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It is absolutely impossible to be released in this month... I'm guessing somewhere btw Feb - April 2014 we will see it on PC

I actually didn't finish the game and sold it half way through, I want to experience it on my PC, MAX settings... Anti Aliasing on full throttle, draw distance 100%, Ultra high shadows, textures, and blah blah blah DAMNN can't wait

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I played bf4, and wow ! Its the same as bf3.... feels the same, at least call of duty ghost will feel like black ops 2.5

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you know they could disable the comments ??? Dumabutties

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Xbox 1 50% better than Xbox 360
PS4 80% better than Xbox 360

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^ I had to bubble you down for that useless comment, sorry pal

very dumb to say that when you havn't even PLAYED Infamous... I'm a PS fan but you are a PS fan destroyer, meaning you make us look bad

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lol exactly ! If Rockstar said that, then I would have read the article, I didn't even open it

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This is Absolutely PS3 Xbox 360 graphics

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I hope so, GTA V is a beautiful game on those old machines but when you compare it to todays games on PCs, it looks horrible !

I wish console cycles were 5 years

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I have the PS3 version, playing it now, runs smooth

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Saints Row is a synonym for direheae

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At 00:33 when Franklin is looking to the left, you can see PS3 has more details and less jaggies. look at the tree behind Franklin and the grass.

PS3 looks sharper, less jaggies, better coloring, more details. I have to add something tho, looks like the time of the day in the game is different on each console...

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"Pirates ruin everything"

ehh god knows how many songs, tv shows, movies and games we have downloaded...

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Cheap poor bastards, there are games that are worth pirating, the shitty rushed games...

but games like gta v, doesnt matter how poor I am, I will pay for it to support rockstar because rockstar takes care of its fans

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yes, stay home with your mommy...

on the other hand, I as an adult, can carry a pistol, not that I need it, but I'm going in line LIKE A BOSS and will play the game at 1AM Tuesday. With no CURFEW SON... got 99 problems but curfew aint one

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They can still track you with the achievements !

but yea, they can't ban if you have a legit copy... It's not your fault

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yea man, WTF would R* release this game right before college :((((((((((

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How many times I have read PS4 so powerful, Strongest console to this date

MANY Freaking times !!!

How many times I have read X1 so powerful, Strongest console to this date

Many Freaking times ..... in my dreams only !!!

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just imagine what GTA 6 will be like ! It's time to explore Vice City again... MIAMI !

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I would not want to even look up anything leaked a week before lunch... Can't you guys just wait ? Leaks do nothing other than ruining the game

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map is posted, pics are posted too, everything has been posted.... useless

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