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great! this will make Sony bring out the really big Guns in their next Console.

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the whole point of a game is to forget reality and enjoy it for what it is, a game.

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really? I hate fanboys. do realize that without competition your consoles would be crap and the games would not even look or feel the way they do now right...competition pushes perfectionism....

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why do I live in a world so pathetic....people complain for the most retarded reasons.

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the battery companies are holding out on us. While everything is evolving and tech is getting better...battery life seems to be stuck. Seriously though, why can't they make the life in a battery last like a week after heavy use.

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this is some of the best news I've heard in a while...for those who never got to play PS1 games. I recommend.

All Final Fantasy games, Megaman Legends 1 and 2, Valkyrie Profile, Vagrant Story, Chrono Cross, Legend of Dragoon, Crash Team Racing, All Spyro and Crash Bandicoot games, Klonoa, Ergheiz, EINHANDER and Breath of Fire 3 and 4.

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Crash Bandicoot VS Spyro the Dragon, Final Fantasy ix vs Legend of Dragoon, ....those days of friendly competition were some of the best.

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Crapcom you asshats should have listened to me for the past 3 years!!!! telling you to make Onimusha 5....but no! you wait for Ni-OH to come out and mash up the place!!!! Maybe you should just sell the rights to Onimusha to Tecmo-Koei.

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Personally I hate superhero games (most of em) just because they always feel rushed and mediocre with a bunch of filler/glitches. However, there have been some good ones and I am excited for this one. I trust Insomniac to make it great. I would like them to take this approach and make a new Spyro game...I feel like the devs who handle Spyro don't know how to make him shine.

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MS is too lazy to develop a group of 1st Party Studios.....they wanna pay great devs. money to make their games exclusives...Sony, has specifically made at least a dozen great 1st party studios and they make sweet exclusives.

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I'm afraid I disagree with all boils down to personal taste and preference over these two titles. While Xengears is a great game in it's own me FFVII has been out longer and is worthy of a (great) many big men will cry when ffvii remake comes out.

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okay, if you want survival horror action, Capcom needs to reboot Dino Crisis. If you want classic Survival Horror...this RE7 and Games like Silent Hill is where it's at.

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not liking this at all....yeah a bigger world should be better but from what I've seen of this game the world looks so empty and bland.....I want a world full of living and breathing creatures, people, and all sorts of interactivity between them.

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oh thanks for letting me know that.

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graphics are sweet, but gameplay looks like fricken dynasty warriors????....why?

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you think maybe we can get some voice acting on a 100% level since we're living in the next generation of gaming?

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TBH, IMO, Scalebound looked like a mix between DMC and Lair....idk eh, but it seemed to be lacking substance.....maybe they can reinvigorate it into something better for later?

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if you can bitch about FF15 and not about FF13 then you should put down your controller and never play another game again.

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yes, I could see it happening as a game within a while playing as Cloud he would have flash backs and it would be Crisis Core for'd play as Zack but seen from Clouds perspective...???

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one of the baddest games of em all.

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