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When I get news about a game that's long overdue and anticipated such as this one....this is not the kinda news I need/want to hear. #21
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You think you've been waiting long for Last Guardian? I've been waiting for Final Fantasy Versus 13 for so long that they changed the name to Final Fantasy 15. #21
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Looks like they are copying Halo if you ask me. #65
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only question now is how much for 16tb hdd for xbox one? #39
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The Art/Design is beautiful no doubt, however I've never been able to feel much life in Fables character's especially the heroes #20
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Announcer Voice: "For the first time Ladies and Gentle Gamers,At E3 2014 Microsoft is doing something that's never been done before. They will....have more than just 2 or 3 exclusives!!!!" #67
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hmmmm....wonder how big a difference in power this will be. #59
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Holy oak trees batman!!! never have I seen such beautiful trees in a racing game before!!! #28
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Nintendo lacks foresight. They are living in a bubble. They need true change, but they are too afraid to take that leap. #26
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The Last Guardian, Project Beast, Guerilla Games new IP, Uncharted 4, Granturismo 6, and Legend of Dragoon Remake!!! #19
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haha...this made me laugh. A day or two he says....like we'll ever see that happen anytime soon. #39
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The person who wrote this doesn't sound like he did his research. Sony is the top of the big 3 to bring first class AAA games to their systems. They have the most original ones too.

Sony may be in trouble financially. But, with the current trend in how the ps4 is selling and they are getting more games....that's proof to show how dedicated SONY is to it's gamers.They don't hold back with the games. Whereas MS has loads of money. Probably way more than SONY ye... #21
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Man I really love Ninty. I mean, if you're one of those who grew up with Marios, Zelda, Contra, Donkey Kong, and freakin Metroid you'd love Nintendo too but lately they have been heading downhill in terms of their games, customer relations, and poor hardware.

Nintendo makes great games but it would be nice to have some fresh new IPs wouldn't it? Marios and Zelda are kind of getting old. It doesn't help when most good 3rd party games skip the WiiU too.
... #13
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Honestly Cap. You're better off sticking to what works. Don't hurt your head thinking so hard. Just remake these games with the best graphics, UI, AI, and Gameplay Mechanics you can muster.

1. Breath of Fire
2. Dino Crisis
3. Onimusha
4. Mega Man Legends
5. Resident Evil 1 #62
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Damn, at least we know they can all be playen on your Vita. #22
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In a way, I am glad. Facebook with VR features surely sounds entertaining if done right. He's got to really focus on the games though. #12
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PSVITA Goes hand in hand with PS4. Not Wii U. Buy A PS4, then get your Vita or vice versa.

p.s. if you get a wii u instead, you'll end up selling it anyways. #1.7.1
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My Wish List:

Final Fantasy XV!!!

Legend of Dragoon Remake.

They can't release a sequel to a game that came out so many years ago without first re-introducing all the characters to the kids we have playing games today. They will feel lost in the dark and only fans will like the game.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Sequel

Admit it, a game like this is long overdue.

Vagrant Story Reboot
<... #22
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Would be sweet if we got a remake of the original. I think Dart and his gang deserves to be seen in brilliant HD graphics on par with that of Final Fantasy XV.

PS. I would love to see a Vagrant Story 2. Sigh I'll go back to sleep now....it's more believable in my dreams. #14.1
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I totally get why they would bring this to PS4. GRAPHICS!!! This game thrives on the visuals to bring the atmosphere to as close to reality as possible. A better Cinematic experience...plus there are a lot of people who didn't play it on PS3...there are a lot of people who now own PS4s who didn't play this game and would like to. #43
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