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by the way, is Caroline the semi dude who rated GTA 9/10 ?

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console version recieved 6/10

5/10 is for vita

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aduq1214 I hope you break you get a bad headache for an hour


on topic, I like the analog sticks, my thumbs were to slipping off of the old ones in GTA V doing the Yoga missions lol ... but they have fixed that with the PS4

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those are horrible graphics... Nice job Activision, that just looks like a PS3 version

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go home hydrolex, you're drunk

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I work in tech and I will tell you how this works...

Well it doesn't, you just dream it

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I know one thing tho, his kids want the Playstation 4

They kept telling him about the new playstation and how bad they want it, that's why it was right there on his tongue and knew about the new playstation

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ehhh I used to make those comments on N4G too until one day I grew some ballz and bought a 2k Pc. That's when I experienced gaming :0 !!!

going from high resolution games to a game like GTA v on a 7 years old machine hurts your eyes, try it

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Thanks, this was really news worthy... Obama saying the PlayStation word :///

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ugly textures, can't wait for the pc version

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Not gonna lie, Batman does't interest me anymore, the game is like call of duty, repetitive

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my cousins' uncle's friends' daughter's boyfriend's dad's friend works there and he is going to give me the game on 10/23rd

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Lets be honest, we all have pirated before... even downloading a song is pirating


GTA V, I'm gonna pay for that ! Just my appreciation to Rockstar for a good game, it's not a game that gets released every 2 years

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very good graphics for a $400 piece of machine

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Why is there no bubble negative vote for idioticy?

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I'm a pirate, a smart one

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no, that's what you get for being an idiot...

Just look around and see if the game is even released or about to be release, The game isn't even announced yet for PC LOL


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It is absolutely impossible to be released in this month... I'm guessing somewhere btw Feb - April 2014 we will see it on PC

I actually didn't finish the game and sold it half way through, I want to experience it on my PC, MAX settings... Anti Aliasing on full throttle, draw distance 100%, Ultra high shadows, textures, and blah blah blah DAMNN can't wait

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I played bf4, and wow ! Its the same as bf3.... feels the same, at least call of duty ghost will feel like black ops 2.5

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you know they could disable the comments ??? Dumabutties

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