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Nentindo could save themselves if they use SNES portfolio of games on wii U or wii.

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without hamill or conroy there is noooo batman or joker
just wanna-be replacements.

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that was fuNNY!! ass hell haaaaaa

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if MS jump out first again without fully taking advantage of quality control checks and 720 end up doing repeat of RROD and E47, dis-tray scratching, "possible" 1 year warranty after 1 year might need to pocket the bill..... will 720 gamers stand for that??

inquring mind like to know?? coming from a PS3 gamer.

this is not a TROLL but a simple question for 360 gamers to ponder on the possibilities that could happen.

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F1 2011 day 1 for me

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glad Trine 2 co-op game now.

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Wow if my killed my baby I wouuld beat the crap out of him with his xbox, starting with his feet

no, start with his HEAD for thinking of this shit

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not trolling but this is BS a gamer kill baby sister over a video game. damn disgrace to gamers.

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ALL these so-call extra SHOULD !!! have been in the game from the jump. cashcom milking gamers hard again.

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glad it coming to ps3 as well.

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GT5,NFS left out.... big question why??? those 2 racer got me started.

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anyone know can you play "secret agent clank" on ps3 as a download for psp or can you download it for ps3 and play??

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PSN is a definite future target.

WHY??? JUST WHY???? hav'nt you HACKERS disruped PSN enough.

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make it people will PLAY!!

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first, FPS game was enough for me stop at Call Of Duty 1, played one FPS you played them all(same motive). maybe a bit change is needed sidescrolling ol school games up-dated Perhaps.

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lol, Finally.. what go's around bite back

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IT would have been better if they up-graded the graphic's like insomiac did for "RATCHET AN CLANK tools of destruction. instead of ps2 graphic on ps3

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HACKERS complainting??? i'll be damn.

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thats what christians suppose to be like. a reflection of CHRIST and proclaiming what HE done for you.

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