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Did you do a lot of exploring and grinding? The more you level by defeating captains the better your chances get at receiving higher level runes. #3.1
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Personally speaking...I like when Devs. Maximize the current gen Graphics cards rather than focus on only the new and expensive ones..shows they care about gaming before graphics. Not every PC gamer has a top of the line machine. Mine is okay to run current games on med. to max settings...but in a year or two new games will push for better hardware...why would I want a game that won't play well on my system when it should be more than capable especially since my hardware in my PC is more... #17
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Why are people still reading silly articles such as this one?

Stupid MuthaFockas yo!!! #4
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For real though....Never seen a Tekken game on PC aside from emulators and Roms....I hope they can one day release Soul Calibur and Tekken on PC so we can max out the graphics even more. #8.1
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What you should be glad about is that Mr. Tabata is actually taking the time to talk to us and give details about the game. Mr Nomura only popped up once every 1-2 years with a little trailer. #9
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As usual with almost any game coming out, we have some wanna be journalists trying to earn a few sec. in the topic spotlight by taking pieces of info from Devs. and just going crazy with it to bre up a raging storm of angry fans.

I for one knew that this game wasn't going to be easier and just for casual gamers...what he meant is that there are things put in place to fill that void should the gamer want to do it a different or faster way.

For example, the... #1.1.3
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Here's mine. :P

https://www.facebook.com/ph... #2
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I agree with some of you that SONY needs to focus more on this sector of their gaming division. However, let us not forget that MS started charging for Xbox Live Gold from day one. Sony only recently began charging for PS+ so maybe within the next couple of years their funds will allow them to beef up their networks and online servers and security as well. #44
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It's almost 40GB!!!! man, Just now games will be over 100GB!!! I want this game so bad!!! #46
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at this point in time just give us the damn game...sheesh. #31
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Cried when Tidus kissed Yuna in the pond to Suteki Da ne.....and at the end when Tidus vanished.... :( #2
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PC is where it's at. Even if I can't play ps4 games or xbox one games on pc...I'm sure some smart person will make an emulator in the future. hahahahaha!!!!

nah just kidding or am i? ok for real though....I think we should all just agree to disagree. It's about preferences and finding your comfort zone when it comes to games. Remember we need competition in the video game industry or else everything will be super expensive and lame. #79
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How about driving a car thru a drive thru and ordering fried chocobo with a side of fries and large coke. #6
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What?!!!!! this is my fucking dream come through. FF games on my PC!!!! Thank you Square! #12
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Say what you will, if this doesn't live up to expectations, SONY only has a freaking bunch of new games lined up. What does MS have that new and interesting? #60
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When I get news about a game that's long overdue and anticipated such as this one....this is not the kinda news I need/want to hear. #21
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You think you've been waiting long for Last Guardian? I've been waiting for Final Fantasy Versus 13 for so long that they changed the name to Final Fantasy 15. #21
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Looks like they are copying Halo if you ask me. #65
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only question now is how much for 16tb hdd for xbox one? #39
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The Art/Design is beautiful no doubt, however I've never been able to feel much life in Fables character's especially the heroes #20
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