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im sold on this idea if sony stays true to having both gaming working on both consoles, as a guy who wants 1080p at 60 frames per second i think this is a win for me, or if you're like my buddy who wants to just play games then this doesn't effect you at all, if anything this is a win win for everyone since everyone gets what they want. the leaked documents have already stated that no games will have special features or multiplayer advantages."Presumably developers are allowed so...

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in the documents its already stated that updates on multiplayer will only be made in certain cases, for example if you get more of an advantage in MP they won't do the update. i think all this hate is due to lack of research with most people
"All applications are supposed to be capable of ...

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that's not true, that's 100 percent false. the games will be made on the ps4 and be given a patch day one if players want higher resolution. read up more on the ps4k

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what the heck are you talking about? the ps4k isn't the ps5, its simply a ps4.5 just updated hardware in order to show 4k movies and higher resolution games. the ps4k will have the same exact games as the ps4, only difference is the ps4k will have neo mode to boost frame rate and resolution.

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exactly what i been saying this is a win win for sony gamers, if you want higher resolution or higher frame rates go with the ps4k, if you want what you already have just stay with the ps4. they both will have the exact same thing.

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been telling my friends from the start that the specs option for certain games (like the last of us) will help a lot when it comes to ps4k, so even if you don't have a 4k tv you can still take advantage of the ps4k extra power. if that's the case day one buy for me, not to mention this doesn't really split the market if you think about it since all you need is a patch and bam you have a higher resolution/higher frame rate game then you had before. its a win win for everyone.

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i'm trying to stay under hyped for this game just so it can get here faster! i learned my lesson with mgsv

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dat ass tho, on topic i cant wait for this game i just hope naughty dog takes the time they need to make this game perfect.

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with this game it cant really be told, it has to be experienced to understand why its so loved.

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that's what im hoping for as well. its pretty much announced for every other place besides here(usa).

cant wait for this trailer!

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only question is who bought the ip and whos making it o_O

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i think at the end of the day this guy isnt a huge fan for mgs which is fine since mgs isnt for everyone. i think its perfect for snake to be the way he is in this game. hes been screwed over so many times and has lost so much. not to mention he lost nine years!
edit: i'm guessing the guy who submitted this disagreed which is hilarious.

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dear lord. i have this game preordered but this hurts.

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screen caping this hahahaha

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indeed sir! i hope the art in it is mind blowing.

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@devileyed yup im a huge mgs fan. also love red n_n

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i'll cancel my batman edition ps4 if that gets announced at e3, which im hoping it will.

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yeah im not for strategy guides, but this is a must buy.

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bio shock or system shock?

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and thats why you have one bubble lol

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