTA Lovers !

I'm a lover too but I wont buy that because I only enjoy the game not the T-shirt and keychain

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so if you disagree, you are a butthole because I didn't do anything. I just copied and pasted.

if you agree and bubble me, thank you !

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There isn’t much contrast as there is more saturation, which does tend to wash out the colors a tiny bit, which is noticeable if you compare it to the PS3 that comes with a more vivid color palette and softer edges. The washed out colors somewhat help to mask the AA issues on the 360 though, so it seems to match up with the PS3 relatively.

So PS3 version has better COLORS and less jaggies !!!! OH give me a bubble

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"PS3 games have a certain look to them. I like the way [the PS3] renders."

Sam Houser prefers the PS3 version

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"the PS3 version is in the lead."

well, thank you for remiding that.

As an Xbox 360 fan, I got owned LOL ahahaha

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Yes, they see the PS3 version pre-orders are higher, that's why they are spending another 10 mil to gaming websites to advertise it more. At the end of the day ...


This is confirmed by at least 10 people that the PS3 version is the choice if you have both consoles. Sam Houser was one :)

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is a butthole

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I told you about the excuses ! see

They are crying. They don't want to believe the truth.

the truth: PS3 version is superior and PS3 will win the console war.

go kill yourself now

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Whoever thought Rockstar is going to stab sony in the back ...

actually Rockstar milked Microsoft, lol 50mil = 50 buggattis

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Holyyyyyyyyy F*cKKKKKKKKKK !!!!!!! I watched em and I enjoyed :)

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Joke of the day: the Xbox 360 version of GTA IV got pirated.

LOL wow, that's the reason why R* is going PS3 exclusive after GTA IV because they save money. No one can hack PS3 games because


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WTF ? Xbox 360 is supposed to sell more than PS3 but no ! wow

Thanks Microsoft for throwing 50mil into trash, thanks for saving kids in Africa

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that he likes the PS3 version more. LOL WTF is wrong with you 360 fans ?

When the president says the PS3 version is better, that means it's better !

of course for you, it's a joke

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seriously man, the FPS is smoother and there are more cars and peds.

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Just look at that piece of Sh!t news

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Sam houser confirmed the Xbox 360 version is blurry !

lol my sister drew those trees for the 360 version

Games like Gears of War. that game has nice graphics but it's all foggy and blurry.

a game like Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, is the real sh!t, It has the best console graphics in the world.

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