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I been playing nfs games since day one I enjoyed every last one of the series til now. good God this game sucks I hate to sound negetive guys, but this take the cake its just plain awful!!!!!
all I can say positive is the graphic is clean,crisp almost real looking. other than that crappy!!! flush it down the toilet where it belongs. going to get my money back tomarrow

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who in their right mind give a fvck about prostreet? it was made to fast, the camera shaky, cars rumble wildly on the road you cant keep it straight half of the time. and doing cornners is a automatic wall job. I give this game a thumbs way down. just awful,crappy worst need for speed I ever played. EA if you have any heart left for gamers plz!!!!! re-do hotpursuit and high stakes!!!!

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everyone do NOT!!!! buy prostreet its crappy as hell!!!! camera shakes, car hard to handle a friend of mines has a copy already
it sucks this is the worst nfs Ever!!!!!! every fvcking sec. your crashing. either its becuz of the road or another car bumping you,or your sliding into a wall or embankment,a tree when doing corners it suck he should go trade it in for assasin creed. if it was mines I would sue EA for such a crappy a.s.s game how dare they ruin nfs

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who gives a sh't about this crapy ass game?? it sucks I will attack E A until a new hotpursuit 3 and high stakes 2 comes out. Im sick of EA crap

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hardly going to buy that crapy game nfs prostreet

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wish nintendo would come out with a new contra instead on nintendo d s
some new classic games on the wii instead on v c that'll help sales alot more

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be careful what you say on these sites you dont want to offend anyone
who maybe less able to have what you have in life. saying people are poor and lazy is not cool. all we know you might be on welfare.
this page is about "death of hard core gamers" not the national veiw of who's poor,lazy and who's on welfare live in trailer trash homes
Im 30 and white

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i love casual games about time!!! maybe nintendo will bring back contra or gradius,r-type shooter,metal slug, gun star hero. and bring back some of the classic games.. up graded

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plz!!! do not buy the new nfs prostreet its crappy!!!!!! car shakes to much on straight roads camera not angle right. to many crashes

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is the graphics is clear, demo sucks Im not really a hater for nfp but the last couple games just plainly sucks MW, carbon, undergrnd 2,
EA need to go back to basic and make hot pursuit 3 and high stakes 2
why play a racing game and feel like your driving on the moon (bumpy road) and car shaking.

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at lease in hotpursuit 2 you can drive a mcleren f1 doing 240 mph and still have control of the car not like prostreet like you said lost control on a straight way road dam!!! if you cant do that on straight road I can imagine doing corners total damage yikes!!!!! that remind me when prostreet first video came out after watching it
I posted "dam everyone would be pissed after being in the lead how hard that was to acommplish and bam ram into a tree or toss over like a bottl...

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pgr4 is that game like need for speed?? never played it before but I hear so much about it from you guys?? is there any racing without crashing into everything?? Im interested in buying it.

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just plainly sucks nfs has not changed much since hot pursuit and high stakes. its getting worst by the years last 5 years that is, Im sure if EA hit rock bottom and start caring about what gamers want then they'll pop back up at the top.

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ARE YOU READING ANY OF THIS?? of course not like everyone said prostreet sucks before it even comes out. bring back old need for speed hot pursuit type racing for GOD sakes!!!!

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hmmm?? what do that tell us. if you can beat the demo game "prostreet" how hard can it be with the full version?? a friend of mines beat the new ratchet and clank game in one fvcking day
boy these games are to easy to beat now days. I just found out last night carbon has cops and I had that game over a year, it just sucks so bad thats why I really have not played to find out cops was in it.
but anyway carbon and most wanted is still not like hp 2 I think I'll ski...

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NEED FOR SPEED PROSTREETS SUCKS if anyone buy this game is a dam fool
like the guy above me said EA need to go back to hot pursuit and make a hot pursuit 3 and high stakes 2. most wanted sucked and carbon suck big time (no cops) "that made need for speed a challenge"

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those 2 was the best. prostreet I will not be buying for no reason.
like most of you said nfs has died out same ol same ol crap. what EA need to do is re-make high stakes and hot pursuit and call them high stakes 2 and hot pursuit 3 and I would give prostreets 1/5 score

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has ratchet &clank t.o.d for his ps3 at first I did not like r&c games sometimes they can be long and boring but not this game. it had me excited from begining til where Im at now on the game on the 4th planet. I tell you it starts off as to easy but after you past the 4th planet it gets hard!!! couple of things I like the automatic ammo boxes that pop up and you can up-grade your guns in those small gadgetron booths.

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it would be nice is sony offer selections of colors for their ps3's
scarlet red,ocean blue,orange,purple, whatever color you like?
yellow would not be a color I would pick unless it was a taxi

hey!! taxi!!

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your right their is nothing true about that yellow ps3 but sprayed yellow. and added a little lie with it, if we all read the small print like rama26285 said its only 60gb. I truely think this article is on here so people can have something to whin about . only a moron would believe the story and only a fvcking fool would buy it.

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