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Honestly, watch dogs story was much better than v's

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Damn, I thought it was running on Wii u !! Really disappointed at this point

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Do you guys notice Nate is getting older ?

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So Gamespot was spot on yesterday

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Nate for president !!!

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What about pc ?

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I really enjoyed the story... once I was done tho, I stopped playing

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I will buy a PS4 for this game

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Yeap, heard it comes with a backup camera and navigation !

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I finished the game, and I didn't buy it... I'm glad I didn't

When Ubisoft tries to sell me a broken game, of course I'm gonna say NO to that. The game is pooooorly optimized for PC

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aw man I was gonna buy but but I'm 20 bucks short, time to save money

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I have a strong machine worth about 2k and still can't really play Watch Dogs on Ultra, I have to admit, I'm glad that 400 dollar machine is playing this game really nicely tho

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I have gtx 670 sli i5 3750 and the game has fps issues... I heard it's a software thing, hopefuly they will release an update at launch.

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PS4 = less jaggies... X1 = a lil washed out

but that's about it, nothing huge !

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i5 3750
GTX 670 Sli
16gb RAM

Maxing games with no problem so far

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when I had a single GTX 670, I could not max out games... COD GHOSTS, Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider were all suffering FPS drops... Added another GTX 670, BOOOM ! fixed everything

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I think I will easily max it out

i5 3750
GTX 670 Sli
16gb of RAM

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I played the game on PC for 30 minutes, max settings and the game defiantly looked gorgeous... I didn't play on PS4, but the PC looked much better which is normal since the PC I played it on was a 3k PC.

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Second Son looks 100 times better than that...

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Playing a super fun game is like driving a 2000 Honda civic with 700 horsepower

Playing a super fun game with AMAZING graphics is like driving a 2014 brand new Lambo Aventador

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