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Good for me? Shakin your head? What?? I can't wait for the reviews to come out and destroy this game. Mark my words, gamespot and ign will give this game 6 or less ... I am so mad how much i was hyped, and wasted my money on this.

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One of the worst games of this gen.... Waste of money!

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I was really young when I played Mafia 1... and I cried at the end. One of the best stories EVER! It will draw you in. I'd say the story is top 5. You can just watch the game on YouTube, walkthroughs, you don't have to play it.

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looks like a big flop unfortunately...

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Why don't you learn from your friend and get a job instead of being a loser in life spamming, getting banned and wasting time on creating useless accounts?

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I agree with you. Way more details in reveal. Just look at the trees and surroundings at 3:25

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they deserve it... They spent a billion on R&D, wtf was AMD doing

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Nvidia is just destroying AMD in every aspect. They revealed 1070 1080 but didn't mention a thing about 1060 until AMD revealed 480, then they dropped the bomb...good ol strategy

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Yea, perfect.... you got robbed son! I'm glad I waited

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The last time I bought video game discs for PC was in 2009...

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Just look at #RIPCOD on FB, Twitter and Youtube, it's taking over the world

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If people wanted to play Halo, they'd go buy Halo.... Infinite Warfare is just going the wrong direction. It's pretty sad that people are more excited about Modern Warfare remastered. If I was the CEO, I'd shit my pants

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Well, shitty game = I ain't paying = will pirate it for free ;))

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he probably lives in another planet... Many countries have militant police

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Honestly guys, yes, 1080p PC vs PS4 is not a massive difference. BUT, 1440p and 4k reslution just DESTROY 1080p PC and PS4 version.... And you need strong hardware for that

I play on 1440p, the difference btw 1080p and 1440 is a lotttt, so obviously 4k is even better !

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Never thought VRAM would be such a big deal one day...

lol still remembering my 9800 GTS with 512mb VRAM

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hm so no more jumping around like a bunch of monkeys ?


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Thank you indian but no one gives a crap.

I don't like many things, do I need to create news out of why I don't like them?

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