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Thanks for testing the beta version for us though. But yea that's part of testing. You get to play an early version of the game before everyone else, and yes when the final version game comes out, you don't feel as excited because you have played the beta for years.

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I would like to thank console owners for testing out the beta versions for us PC owners.

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Got gtx 980 4gb
i5 3750 at 4.4ghz
16gb DDR3 ram

Come at me bro ! I should be able to max it out

"GTAV for PC is fully optimized to support all the latest and greatest hardware with an abundance of PC-specific enhancements" I hope so !!! like Max Payne

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So imagine that's what it's gonna run on PC plus 10 times better visuals and more things going on. Better draw distance too....


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Keyboard and a mouse ??

I do not like driving game/parts using a keyboard. No pressure sensors and it feels weird. I'll use my PS4 controller for that

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My Beasty PC is all ready for this game

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Matt you're stupid for not realizing that anything can be used for good and bad... ANYTHING, even the internet

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I had a blast playing FC3

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POOOOR optimization ! GArbage port is garbage

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Garbage port... 6GB vram ??? lmao ! YES Garbage port

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Buying the GTX 980 soon.... Let's put that beast into test

I mean hell, Far Cry 4, GTA V, and all these games are coming out. Time to buy a GTX 980

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well I personally think the PC is gonna look really great, and time for an upgrade...

Comon GTX 900 series, where you at ???

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I did not believe in Darwinism until I read Gangsta_red's comment... True guys, we used to be monkeys, some are still stuck in that phase

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I'm not buying COD til 4 5 months down the road when not many people are complaining...

Ghost is the definition of Garbage, I wish we could sue activision for that

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8.99 shipping ! 3 business days

FREE shipping, 7 business days....

Wooaaaa, I will just pay the extra 5 dollars :0 !

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I just ordered my PS4 :) for this game, and other PS4 exclusives such as Uncharted WOO HOO ! System sellers ???? clearly for me

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I am personally a graphic whore.... and I love it !

Being a graphic whore does come with a price tho, anytime my PC doesn't max a game out, I freak out HA HA !

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Well you only get buthurt when something is true right, I believe the hacker...otherwise rockstar wouldnt have banned him, he spoke the truth

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