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I doubt they will make a new handheld, Vita is the best looking and most powerful...besides some phones. I think if they do have a Project Trinity it will be revealed at E3.

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Ciri sounds like a Hoe....damn so many people she want?

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this article is sorta pointless...I mean, PS3 had a bad start, but they overtook the 360 and left it in the dust....does that not mean Sony won that console race just like they did with PS2?

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oh by no way did I mean the Campaign wasn't fun, it just wasn't on par with games like Uncharted or the last of us.

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Gears of War has always been great when it comes to the multiplayer mechanics, it's the story that's been lacking....

Uncharted and Last of Us are vice versa...although their MP is nothing to frown at.

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that's because the team behind the name are geniuses when it comes to awesome Multiplayer FPS games.

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who cares, I'm willing to bet half the people in here are even more sick in their heads...if she wanna be a hoe, then why you care?

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man, it's really been a long time coming. Sept. 30th cannot come fast enough.

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I'm totally down with change so long as it looks like FFXV!!! Who here agrees?

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here's the thing though...if SONY does indeed pull this off, they are making things better for more Audiences and at the same time making things better for themselves...seeing as this newer model will have better means it's more powerful, which means better looking games, more room to innovate on VR games and 4K Resolution for die hard Graphics Whores...all the while making it possible for original PS4 owners to continue playing the games the way the always have been.

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I don't know how much money was spent in the making of FFXV but I do know it looks to be one of the BIGGEST games to ever be released and it's speaks volumes for itself.

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people like this is why the world is so disgusting...they complain for all the wrong reasons...and just because they don't get what they want...they still try their best to stop others from enjoying something good. I bet these are the ones who'll be giving the game scores like 4/10 and so on.

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oh how I wish this game was VR compatible.

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David Hater, without a doubt would make the better voice actor for Snake...I mean, whether or not it's Big Boss, if it ain't broke then don't fix it. Also, I'd love to see Hayter reprise his role in the acting industry...He played Guyver fairly well and although I may get dislikes I thought that movie was bad-ass for it's time. Wouldn't mind seeing a reboot or part 3 today.

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okay so besides MS Exclusives like Quantum Break going to PC, now Fable Legends is Cancelled and they are closing Lionhead Studios? WTF is happening at M$???

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The guy speaking in the video didn't have to curse like that...every 5 secs it's "Jesus F**king Christ!"

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Isn't it funny how our Gov'ts and Leaders can do all types of illegal shit and kill hundreds of thousands and blame it on someone else....then say we are not capable of handling nudity or sex in videogames...wake the f up people, demand what you pay for....

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I am all for this and I am no longer a Fanboy to any consoles...not since I got my Beast of a Gaming PC.....But I'll have to upgrade to Win 10 :(.

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Oh please oh please bring this to PC Square Enix.

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