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Are people serious or what ?

Can't they think logically ? Or am I a fan boy ?

PS4 also has a better line up....I just don't get it why someone would choose X1 over PS4 !

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The Xbox one ?

It's 100 dollars more expensive, And PS4 is yet more powerful...

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HAHAHA wii u specs made me laugh when I compared them to PS4 specs LOL ! it's a Next Gen for sure ;)

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Sometimes I wonder if those guys at Microsoft have any college degrees ???

You know, in United States they say customers are always right... then you have Microsoft a big U.S company trying to screw its customers over, while a Japanese company listened to its customers, and is doing the best to provide the best console ever ! LOL

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BigHooter well said Big Boy ! Sony has been in this business for a long time... Microsoft was learning how to fix bugs on Windows 95 while Sony was making consoles lol

What I'm trying to say is that, MICROSOFT is a NOOB !

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To be honest, Sony has already won... It's very hard for Microsoft to get out of that shizzhole they just created.

First announcements are the most important announcements, lots of people don't even follow.. they just hear oh Xbox 1 is announced and it sucks, they don't come on N4G to see what else is happening.

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Microsoft needs to

- Get rid of DRM

- cut that 24/7 online Bullshizz

- Sell bundles without kinect at $399

then Maybe, maybe it will be a good competition! Each of those are a BIG PROBLEM and Xbox 1 has all of them in ONE lol

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Ha ha ha ! That joke made my dade, it's better on x1 than pc. Joke of the month

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I like how you got disagrees.

PS4 is MORE powerful, not by a huge amount but still... there's truth in his statement ! can't disagree

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Wii u is amazing ? lol it's a joke compared to PS4

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hdshatter, do you realize a PS4 only costs 400 dollars ?? while that descent PC that you were talking about could cost around 800 bucks

Also, have you watched some of the gameplays ??? The games look sexy, and just wait 2 3 more years, they will look even better !

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Damn ! and PS4 is stronger than the X1, so imagine ! I wanna know how many times PS4 is more powerful than 360. 10 12 times ?

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aaa man 2014 is gonna be a great year for GAMERS !!! Especially PS4 fans

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oh it will come for sure... PS4 is going to have a hugeee fan base ! unless the devs are stupid and don't want to make money

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what a stupid review score #

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imagine what PS4 games are gonna look like 2 3 years down the road

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NICE ! better for Sony


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I bet you all there are k9 dogs in this game !! Obvious by just reading that comment, and since there are dogs in this game, I don't see why there wouldn't be K9s !

and damn, that's a nice SUV cop, can't wait to roll around the city in that lol

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That is towards Microsoft employees and their kids.... they probably get a discount lol !

No one else is buying that FBI tool crap. I was wondering why it must come with the kinect, but so weird that you MUST BE online once a day !! VERY WEIRD

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That is towards Microsoft employees and their kids... they probably get a discount.

No one else is buying that piece of FBI tool crap ! LOL honestly, I'm wondering why IT MUST come with the kinect and why you must be online once a day !?? VERY WEIRD

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