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read on another blog on here Anom is ready and waiting for PSN to retrun so they can fk it up again.


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this should be one time NOOOO! one should get disagrees unless they are a DAMN hacker themself.

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WTF!! thats BULLSH'T we waited this fking long for them to screw it up again not on my dead body sheeeee-it!

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Im in SEATTLE,WA 3am using my ps3 typing this. so far netflick,vudu working PSN not

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im getting tired as well shoot,die,kill, shoot,kill,die games too.

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lets all hope nentindo produce VARIETY of games for hardcore an casuel gamers unlike sony.

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everyone sold there ps3 recently wish they still have it from PSN outage.

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I'll buy it just for the HELL of it. maybe nentindo have more variety ps3 sure as hell dont.

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same here not ready for 800.00 console

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have not bought one yet. to many shovelware games, you would think a decent CONTRA game would be out by now. not a DLC but actual disc game.

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that would be a terrible thing to add "search for bin laden map"

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Well, the problem is Anon's own credo. If you claim to be Anonymous, then you ARE Anonymous. That's their own rule. They are "everyone and no one."

did u get that last part from THE MATRIX?? "they are everyone and no one" if my memory is correct did not agent smith tell that to NEO

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who gives a rat ass just get it online!!!!

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dumbass?? all that crap should come with it dumbass ur dumbass if u buy all that seperately

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after 3 need for speed failures all new Ip's should have a demo to prove their worth now days. who want to buy a game and find out it's CRAPTASTIC??

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FOR 70.00??? no thanks hell wii mote only 49.99 and thats to much.
it should be 29.99

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this going to be great!!!! love the negotiator gun if you dont like to negotiate FIRE!!!!!

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A demo would be good

AFTER prostreets, undercover EA better have a demo out sh't!!!
after those 2 disappointments. from now on EA must have a demo with each new NFS games

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still trying to hold on to his baby MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!


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you can see some gameplay at gametrailers on their episodes I think.
The older dude is another Lombax in the galaxy. Ratchet uses three weapons (at least I saw just three). Rocket Launcher, Razor Blade (YAY my fav.) and a kind of suck up cannon that uses frogs...

DUDE your wrong it is the NEGOTIATOR GUN AND BUZZ-BLADE GUN from R&C T.O.D and the 3rd one looks like a wide mouth hog gun that shoots out yellow crego waves
and the older lombax is the time travel guide....

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