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Doesn't deserve it

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Ori >>> Ryse, so yeah, indies can compare

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I'd say Ganondorf

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This article is very misleading, lol

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Good on you girl!!

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I played it a year ago - it was wank!

I played it 2 minutes ago - it remains still wank!

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It's on the web store!! search it...

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Haha, let's all revisit this article post a year from now and have a 'discussion' on whether Nintendo is "doomed", "dead", "failing". Nintendo are brilliant at what they do! They never fall short and always put peoples negativity to shame.

The 3DS had the same start in terms of sales/lack of games, now look at it! 2013 is the year of the 3DS.

The WiiU is safe, very safe.

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I can't even think of something to say in response of this article... 'Idiot', there we go!

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By the time Rayman launches the WiiU will have a great library of games, regardless of Zelda and Mario launching a month or two later.

This delay is going to hurt Rayman Legends WiiU sales, period. Whether it's for a reason not to buy it in spite of teaching Ubisoft a lesson or because the WiiU will have so many other games that people want to keep their money for/or buy, either way the sales won't be as strong as they would have been it if had launched the end of th...

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The crap some people talk on here still blows my mind lol.

Sad little man.

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lol how many times do you wanna use the words gamer, games and gaming in a sentence, lmao

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no gamespot has given it the lowest score so far at 4.5

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???... i have it on my iphone! lol

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...hopefully us gamers.

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yeah same, thats why i sold it a while back, just nothing there imo. live is great but i dont like the constant UI changes.

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Expand? you mean create.

lol bring on the 2 xbox fanboys disliking and the 'Millions' of ps3 fans liking.

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@Pekolie my friend, the resoning for all the dislike is because sony fansboys are butt sensitive for anything sony, even if its constructive criticism, any unliked eord will turn them into 'leave my sony alone they are perfect mode'

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My god this constant maintenence is ridiculous, psn has been a mess lately.

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