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i would hope they have a good system ram to avoid lagging this time around.

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been saying this for a while. the game is clearly a remake more than its a remaster. I can only hope old ps1 games get this treatment. *crosses fingers for mgs1.

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imo the only way we get 15 TF is with the pro console

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sony really needs to pull out all the stops and make the ps5 10 tf with the pro being 12 or 14.

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the only remake i want is metal gear solid made by naughty dog. and i will die a happy man! imagine just how amazing that would be.

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not sure how you say SOTC isn't a true exclusive when its only on PlayStation.

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i mean it is team A from bio ware, the same bio ware that made the first three mass effects sooooo i say day one imo.

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Sony is doing great now and i'm happy they're making up what they lost last gen in terms of profit and market share. with that said i really hope Sony sees the big things (which some might say are little things) like backwards compatibility and cross play and actually starts trying to add those things even if people didn't really use B.C but have it as a choice. on the other hand cross play is something that can see big possibility's with everyone coming together and playing o...

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its not uncommon for things to be changed last minute at e3. with that being said i do agree the bigger things stay no matter what.

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i never got to play the original two but i was all for a three because i knew if they made a three an HD remake of the first two wasn't far behind. i can only hope we get that announcement at Sony's E3. also a delay will be a good thing for everyone. polish i more than likely the reason why it delayed.

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i think that idea was scrapped due to the fact that they're using GG engine that of course is spectacular but also built around ps4. i think the idea was ps4 and PC at first but once he picked GG engine that idea might have gone out the window. i would love to have it on PC since i game on ps4 and PC but the sad case is that it seems very unlikely.

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My wish would be a mgs1 remake made by naughty dog with the last of us engine. But alas it's a pipe dream

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its not unreasonable that the ps5 wont be at least be 10 TF, remember we have 1080s coming out to be 10 TF at 599 so if they play their cards right announce 2019 and launch 2020, we will get a 10 tf console and of course a pro at maybe 12. not to mention sony is likely to go with AMD so it will be much cheaper with pretty much the same power results. all i know is we better get a 12 core apu/cpu.

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sony has so far had 3 amazing e3s, among the other years they "won", so I wouldn't be surprised if they open with Bloodborne 2 and have rdr2,spiderman,days gone by ,GOW and a price cut to 199. Then end with the last of us 2. Thats a lot of games! I'm not sure Microsoft could compete even if they showed games with Nintendo! There's a few games I'm not sure how they can cram in there like shemue 3 and the rumored remasters(I know spelled it wrong) ff7, crash remaster...

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4 million copies sold isn't that much tbh, Sony holds so much market share that I can see them easily breaking 6m sold. Not to mention getting cash for the exclusive deal. Remember MH got big on PlayStation so really this is a homecoming.

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im sold on this idea if sony stays true to having both gaming working on both consoles, as a guy who wants 1080p at 60 frames per second i think this is a win for me, or if you're like my buddy who wants to just play games then this doesn't effect you at all, if anything this is a win win for everyone since everyone gets what they want. the leaked documents have already stated that no games will have special features or multiplayer advantages."Presumably developers are allowed so...

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in the documents its already stated that updates on multiplayer will only be made in certain cases, for example if you get more of an advantage in MP they won't do the update. i think all this hate is due to lack of research with most people
"All applications are supposed to be capable of ...

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that's not true, that's 100 percent false. the games will be made on the ps4 and be given a patch day one if players want higher resolution. read up more on the ps4k

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what the heck are you talking about? the ps4k isn't the ps5, its simply a ps4.5 just updated hardware in order to show 4k movies and higher resolution games. the ps4k will have the same exact games as the ps4, only difference is the ps4k will have neo mode to boost frame rate and resolution.

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exactly what i been saying this is a win win for sony gamers, if you want higher resolution or higher frame rates go with the ps4k, if you want what you already have just stay with the ps4. they both will have the exact same thing.

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