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PSNow is Evolving. I can play Killzone Shadow Fall on my PC.

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It a sad day when the technological advancements in each sector of computational tech. is unbalanced....Software is great, but hardware is still so old school. HDDs are needed to be at least 50-100 TB for the standard model xbox 1x.

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Here's my list of 8 Long Games, that are amazing and fun.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
Fallout 4
Final Fantasy 15
The Surge
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Nier: Automata
Grand Theft Auto V


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4th Legend of Dragoon is such a classic.....

That and Vagrant Story, Mega Man Legends, and Chrono Cross.

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he can just go play the previous titles in the series then....

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what good is power when you lack innovative games, that are truly exclusive?

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You ever used PSNow? It's basically what you just said...Sony's Games ps1,2, and 3 on PC. Streamed Via your Internet for 12.99 per month.

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never played either game....but I think Drive Club looks better in this comparison video.

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honestly...Square can do what they please because it's them that created the Original and it's them I trust most to do a remake.

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Some people will never fully appreciate good things....for me, it's a brilliant must play game that does so many things good, you don't really care to complain about the little bad....

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I just installed's amazing. I have 30Mbit per second Internet. I didn't get any lag...what I love most is that you don't have to download anything, just I can play on a low end PC/Laptop with ease. Also...if you don't have credit card can use Visa Gift cards!!!!

P.S. All Xbox owners are jellies because PS has more exclusives.

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why complain, the more great games on as many platforms possible can only mean more fun for the consumer.

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man I havn't even played FF15 yet....some of you should count your blessings....and replay some great games.

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I bought this for PC sometime last year....started it....then got stuck on a stupid quest....I think it was a glitch...gonna give it a restart today...maybe I will get into it now.

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they will make lots off of Prey...just need time for people to find out about it....since it wasn't marketed very well.

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I never played the first I need to to in order to pick this up and play? also is it multiplayer only? or does it have a single player campaign as well?

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Please don't make the main character like a DMC Dante rip off....He's riding freaking dragons, please lose the fancy headphones and make fighting with a Bow more fun....

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great! this will make Sony bring out the really big Guns in their next Console.

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the whole point of a game is to forget reality and enjoy it for what it is, a game.

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