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Do you know what this reminded me of playing? Ratchet and clank. The rails , the weapons being over the top the not taking the whole being in a battle of life and death against an enemy too seriously. And I find nothing wrong with any of those things so I have to say this game does look fun. #17
You ever find it odd how all these articles nowadays tend to be about accepting the crappiest parts about gaming that are being introduced? #1.2
Wow these articles are popping up everywhere. Do they hate large events that they're not invited too? #4
Dude never get too hyped, I've been let down too many times to watch and let someone else destroy dreams and hopes of E3. #1.2
Over advertised I guess, you can only like seeing someone telling about a new game so many times before hearing the name annoys you. #5
Can you name one even in anything related to video games that is more important? #14.1
Well duh when all these devs are mostly making first person and third person shooters what do you expect? #8
I feel like it's weird for a multiplier heavy game not to have co-op in it, just seems like it would be a lot of fun. #10
Thanks for saving me time from reading this article, I figured there'd be some contradiction to this headline in it #1.2
And so the epic wait begins until we see the blue bomber's son. #1
Might have to get this game twice... #5
Holy crapI've been wanting them to do a GBA virtual console since forever!!now on the brink of destruction they decide to? IM HAPPY EITHER WAY BRING ON METRIOD PRIME HUNTERS AND ALL THAT NINTENDO GOODNESS!!! #16
Isn't this called bribery? They're basically paying for positive opinions. #4
yes #4
I liked that first screen shot it makes the guard looks like he's saying " DADDY NO!!" #1.5
Damn so any thing that has the most common features in a game is considered a clone now? Is bayonetta still like GoW because it has combo's? #19
Aww please no token female character that make the male protagonist look stupid for no reason like these new shows that come out. I'M tired of seeing the dumb down male once a token female is introduced. #9
@CLOUD1983 you were a bit mistaking with the whole who it belongs under thing. The site clearly shows thats its under Playstation, why so defensive? #14.2.2
that should tell you all you need to know bro #14.2
Im not one of your disagrees but I want to actually know where are you getting this hope from? they had about three years to work with the first kinect, whats so different about the situation now thats gives so many others that are saying this hope for it? I mean is it all the promises because im looking only at the track record with MS and the games that manage to come out and I just can't see it happening. #14.2
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