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you think maybe we can get some voice acting on a 100% level since we're living in the next generation of gaming?

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TBH, IMO, Scalebound looked like a mix between DMC and Lair....idk eh, but it seemed to be lacking substance.....maybe they can reinvigorate it into something better for later?

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if you can bitch about FF15 and not about FF13 then you should put down your controller and never play another game again.

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yes, I could see it happening as a game within a while playing as Cloud he would have flash backs and it would be Crisis Core for'd play as Zack but seen from Clouds perspective...???

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one of the baddest games of em all.

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people complain for nothing, be glad you can play the game again and it won't be repetitive because you got new story content.

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I agree he's one of the best but until I beat FFXV, Tidus is my favorite, simply because at the time voice acting was huge and he narrated the story throughout the game which made him likeable....also, he got some action from Yuna. Second would be Zidane, and third, Squall, then Vaan.

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Looks good.

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name one game with a better storyline/plot/setting.

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then don't play it, why even bother commenting if you dislike the game. So far I see nothing but great Review Scores....remember just because you gave it a low score don't mean I will.

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I remember playing only the demo, and when I saw Cloud for the first time, those were the days.

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how the eff can you put ff6 as NO.1? The villain is a mad clown/jester...what a joke.

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all who agrees that FFX-3 should be a prequel with the journey of Braska, Auron, and Jecht.

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Nintendo doesn't know what NEW means, Marios, Zelda, Metroid....those titles are over 30 years old.

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why complain, there's surely an audience that will love it and want long as Sony keeps makes Gorgeous AAA Titles in the coming years, I'm not worried about PSVR.

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SONY probably made the Neo Extra powerful and waited for MS to unveil their info...SONY probably cranking up the power of the Neo now.

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Yep, it was Square First Audio Dubbed FF for the PS2 all other previous FF games didn't come with actual speaking so it's no surprise they were testing the waters for the first time.

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well it's gonna be on Win. 10 so bring it on.

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only game I'm interested in from MS is Scalebound and still not sure yet...if I have Windows 10 I could just buy the Win 10 version of Scalebound right?

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