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I had a blast playing FC3

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POOOOR optimization ! GArbage port is garbage

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Garbage port... 6GB vram ??? lmao ! YES Garbage port

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Buying the GTX 980 soon.... Let's put that beast into test

I mean hell, Far Cry 4, GTA V, and all these games are coming out. Time to buy a GTX 980

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well I personally think the PC is gonna look really great, and time for an upgrade...

Comon GTX 900 series, where you at ???

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I did not believe in Darwinism until I read Gangsta_red's comment... True guys, we used to be monkeys, some are still stuck in that phase

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I'm not buying COD til 4 5 months down the road when not many people are complaining...

Ghost is the definition of Garbage, I wish we could sue activision for that

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8.99 shipping ! 3 business days

FREE shipping, 7 business days....

Wooaaaa, I will just pay the extra 5 dollars :0 !

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I just ordered my PS4 :) for this game, and other PS4 exclusives such as Uncharted WOO HOO ! System sellers ???? clearly for me

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I am personally a graphic whore.... and I love it !

Being a graphic whore does come with a price tho, anytime my PC doesn't max a game out, I freak out HA HA !

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Well you only get buthurt when something is true right, I believe the hacker...otherwise rockstar wouldnt have banned him, he spoke the truth

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It's not EA's fault... it's always the fans fault, they need to step up and not do whatever these greedy companies want them to do

STOP Paying !!! They will learn their lessons

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EA Sports: Sandwich 2015

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optimized game for PC

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GOTY, those graphics are stunning... almost better than Uncharted

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still a better game than Call of Duty... lolz

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They have been saying this for every COD game, you will get a laggy game with no dedicated servers, new maps, new weapons... that's all

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Comparing Watch Dogs to GTA V... Biggest joke and a disrespect to R*.

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